Layerz Nation you already know what time is! Just to recap some of week 7, we saw the Ravens open a lot of people’s eyes beating the Seahawks rather handily in Seattle and the Patriots on the other hand shocked absolutely no one, beating the Jets 33-0!  Lastly, The 49ers were able to squeak out another sloppy W against a sloppy and terrible Redskins team. Can they do it again this week against a solid but Newton-less Panthers squad? 

At the midway point of the season, the race for pick supremacy has heated up quite a bit with Tariq going a jaw-dropping 11-2. I barely edged out Drue thanks to his love-hate relationship with the Chargers. Enough with the pleasantries, let’s dive into our picks and predictions for week 8!

Week 7 picks and predictions records

Anthony: 9-4

Drue: 8-5

Tariq: 11-2

Overall picks and predictions records 

Anthony: 56-33

Drue: 49-40

Tariq: 51-38

Redskins at Vikings

For those of you expecting a dog fight of a match, look away. The Redskins have a severe lack of talent on both sides of the ball as evidenced by their performance last week. 

The Vikings will be without Thielen but Kirk Cousins has been on fire lately, so look for Diggs to have a huge game tonight. The crew agrees that the Vikings offense should put up enough points to cover-up their 28th ranked pass defense.

Anthony: Vikings 30-17

Drue: Vikings 27-14

Tariq: Vikings 33-12

Seahawks at Falcons

Last week, the Seahawks defense simply had no answer for Lamar Jackson. That’s okay though because most defenses haven’t. They should have an answer for Matt Schaub since Matt Ryan will be out this week. 

The Falcons have just been an utter disaster of a team and things won’t get easier this week facing Russell Wilson. With the exception of their 2nd ranked passing offense, their offense has been subpar and their defense is among one of the worst in the league. Seattle should roll in this one. 

Anthony: Seahawks 31-13

Drue: Seahawks 34-17

Tariq: Seahawks 31-17

Chargers at Bears

Drue becoming that Chargers fan that loves their team but also hates them enough to criticize and accept how shitty they are is all too relatable. The Chargers continuously put themselves in position to win close games but also continuously shoot themselves in the foot. (See Melvin Gordon fumbling at the 2 yard line). 

The Bears went from being the most feared defense in the NFL to just ehhh real quick. Make no mistakes, the Bears’ defense is still the main reason they haven’t gone winless but the problem is they still have to deal with inconsistent QB and RB play. Give me the Bears in this one simply because of Khalil Mack. 

Anthony: Chargers 20-20

Drue: Chargers 21-18…not picking the chargers is against my fundamental beliefs, but im 5 one yard Melvin Gordon carries away from it.

Tariq: Chargers 26-13

Giants at Lions

I have still yet to figure out if the Lions are for real but they are for real enough to beat this Giants squad. The Lions may have some trouble running the ball without Kerryon Johnson but Matt Stafford should have no trouble finding Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay wide open. 

The Giants will miss Sterling Shepherd but Golden Tate has proven he’s still a reliable target for Danny Dimes. With the weapons each team has this game should be fun to watch but in the end the Lions will prevail because of their strong passing game and the Giants weak pass defense.


Anthony: Lions 29-20 

Drue: Lions 27-17

Tariq: Lions 28-10

Jets at Jaguars

The Jets should come out firing after getting embarrassed on national television last week. Then again, I’m not sure how embarrassed you can be when everyone saw that blowout coming. On a serious note, Sam Darnold was historically bad and he was supposed to be the reason Jets fans were psyched for this season? 

The Jaguars should be careful getting complacent in this game because the Jets defense is still formidable despite their performance against the Patriots last week. Here’s to praying this is Leonard Williams’ last game as a Jet. (Note to Raiders)

Anthony: Jaguars 24-20

Drue: Jaguars 24-17

Tariq: Jaguars 18-10

Bengals at Rams

The Rams could have played Blake Bortles and probably beat the Falcons just as bad last week which says more about Jared Goff than the Falcons. They could likely do the same this week against this last ranked Bengals defense in terms of yardage. If Gurley is healthy this week I expect to see a strong dose of him this week. 

The young coach idea has proven disastrous for Zac Taylor and his Bengals squad, ranking in the bottom half of practically every offensive and defensive category. The front office would be wise to trade the few assets they have now because it’s going to be a long season. 

Anthony: Rams 39-12

Drue: Rams 27-13

Tariq: Rams 38-10

Buccaneers at Titans

I am not entirely sold on the idea of benching Mariota but it seemed to work last week against the Chargers to an extent. The Titans will have to hang their hat on the defense for this game and that’s okay when you’re playing Jameis Winston. 

Odd as it sounds, the Bucs could win or lose this game depending on Jameis Winston. The Bucs boast a top 10 pass offense right now thanks in large part to the weapons (Evans, Godwin) surrounding Winston. If Jameis takes care of the football, the Bucs should win this game. 

Anthony: Bucs 20-16

Drue: Bucs 27-24

Tariq: Titans 25-24

Eagles at Bills

This Eagles team has been rather disappointing to say the least. Last week’s performance against Dallas proved that they are not a playoff team despite being in second place in the NFC East. 

The Bills on the other hand have consistently dominated on defense and done just enough on offense to win. The Eagles are no slouch despite their record, so this will be a good test for the Bills.

Anthony: Bills 23-20 

Drue: Bills 21-17

Tariq: Eagles 27-24

Broncos at Colts

The Broncos proved just how bad they were last week against Kansas City. Trading away your number one receiver just further proves they have no intention of winning many games this year. At this point what’s preventing them from trading away more players like Chris Harris and maybe even Von Miller? They have multiple holes to fill on both sides of the ball so you might as well capitalize while the irons still hot. 

Indy has bounced back in a major way after losing to the Raiders at home. Last week they beat a good Texans team, seemingly moving the ball with ease. They should have no trouble scoring points this week either. 

Anthony: Colts 28-14

Drue: Colts 27-21

Tariq: Colts 32-12

Cardinals at Saints

The Cardinals are quietly becoming a team to look out for in the future, sitting at 3-3-1. Their defense has been bad but Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury have proven to be a formidable duo on the other side of the ball. This week will be a huge test for them however, playing one of the better defenses in the NFL in the Saints. 

Nola won’t have any trouble moving the ball against the Cardinals defense so I expect another big game from Mike Thomas and Latavius Murray if Kamara can’t go. Teddy has shown that he’s more than capable of leading a team as he is currently 5-0 since he took over for the injured Drew Brees. 


Anthony: Saints 30-20

Drue: Saints 35-21

Tariq: Saints 42-28

Panthers at 49ers

At this point I’m going to stop picking against the 49ers simply because they seem to do worse when I pick them to win. I’d really wish the 49ers could play a team that isn’t missing their star player or that has one win under their belt so that I could truly know how good they are. 

Kyle Allen hasn’t been spectacular but Christian Mccafrey has, so I suppose if the 49ers manage to stop CMC from having another huge game I may ease off on the haterade. The Panthers key to victory however, will be stopping the 49ers 2nd ranked rushing attack. 

Anthony: Panthers 23-20

Drue: 49ers 24-21

Tariq: Panthers 27-24

Raiders at Texans

The Raiders secondary is garbage. Their run defense is another story though. Boasting the 5th ranked run defense in the league they shouldn’t have a problem controlling Hyde and Johnson. My concern is with Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins. Aaron Rodgers lit up the Raider D and I’m not sure starting a rookie corner is the ideal way of preventing the same mistake. This is a HUGE game for the Raiders and if they find a way to win, they can book a wildcard spot at the very least.

Houston has had an up and down season but they have an opportunity to get right back on track with a W this week. Their run defense and stopping Josh Jacobs will be the key to winning this game mostly because that’s been the Raiders bread and butter. This is a winnable game for either team and should result in an offensive showdown. 

Anthony: Raiders 27-23

Drue: Texans 30-27

Tariq: Texans 35-21

Browns at Patriots

Sorry Browns fans, but you don’t stand a chance this week. Jarvis Landry really shouldn’t have commented on winning this week because it’s not gonna happen. The Patriots may go undefeated this season because of how dominant their defense alone has been. 

Anthony: Patriots 30-14 

Drue: Patriots 31-21

Tariq: patriots 35-10

Packers at Chiefs

I don’t think the Chiefs stand a chance this week based on how well Aaron Rodgers played last week against Oakland. Couple that with the fact that Mahomes will be out and you can practically guarantee a Packer victory. You never know what Andy Reid has up his sleeve though, which is why I don’t think this game will be THAT bad of a blowout. 

Anthony: Packers 37-19

Drue: Packers 38-28

Tariq: Packers 31-28

Dolphins at Steelers

I would be shocked if the Dolphins won a single game this season. I’m really curious about the direction of their team as a whole. The Steelers could bench James Conner and Juju and they’d still win this game. 

Anthony: Steelers 28-13

Drue: Steelers 27-17

Tariq: Steelers 20-10