Alright Layerz Nation, the one true king of picks and predictions is back for yet another week! Maybe I’ll shock some folks and actually pick the Niners to win a game! 

Last week we saw Josh ”the chosen” Rosen get benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Redskins finally won a game (thanks Jay Gruden), and the Niners continued their undefeated season by beating their first formidable opponent all year. 

With that being said,  let’s dive into this week’s games. 

Week 6 picks and predictions records

Anthony: 9-5

Drue: 10-4


Overall picks and predictions records

Anthony: 47-29

Drue: 41-35

Tariq: 40-36

Chiefs at Broncos

I don’t expect the Chiefs to lose this game even coming off two straight losses, largely in part because of the duo of Mahomes and Andy Reid.

 However, the Broncos seem to be playing with a bit more fire recently, having won their last two plus it is a home game and it can get pretty loud at mile high. 

The Chiefs should ultimately win this one just because they are simply a better team with a better coach and their speed is too much for Denver to handle.

Anthony: 30-20, Chiefs

Tariq: 38-17, Chiefs

Drue: 21-17, Broncos


49ers vs Redskins

Niner fans can finally rejoice and find solace in the fact that I am finally picking the them to win a game. 

Yes, the 49ers are undefeated. Yes, I still believe their record is deceiving in terms of how good of a football team they really are and yes, the Niners have had one of the easiest schedules this season known to man.

 The Redskins don’t stand a chance against any team, let alone a team riding a serious high of being 6-0.

Anthony: 31-23, 49ers

Tariq: 35-12, 49ers

Drue: 38-14, 49ers

Cardinals vs Giants

Battle of the 1st round QB1’s. Danny Dimes had a rough go of things last week against the vaunted Patriots defense and understandably so without the help of Saquon and Evan Engram. 

Kyler Murray on the other hand, had a career game against the Falcons, putting up over 300 yards passing to go with 3 td’s. 

With both the Cardinals and Giants having terrible defenses I expect a good amount of points on the board for this one. The Giants will win because of one man though, and his name is Saquon. 

Anthony: 27-21, Giants

Tariq: 27-26, Cardinals

Drue: 31-28 Cardinals

Dolphins vs Bills

The Dolphins are a sorry excuse for an NFL team right now and it’s honestly difficult to watch. I’m not sure benching Josh Rosen is a great idea either, considering his confidence was already shot after being traded and replaced after just one season. 

On the other side, the Bills seem to be a formidable team again that is right in the thick of the AFC playoff race, granted we are only 7 weeks in. 

This game will likely be a bloodbath and Bills Mafia will be smashing lots of tables. 

Anthony: 38-16, Bills

Tariq: 27-10, Bills

Drue: 31-13, Bills

Jaguars vs Bengals

I didn’t think the Bengals would be this bad coming into the season but here they are at 0-6 competing with the Dolphins for the number one pick in the 2020 NFL draft. 

The Jaguars should have no trouble winning this game if they continue to feed Fournette like they have been.

 Minshew and Chark might have career days against the Bengals non-existent secondary as well. 

Anthony: 30-14, Jaguars

Tariq: 35-10, Jaguars

Drue: 24-10, Jaguars

Rams vs Falcons

I believe the Rams loss last week against the 49ers was a fluke, although they are clearly not the same team that everyone was scared to face last year. 

The addition of Jalen Ramsey should pay huge dividends on the backend especially after the loss of John Johnson at safety. 

The Falcons 30th ranked pass defense is going to have their hands full with Kupp, Woods and Cooks. This will be a great game for Goff to gain some confidence back after his atrocious outing last week. 

Anthony: 36-28, Rams

Tariq: 42-35, Rams

Drue: 38-31, Rams

Texans vs Colts

The Texans are red-hot right now coming off a huge win last week against the Chiefs in Kansas City.

 Confidence should be sky-high in Houston, especially with the level of Deshaun Watson’s play rising seemingly every week. 

The discovery of a ground game has also paid off for the Texans and that should continue this week against the Colts 28th ranked run defense that’s allowing 5.1 yards per carry. 

Make no mistakes, this game will be a dogfight and whoever comes out on top will likely be crowned the AFC South champion at the end of the season. 

Anthony: 30-24, Texans

Tariq: 35-28, Texans

Drue: 28-21, Texans


Vikings vs Lions

This game is a toss-up for me mainly because it’s hard to tell whether Detroit is a good team or a bad team. 

Unless you’re a packers fan, everyone can agree the Lions won that game last week. 

On the other hand, Minnesota might have actually found a recipe on offense that involves ALL of their playmakers. 

If Kirk Cousins can take care of the football and Dalvin Cook can get rolling then I don’t see the Lions being able to win this game, even at home.

Anthony: 29-26, Vikings

Tariq: 28-27, Lions

Drue: 23-17, Lions

Raiders vs Packers

This a tough game for me to predict because I’m still not sure if the Raiders are a good team. On paper, Green Bay is better at just about every position except quarterback (Just kidding). The Raiders have one of the best rushing attacks in the league right now led by Josh Jacobs (future rookie of the year), and the Packers run defense is ranked 23rd in the league. 

The Raiders receiving corps is banged up and unproven but Carr hasn’t had any problems finding Darren Waller or spreading the love around.

 Ultimately, I think the run game will be the key for both offenses this week.

Anthony: 27-23, Raiders

Tariq: 27-21, Packers

Drue: 34-21, Packers

Chargers vs Titans

As much as i despise the Chargers, I honestly feel bad for their franchise and fans. 

I don’t think anyone saw this type of season coming for the Chargers, and there is no doubt that injuries are a SERIOUS problem for this team seemingly every year. 

With that being said, I have currently lost the little faith I had in the Chargers after they lost to a 3rd string quarterback named Duck. 

Anthony: 23-16, Titans

Tariq: 17-10, Titans

Drue: 24-17, Chargers

Ravens vs Seahawks

I seriously doubt the addition of Marcus Peters will make much of a difference for this Ravens defense but it certainly won’t hurt them. 

Lamar Jackson has vastly improved as a quarterback and is slowly beginning to establish himself as a serious threat through the air as well as on the ground. 

With the Seahawks,  Russell Wilson is having yet another MVP caliber season, practically dragging the entire Seahawks offense with him. 

This will be a close one but I’ll give a slight edge to the 12th man in this one. 

Anthony: 30-28, Seahawks

Tariq: 23-20, Seahawks

Drue: 31-24, Ravens

Eagles vs Cowboys

The NFC east is a complete toss-up right now because not a single team can seem to establish themselves as the alpha in the division. 

The Cowboys have lost 3 straight after winning their first 3 games of the year and should have plenty of motivation going into this week’s Sunday night game.

 As long as Dak can maintain possession of the football and not commit costly turnovers, Zeke and the Dallas defense should be able to do the rest. 

The Eagles secondary has been historically bad this season and if Amari Cooper is healthy he might add another 200 yard receiving game to his resume. 

Anthony: 33-20, Cowboys

Tariq: 28-21, Cowboys

Drue: 24-17, Eagles

Patriots vs Jets

This game will not be a blowout like Tariq and Drue are predicting. 

The Jets are clearly a much better football team with Sam Darnold at quarterback. 

The Patriots will still win this one because their defense seems to be better than their offense which is a scary thought considering their offense is still one of the best in football. 

Anthony: 31-21, Patriots

Tariq: 34-12, Patriots

Drue: 28-13, Patriots