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1-4, I feel like the Cardinals, so much potential and nothing to show for it.

The lovable losers are back again with a week 5 recap, and more of the same is what came to be.

We lost again, but this time my team was more competitive than it has been in weeks. We went up against one of the best teams in the league stocked with plenty of star power.

We lost 123.16 to 160.24. This was a good point total for me and (as we will soon get into) I could have had an even better week.

Let’s get to the new acquisitions from our previous week.

New Blood Roll Call
Well I want to start off with my highest performer from my new fellow Underdawg, DJ Chark.

I did not play him (James Bradberry made me nervous about the matchup) and he dropped 32.40.



I started Emmauel Sanders this week and boy did that burn me (1.4)this week.

It is clear that Chark has finally vaulted himself into must start territory.

Minshew loves him and he is easily the most talented receiver on that roster.

I was able to add Winston in waivers and and performed decently. My quarterback play has been erratic all season and getting average play (21.46) is honestly a welcome sight.

Now, the running backs are a different story.

Mixon only gave me 11, even with his superb matchup against the Cardinals.

The team did get down fast and that will always leave me afraid of his touches going down significantly.

Le’Veon has been getting touches, but terrible production.

The fact that 12.30 was all he put up with so many touches (22) is telling, and we need Darnold to rush back as soon as possible.

The next saviors of our season Waiver Wire Edition
With the quarterback play still in turmoil (I am currently carrying 3 of them), Matt Stafford is our newest edition. With that said, somebody please give me winning qb play.

He has just completed his bye, but has tough 2 weeks ahead sledding against the Packers and the Vikings.

I might use him as trade bait, I might keep him, who knows?

As for defense, I want to take the Redskins as they get to play bye week Miami.

But, the Redskins might be as bad as Miami, so I am instead putting a claim on the Cowboys defense.

With Darnold still in limbo (lesson to learn kids, do not kiss strippers past 2 AM in strip clubs) and Luke Falk looking terrible, this is the perfect team to get the Cowboys (and me) going.

It has been more and more apparent that my quarterbacks are just not going to cut it.

My league is incredibly top heavy, with the best guys holding on to 2 upper echelon quarterbacks.

I do not think I have enough to swing a trade for any of their 2nd tier qbs, so I might have no moves to make for next week.

I will put some feelers out there, and see if I can get a trade for a decent value, but typically the higher you rank the less likely you are to trade.

As of now I have Emmanuel (Only perform when I don’t need him to win) Sanders on the trading block, as well as Zach Ertz.

Ertz has been a pretty average TE, but hopefully name alone can speak volumes and open some of my opponents ears.

Preview for Next Week
For next week’s matchup the Autodawgs have some imposing WRs to handle.

My opponent is carrying Michael Thomas and Deandre Hopkins on his team.

Hopefully, D Hop can stay in that funk he’s currently in.

My most consistent (dare i say star?) player, Marlon Mack, is on a bye this week.

Hopefully, the new trade pickups start carrying some weight, to give me a win this week ( I AM TALKING TO YOU LE’VEON BELL).

Ertz needs to get his head out of his ass and give me that 100 yard 10 catch 1 TD game.

I am not begging.

Ok, I am.

I cannot keep losing if we are going to make that playoff push late.

It is almost a must win for the Autodawgs next week, Lord pray for us all.