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Ladies and gentlemen of Layerz it’s that time again, as week 4 of the NFL is upon us. There’s quite a bit to unravel from last week and to look forward to this week, especially in the world of quarterbacks. Will Minshew mania continue (Maybe)? Can Kyle Allen unseat a beaten down Cam Newton as the starter of the future (Ehhhhh)? Can Danny Dimes continue to be the next best thing since NBA YOUNGBOY (HELL YEA!!!!!!)? Find out that and more on this week’s picks and predictions.

Last Week Record

Drue: 9-7
Anthony: 10-6
Tariq: 11-5

Overall Record

Drue: 15-17
Anthony: 20-12
Tariq: 23-9

Eagles at Packers

The Packers have been riding high as their defense has been amazing this year. Jaire Alexander the second year corner from Louisevill has been on an All-Pro level. That is not good for the crappy Eagles receivers. Injuries to Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey has lead the team to use more of their…other weapons. Nelson Dropglor (I made a funny) has been  called out for drops time and time, but right he is on an impressive game-winning drops run. He is now 2-2 for the last 2 games. Eagles fans have already threathen death and I believe they will do it. They Crazy. Get him the 6ix9ine type protection cause they going to catch another loss on Thursday night. Oh and lets not forget the 2nd greatest quarterback ever is at home in this one. Wrap the Eagles up.

Drue: Packers 24-14
Anthony: Packers 27-17
Tariq: Packers 28-21

Redskins at Giants

Did someone mention Danny Dimes??? Oh yes I did! Danny Dimes will again continue his legacy with a win over a distraught Redskin team. AP looks so slow that his linemen might outrun him on his breakaways. Case Keenum should not still be starting, but them Grudens’ sure love bad decisions. Both defenses have been garbage, but Danny has made good read after good read last week, and even though he should have lost last week’s game, (Bucs PLEASE get a good kicker) he has a receiving core that looks revitalized. Also, Evan Engram has been a top 3 TE this year and I see him continuing his rampage as Daniel Jones’s number 1 receiving threat. Last note Saquon injury might have been the saddest thing I have witnessed and I am willing to give him my ankle if he needs it. :,(

Drue: Giants 21-17
Anthony: Redskins 31-21
Tariq: Giants 38-32

Chiefs at Lions

The Lions have been solid throughout the year and if it wasn’t for a second half meltdown they could be 3-0. Mat Stafford has actually done a decent job cutting down on his turnover-prone antics and the defense has done enough (Slay getting torched then winning the game against the Chargers haha Drue) to win games. But, the second coming of Jesus is still here and we all have to fear him. PATRICK MAHOMES IN A SEASON AND A HALF HAS ALREADY CEMENTED (IN MY HEAD) THAT HE IS THE GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME. My God. Somebody stop him. After his MVP season, he already has 10 TDS in 3 games and no INTs. He has made light work of everyone that has stepped up to him. AND HE’S IN MY FAVORITE TEAM DIVISION. We get to enjoy 10-15 years of this wizardry as I cry my eyes out as he shits on the Raiders for years to come. Andy Reid please, I will sell my soul to get you to trade him anywhere else. He might put up 500 yards this game as the league continues to try and find ANYWAY TO STOP HIM!!!. (I will include my fellow writers interpretation of this game just to show how much fear Mahomie puts into all our hearts.

I haven’t watched any lions football if I’m being honest but after watching two quarters of Patrick Mahomes beat up my poor raiders not much else needs to be said. Mahomes is the best quarterback in football (talent-wise) and he’s on pace to break all of his records that he set last year. Pray for the Afc west. -Anthony

Yeah Yeah Mahomes is awesome, I know. 😦 -Drue

Drue: Chiefs 37-17
Anthony: Chiefs 30-14
Tariq: Chiefs 42-24

Titans at Falcons

It’s been 4 years since Marcus Mariota has been drafted and I still question when he will ever make an above average impact on more than 2 games in the season. Ryan Tannehill, THE DEFINITON OF AVERAGE, might actually be a better bet to help the Titan and their non-existent passing threat. Only a madman (Drue..) would take him to beat any team that knows how to scheme to stop the run. The Falcons have been reeling (wtf Matt Ryan), but they should just stack the box against the run and have no problem shutting down the Titans. Legit, put everyone in the box, but the corners and the Titans will have no idea how to react. Oh, and did I forget to mention the Titans have to deal with Julio Jones. Malcom Butler has been dreadful since he left the Patriots a few years ago and Julio should do to him what he has done to the entire league this year but with one change, TDS!!!!!!

Drue: Titans 17-14
Anthony: Falcons 20-14
Tariq: Falcons 27-10

Browns at Ravens

Remember when people thought Lamar Jackson was just a running back? Well he has been one of the most solid quaterback’s this season. Remember the Baker Mayfield hype??? Well it does not look like he can throw anything but a slant all season. Crazy how a year and a competent coach can do for you. Now before I roast Baker Mayfield (I will still) he still is a decent quarterback and I believe he will bounce back. However, the playcalling has been…weird and too Odell focused. The Browns have been doing the same thing that was the Giants downfall for the past few seasons. Odell is fantastic, but you have to scheme others open and use him as a decoy to set up your other receivers. Look what the packers do with Devante, with allowing him to go downfield as a threat you cause the defense to overcommit and allow for underneath routes and your #2 receiver to win 1 on 1s (Landry is a solid #2 who needs to do more to cause havoc for opposing defenses). I believe the Browns will eventually get this right, but not this week as the Ravens have been a stifling defense and have a run game that is something serious with the addition of Mark Ingram this off-season.

Drue: Ravens 28-17
Anthony: Ravens 24-13
Tariq: Ravens 31-24

Raiders at Colts

Deep breaths, Tariq. Deep breaths. I will NOT take the Raiders in this one. I am trying to break that toxic habit of finding reasons that this team will win games. Checkdown Carr has reared his ugly head again. He has a tendency to get skittish in the pocket and this leads him to have a 6.7 depth of target downfield. This is not just a Derek Carr issue though, Gruden has consistently called for short passes and needs to rethink his playbook. The Colts have many key injuries like Malik Hooker and Darius Leonard who have missed practice and look doubtful for this game. I want to take the Raiders, but I just cannot. Jacoby has been solid as Andre Luck replacement and Dalvin Cook, last week, has shown the flaws in the Raiders run defense. It should be closer than expected, but the Raiders will leave me crying in a room drowning my sadness in alcohol again this week.

Drue: Colts 24-17
Anthony: Raiders 27-20
Tariq: Colts 28-24

Patriots at Bills

Quick tell me have the Patriots given up a touchdown yet this season? No? Well why would I ever pick against them. Josh Allen has improved, but he still keeps falling into some of his same bad tendencies. He has a BAD BAD problem of not throwing the ball away, and instead throwing it up for grabs when he gets pressured. That’s how a bad Bengals team was able to comeback against them last week. This Patriots team will feast on mistakes like that and have TOM FUCKING BRADY as their quarterback, still. Sony Michel can’t get a run of more than 3 yards, but I don’t see the Bills doing enough to upset this Pats team. No matter how badly I want to see that happen. (If Allen can do it, though expect me to buy and wear his jersey for the next 2 weeks straight)

Drue: Patriots 24-10
Anthony: Patriots 26-16
Tariq: Patriots 30-7

Panthers at Texans

Is Kyle Allen forreal? No, but he has a chance to prove it this week. He is going have to deal with A LOT of pressure, as the Panthers line has been pretty average. The Texans D-line however has been getting pressure after pressure. JJ Watt is back to full form and Whitney Mercilus is back to his former glory now that Clowney is gone to the Seahawks. Watson is starting to get hot and while James Bradberry is a very solid corner, nobody stops D Hop. CMC has to carry the load to help Kyle Allen get this win, but I think the Texans key in on him they should win this game easily. Cam get back 100% soon, the league is better when we get to see your weird ass outfits before gameday.

Drue: Texans 27-21
Anthony: Texans 31-23
Tariq: Texans 37-28

Chargers at Dolphins

Well… what to say about a game featuring the Dolphins? Expect bad plays and easy offense for the other team. The Dolphins have the chance to be historically bad and their has been some BAD teams in the NFL (Remember I am a Raider fan I have witness half those bad teams). Josh Rosen is set up to fail and I feel terribly for him, but their is nothing to do to stop this ass kicking that is coming. Phillip “10k kids” Rivers will go for 300+ yards and 3 TDs by the third quarter. Hey at least we get to see the last unabated game of Austin Ekler as Melvin Gordon is coming back soon. This is a sad and happy day for me (Gordon’s return still will not save my fantasy team).

Drue: Chargers 31-14
Anthony: Chargers 37-14
Tariq: Chargers 49-12

Bucs at Rams

Jameais Winston is not ass. I know we love to give him the Mariota treatment, but he did everything he could to beat the Giants last week and his team (kicker) let him down. However, that boy is horny as hell for that INT ball. If it is double covered I swear to god that is all he will think to throw. The Rams are a team that gets crazy pressure and have some of the most pick hungry corners in the league. Marcus Peters has been poopy, but he still will go and get an easy pick. The Rams take this one easily, but remember after this 2-3 interception game incoming, Winston is not ass. He just got that Brett Favre disease and it will never go away.

Drue: Rams 27-17
Anthony: Rams 29-17
Tariq: Rams 27-17

Seahawks at Cardinals

UPSET ALERT!!!!! Lol just kidding. This Cardinal team is not talented. Pat Pete still on suspension so nobody but Chandler Jones is worth noting on defense. Russell Wilson is still amazing at his scrambling for deep pass tactics and Kyler has no chance against this Seahawks defense. Remember David Johnson? Me Neither. (If you drafted him in fantasy you were smoking crack and I do not feel bad for you)

Drue: Seahawks 31-21
Anthony: Seahawks 31-14
Tariq: Seahawks 38-12

Vikings at Bears

My amigos are tripping balls this week. They don’t believe in the Vikings, but believe in the Bears??? The Vikings have arguably the best running back in the league currently and Matt TribASSky DREAMS to be Kirk Cousins. Cousins is not good, but he can game manage, Trubisky cannot even do that. If you do not call a screen or a check down your team is in trouble. He is a turnover machine if you make him make reads and his receivers can only bail him out for so long. Allen Robinson made BLAKE BORTLES look good and he can’t even make Trubisky look good. WOW. This is my most disappointing QB based off hype going into the season (You were close Baker). If the Vikings can score 2 TDs I think they can win this game as both teams have a solid defense. This is honestly a pick em game, but when one team has Matt Trubisky even going up against Kirk Cousins, I cannot pick him.

Drue: Bears 13-10
Anthony: Bears 19-14
Tariq: Vikings 17-10
Jaguars at Broncos

Ok, I like Gardner Minshew. But, we have to be honest here. We are dubbing him the truth slightly too early (Danny Dimes is a man amongst boys so he gets a pass). I think he can be a solid qb, but he did nothing in that second half of the Jags-Titans game. The Broncos have gotten zero type of pass rush out of the D-line, but I think here is the chance to set the record  that Von Miller is still that man. Jalen Ramsey looks like he is going to miss this game, which is a big X-factor. I cannot believe I am saying this but give me a Joe Flacco lead team in 2019 ( I think I threw up a little in my mouth there).

Drue: Jaguars 20-14
Anthony: Jaguars 21-16
Tariq: Broncos 24-14

Cowboys at Saints

Alvin Kamura is amazing and there is nothing we can say that can deny this. However, Teddy B is not amazing. He is a solid player and I think again he will be a decent backup as we wait for the return of Brees, but he does not have enough to stop this Cowboys team. Dak has played no competition, but we cannot deny how impressive he has been this season. Aside from Mahomes, he has been the next best MVP candidate. With a solid run game and Amari Cooper (it was Derek Carr’s fault I can finally admit that to myself) torching Marshon Lattimore this should be an easy Cowboys game. Why the world constantly allows a decent to good “America’s Team”, but the Raiders constantly look like a JV high school team, shit is aggravating.

Drue: Cowboys 27-24
Anthony: Saints 21-20
Tariq: Cowboys 30-17

Bengals at Steelers

Who doesn’t like a battle of struggling teams on Monday? Mason Rudolph does not look like the answer, and the Bengals defense has questions everywhere. The Steelers defense looked good last week, so I will take them (barely). How do you get 5!!! Takeaways and only score 3 points on them? When you dub Mason Rudolph the next answer to the Big Ben replacement conundrum.

Drue: Steelers 31-28
Anthony:Steelers 31-27
Tariq: Steelers 24-17