To this point Layerz has mostly been a podcast attached to a website with picks and predictions. I’ve decided to change that. From here on out I plan to have a Monday and Friday column where I talk about anything I want really, so long as it’s sports related. So here’s to being consistent for once and actually posting these.

I keep telling myself week after week that I shouldn’t read too much into the results because it’s so early in the season, but I was driving home when I realized this season is only 16 games and we’re already a quarter of the way into it. No matter how ridiculous these results seem, at some point we have to start realizing these games matter. So without further intro jibberish I give you my quarter of the season takeaways:

The AFC Is Hot Garbage

This is the most mediocre I can ever remember the conference. Who’s the third best team in the AFC after the Patriots and Chiefs? At this point the AFC is just the Lakers, you have Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and a bunch of other people who you’re pretty sure are bad, but the media tries to hype up. For what it’s worth, here’s my AFC hierarchy after the top two: 


Pro: They have a generationally talented quarterback and a generationally talented wide receiver, with that combo you’re pretty much in every game. All four games they’ve played to this point have been within 7 points. 

Con: I’m pretty sure the Texans think they get extra points for letting their aforementioned generationally talented quarterback get hit, he’s been hit 18 times since week 1. I also think their coach thinks timeouts are mandatory to use before the fourth quarter. 


Pro: They have a stout defense and they play very disciplined.

Con: Josh Allen, in his current form, is an athletic Joe Flacco except he probably can’t throw the ball as well.


Pro: They have a really good stable of running backs.

Con: I spent a significant amount of time in the first half of today’s game thinking that they were going to lose to the Dolphins. Here’s a list of Chargers injured: Mike WIliams, Travis Benjamin, Adrian Phillips, Trevor Williams, Mike Badgley, Virgil Green, Hunter Henry, Melvin Ingram, Denzel Perryman and Derwin James. Its week 4!! Injuries happen but this just ain’t right. 


Pro: It took four weeks, but they may have finally figured out how to use Nick Chubb. They also play in a bad division.


Browns stud running back Nick Chubb.

Con: They hired an offensive coach and gave him Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Landry, and it took him until week four to score 30 points.



So ya, Patriots and Chiefs barring injury is looking extremely probable.

Is The Quarterback Position Getting Easier?

We have a large amount of unestablished quarterbacks playing right now, and they don’t look half bad.

Here’s my unofficial rankings of the new guys: Kyler Murray, Gardner Minshew, Daniel Jones, Kyle Allen, and Dwayne Haskins.

Obviously there has been some growing pains. Jones threw two interceptions today, Murray leads the league in times being sacked(yes, more times than Watson), and Dwayne Haskins, well, just watch today’s game against the Giants.

Real quick though let’s look at these guys stats:

Gardner Minshew

TD:Int: 7:1

Passing Yards: 905

Record: 2-1

YPA: 7.5

Completion%: 69.4

Kyler Murray

TD:Int: 4:4

Cardinals Rookie Quarterback Kyler Murray.

Passing Yards: 1,071


Record: 0-3-1

YPA: 6.3

Completion%: 62.7

Daniel Jones

TD:Int: 3-:2

Passing Yards:578

Record: 2-0

YPA: 8.1

Completion%: 69%

Kyle Allen

TD:Int: 4:0

Passing Yards: 493

Record: 2-0

YPA: 8.4

Completion%: 71.7

These quarterbacks have stepped in and become much more successful than in the past. The game is just getting easier. 

This could be due to the way the game is officiated. It’s so much easier to get open as a receiver now due to all of the rules imposed on a defender, It’s also much safer for a quarterback thanks to all the rules that protect them. 

The game is becoming  pass-centric and these quarterbacks are thriving in it.

What’s up with Todd Gurley?

Todd Gurley’s total carries so far this season are at 49. By week that’s 14, 16, 14, and 5. 

The Rams made Todd Gurley the highest paid running back in the league at the time of giving him his contract, what’s the point if this is how they’re going to use him? 

Don’t tell me nothing is wrong with him either, I kept listening when people told me Ben Affleck was coming back as batman, I listened when people told me the Chargers would be good this year, and I listened when people told me Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard wold be a good combo, I’m done with the lies!! 

I really can’t think of a situation comparable to this. You don’t neglect someone with his talent if he’s healthy. 

The Rams threw the ball 68 times today. They ran it 11. Something is wrong. 

Now to close out my quarterly takeaways here’s some quick takes.

The 49ers may be the worst 3-0 team I’ve ever seen – of the three teams they’ve played, only one has recorded a win. 

The Lions are good -Yes I know it’s fun to Make fun of Matt Patricia and his pencil, but the dude has his team in every single game, and they’re sound in every unit.

Kirk Cousins is bad– This is known, but I am a known Cousins believer, so this is just for everyone to know I’ve given up. You can’t have two pro-bowl receivers and the best running back in football and struggle the way their offense has.

Josh Rosen is good– He’s mobile in the pocket, makes big throws, and has been given the worst opportunities any quarterback has ever gotten. Somebody please save this man and take a chance on him(looking at you Bears). I just like to remind people I’m on this train so that I can claim him when he’s finally accepted as good.

Fantasy football is the worst – I had to fit in a quick complaint to close it out. It changes the way I root for games, I never start the correct players, and more often than not it leaves me angry. 

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