First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving Layerz Nation!! Let’s kickoff this week’s picks and predictions with a humble apology on behalf of the Layerz team since I dropped the ball and didn’t execute, just like the Raiders “performance” against the Jets last week.

Last week gave us a much better understanding of the pretenders and contenders in this years playoff race. The Ravens obliterated the Rams on Monday Night Football further asserting one team (Ravens) as a legitimate super bowl team and the other (Rams) as a low-tier wildcard team. As much as it pains me to say this… the 49ers also asserted themselves as a legitimate Super Bowl contender as well and until a team proves they can go toe to toe with that defense, I don’t see much in their way except Lamar Jackson this week!! Let’s get into that and more!

Overall Records

Anthony: 84-47

Drue: 73-58

Tariq: 82-49

Bears at Lions

Unfortunately for Lions fans, their season has completely gone down the toilet. Starting a 3rd string QB is never a good thing but starting a third string QB against Khalil Mack is a whole different story. I will however, be secretly (not so secretly) pulling for a Lions win to improve the Raiders first draft pick!

Anthony: 22-13 Bears

Drue: 14-6 Bears

Tariq: 20-10 Bears

Bills at Cowboys

I can’t be the only non-Cowboys fan that is tired of seeing them play on thanksgiving can I? Jason Garrett seems like he’s FINALLY on his last limb with Jerry Jones and this game will be a huge determining factor as to whether he can keep his job through another early playoff exit. The Bills and Cowboys both boast top 10 defenses so don’t expect a lot of points in this one.

Anthony: 24-20 Bills

Drue: 24-17 Bills

Tariq: 25-22 Cowboys

Saints at Falcons

The Falcons have come on strong the last couple weeks and then they played the Bucs and went right back to their old ways. I expect nothing less than 350 and 3 tds from Drew Brees against this Falcons secondary.

Anthony: 37-20 Saints

Drue: 27-17 Saints

Tariq: 42-17 Saints

Titans at Colts

Ryan Tannehill has been playing quietly well this season and is leading the Titans towards a wild card berth and if they win this week, the AFC South title isn’t out of reach either. The Colts better not get caught sleeping this week or their good start could be flushed down the toilet.

Anthony: 27-23 Titans

Drue: 21-18 Titans

Tariq: 24-21 Colts

49ers at Ravens

This game could be a Super Bowl preview and is extremely difficult to predict. The Niners defense has been lights-out all year but so has Lamar Jackson. I’m going to give the edge to the Ravens simply because it’s a home game and their defense is very talented. Not to mention Lamar Jackson’s insane arm, athleticism and most importantly… his improvisation which defenses can’t seem to gameplay for.

Anthony: 31-24 Ravens

Drue: 34-27 49ers

Tariq: 31-27 Ravens

Jets at Bengals

I’m not sure if the Jets are a legit team or if they’re just great at playing spoiler but they beat the brakes off the Raiders last week so I’m going to expect more of the same this week against the winless Bengals. Andy Dalton obviously gives the Bengals a fighting chance which is more than can be said for Ryan Finley.

Anthony: 27-20 Jets

Drue: 31-14 Jets

Tariq: 28-21 Jets

Browns at Steelers

Forgive me for not having a scouting report on Duck Hodges but Mike Tomlin seemed pretty confident in the third string Qb, when he was asked about the reason for benching Mason Rudolph he simply stated that he expected Hodges to “not kill us”. The Browns or Freddie Kitchens rather, may have finally figured out a way to get the ball in their playmakers hands. If they can build on last week’s performance this should be a fun game to watch, albeit without the street brawl, maybe?

Anthony: 26-17 Browns

Drue: 24-14 Browns

Tariq: 27-10 Browns

Eagles at Dolphins

Dolphins gonna dolphin. Fitz magic may resurrect himself once more but I’m sure he’ll be strongly encouraged not to for draft pick consideration. Eagles should take this one with ease.

Anthony: 33-22 Eagles

Drue: 37-24 Eagles

Tariq: 35-21 Eagles

Redskins at Panthers

CMC will be in line for another big game against this lowly Skins team. This is a must win for Carolina if they want to stick around the playoff race for another week and the Redskins are just playing for pride at this point which won’t be enough to slow down Mccafrey.

Anthony: 28-18 Panthers

Drue: 28-7 Panthers

Tariq: 28-21 Panthers

Packers at Giants

Last week’s loss against the 49ers says more about the 9ers than it does the Packers. The Packers are still a really good football team led by a future HOFER in Aaron Rodgers. I expect the Packers defense to have a field day with Danny Dimes which will provide rodgers and Jones with plenty of opportunities to light up the scoreboard.

Anthony: 35-20 Packers

Drue: 31-17 Packers

Tariq: 33-24 Packers

Bucs at Jags

I’m not sure what to expect out of this game other than another 3 td 3 int performance from Jameis. That’s really the one question that is answered every week by Jameis, so if the Bucs defense can manage to create more turnovers than Jameis gives away they’ll win this game. Just don’t hold your breath!

Anthony: 23-21 Jags

Drue:  31-21 Bucs

Tariq: 35-32 Bucs

Rams at Cardinals

After last weeks shellacking, the Rams better be prepared for the worst. If they lose this week they can pretty much kiss their playoff chances goodbye because of how minimal the margin for error is in the NFC. Although Lamar is a completely different beast, Kyler is certainly capable of creating and extending plays which is what really hurt the Rams defense last week.

Anthony: 31-27 Rams

Drue: 24-21 Rams

Tariq: 17-14 Rams

Raiders at Chiefs

I hate being the Debbie downer but I’m not too confident heading into this game as a Raider fan. I don’t know his record but Derek Carr has played historically poor in cold weather games and probably even poorer in KC, couple that with the fact that Andy Reid is undefeated coming off of byes and you’ve got a doozy.

Anthony: 37-24 Chiefs

Drue: 27-24 Raiders

Tariq: 45-21 Chiefs

Chargers at Broncos

I don’t know what’s gone wrong with good ole Phil these days but his inaccuracy has been so tremendous that I think the Broncos actually have a chance to win this game. That being said, I hope they tie because it would probably grind Drue’s gears more than a loss.

Anthony: 20-17 Broncos

Drue: 20-14 Chargers

Tariq: 25-12 Chargers

Patriots at Texans

Contrary to recent years, this year’s Patriots team has been outright dominant on the defensive side and very lackluster on the offensive side. If the Texans take anything from Baltimore’s game plan in their win against New England, it should be extending and creating your own plays. New England’s defense like most defenses, cannot gameplan for broken down plays. New England is extremely fundamentally sound but those fundamentals go out the window when you’re going against quarterbacks like Jackson and Watson.

Anthony: 29-24 Houston

Drue: 23-17 Patriots

Tariq:24-21 Patriots

Vikings at Seahawks

This should be a fun, high-scoring game that we all like to see on national television. Both teams possess great run defenses so Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson will both need to step up and continue their already impressive seasons. To me, the Seahawks have the advantage in this one because they’re used to relying on Russell Wilson to win games whereas Minnesota is very dependent on the success of Dalvin Cook.

Anthony: 33-29 Seattle

Drue: 28-24 Vikings

Tariq: 31-28 Seahawks