Well we’re late with the picks and it’s only partly because of my Chargers induced depression, luckily they don’t play tomorrow, so they can’t ruin my Sunday(they’ll find a way.) Anyways, let’s get to the games.

Giants vs Jets

Daniel Jones is trending up while, Mr. Darnold is not, give me the Giants.

Drue: 24-21 Giants

Anthony: 19-14 Giants

Tariq: 28-21 Jets


Falcons vs Saints

What the Saints are going to do to this Falcons secondary should be considered a crime.

Drue: 42-21 Saints

Antony 34-28 Saints

Tariq 36-21 Saints

Chiefs vs Titans

The return of Patrick Mahomes should boost the Chiefs offense to even higher proportions. The Titans, on the other hand, have two mediocre quarterbacks.

Drue: 24-17 Titans

Anthony: 30-17 Chiefs

Tariq: 31-14 Chiefs

Ravens vs Bengals

Bengals are the new tank kings. Expect the Ravens to make life tough on Andy Dalton’s replacement.

35-17 Ravens

41-14 ravens Anthony

29-17 Ravens Tariq

Bills vs Browns

Baker I believe in you man, just please get the ball to Odell, he’s open. Or, on the other hand, don’t. I traded him in fantasy. It’ll also be intriguing to see if the Bills can beat any team with offensive talent.

Drue: 24-17 Browns

Anthony: 23-19 Bills

Tariq: 25-24 Browns

Cardinals vs Buccaneers 


Bruce Arians revenge game!! Somebody get Jameis some contacts and he will shred the Cardinals.

Drue: 34-27 Cardinals

Anthony: 33-27 Cardinals 

Tariq: 35-28 Bucs 

Lions vs Bears 

Sadly, as long as Trubisky starts, the Bears will lose. 

Drue: 28-24 Lions

Anthony:29-20 lions 

Tariq: 21-10 Lions 

Dolphins vs Colts

The Dolphins can’t win any more games, so I expect them to allow Marlon Mack to dominate.

Drue: Colts 24-20

Anthony: 24-20 Colts 

Tariq: 31-17 Colts 

Panthers vs Packers

Expect the Packers to get their running game back on track this week. The Smith Bros. should wreak havoc on Kyle Allen.

Drue: 31-27 Packers

Anthony: 28-24 Packers 

Tariq: 27-24 Packers 

Rams vs Steelers

The Rams must win this to keep up in the NFC West, Aaron Donald should make life hard on Mason Rudolph and Jaylen Samuels.

Drue: 31-21 Rams

Anthony: 30-21 Rams 

Tariq: 21-20 Rams 

Vikings vs Cowboys

Time to find out who’s legit and who’s not. My guess is the team with more rushing yards wins, and I’m going with the team who’s coach doesn’t just clap.

Drue: 34-27 Vikings 

Anthony: 28-27 Vikings 

Tariq: 35-24 Cowboys 

Seahawks vs 49ers

Boy am I glad to have this rivalry back, I would love to see Richard SHerman pick off Russel Wilson. I expect Nick Bosa to make life very tough for Wilson, but thanks to Wilson’s elusiveness the Seahawks should hang around. Expect to see Anthony and Tariq get roasted again for picking wrong.

Drue: 24-17 49ers

Anthony: 30-28 Seahawks 

Tariq: 28-27 Seakhawks