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Another week of the AutoDraft Underdawgs is here!!!! Lets check out how we did (and if I am still drinking myself into a coma!!!!



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Another Week, another L.

I put up statistically one of my worst games this week, and the playoffs are looking further and further out of reach.

Lord please save my team.

Let’s start with what went wrong. How does a quarterback throw 5 ints????

He finished with 20 fantasy points because of garbage time yards. At one point in the game Jameis Winston was giving me negative fantasy points. That means me, a bystander watching, was doing a better job in fantasy than my quarterback.

My QB situation gives me migraines and broken hearts.

Now on to my supposed strength, WRs.

Amari got hurt, so he gets a pass for this egg of a game (I am only saying that because he’s been the only consistency of this shit ass team of mine).

DJ Chark didn’t do much, because Marshon Lattimore has entered God mode the past few weeks.

Now for Running Backs.

Mixon cannot get consistent blocking and that is hurting him dearly, and while Bell is still not performing at least he got a touchdown.

Final note, my god the Cowboys defense was a bad play this week, who would have known.

Trades Trades, and Lack of Trades

If I have not mentioned this before, I hate making trades in this league.

All my competitors see that I am struggling, and all they want to do is take advantage of the fact that I am crumbling.

I cannot keep going like this, 1 win in 6 weeks is disgusting, and it might be time to offer up the big dogs.

I am probably going to give it one more week, but if I cannot get a win again I will offer up Marlon Mack and Amari Cooper in trades.

This hurts a lot and can obviously backfire, but I am running low on options at the moment.

I really do not believe my team is that bad (Mixon might be), so hopefully we can clutch out a win next week.

Waiver Wire Hour

We have picked up Jacoby Brissett to settle the ever shiity quarterback situation.

I am currently rostering 3 quarterbacks, that is how bad it is for me.

Hopefully I move on from one of them, as I have a claim on Desean Jackson currently.

That means I am dropping 5 INT Winston and again I’m so high on the waiver order so I should have that easy.

Desean Jackson is close to coming back, which should give me a big play threat, or at worse case trade ammo.

No other big pickups underway, hopefully I have enough to win next week (Please I NEED ANOTHER WIN BAD).

Week 7 Preview

Capture next week.PNGCapture next week 2.PNG

He has a lot of players on bye, so maybe I can steal this one.

I am not confident I can.

A random player goes for their best game against me every week.

I have been drinking more and more and I don’t think I will stop anytime soon.

If the audience has any suggestions for me or any way to save this trash fantasy team, PLEASE let me know.

Feel free to let us know on twitter @IncLayerz or in the comment section below. Playoffs is the dream, losing is what we really mean :(.