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Ahhhhhh yes, nothing like the smell of victory in the morning!!! Your winner of the week last week and soon to be overall winner, Tariq is here to bring you the picks for this week. As, a football “expert” expect me to be the winner of these picks time and time again. I am fantastic, hold the applause, lets get to this weeks picks.

Overall and last week scores:

Drue: 6-10
Tariq: 12-4
Anthony: 10-6


Titans at Jaguars

Who doesn’t like low scoring offenses and good defenses battling out to 14-9 victories? That’s right, America!!!! Gardnew Minshew and his fantastic facial hair, gets to take on will he ever be better than average, Marcus Mariota. Run games should be at a premium and i believe in Derrick Henry slightly more than, Leonard Fournette currently.

Drue:  Jaguars 13-10
Tariq: Titans 14-9
Anthony: Jaguars 20-14

Dolphins at Cowboys

Nothing like an extra bye week on your schedule to really get your team going. The Dolphins are challenging to be one of the least talented football teams to ever grace the game of NFL football. Oh, but Josh Rosen gets to start this week!! Somebody keep that stretcher handy, and lets watch Dak continue his quest for the 40 mil a year contract. Don’t worry, Kenyan Drake you will be the next one to leave that hell hole soon.

Drue:  Cowboys 35-10
Tariq: Cowboys 38-12
Anthony: Cowboys 29-10

Bengals at Bills

Buffalo fans please stand up!!! No I am not joking about the Bills for once, they actually have good momentum and look like the better team. The Bengals have been a rollercoaster this season…Again and Josh Allen has made strides at the quarterback position. The Bills defense has been good again, and Mixon has been beyond awful for the Bengals this week. Until he is 100% I can’t easily pick the Bengals to win games. Did you know that Frank Gore 97 in running back years? That man is still keeping on keeping on (ruining me Devin SIngletary stash for fantasy).

Drue: Bills 24-20
Tariq: Bills 28-14
Anthony: Bills 26-14

Lions at Eagles

The entire Eagles team is on the mend right now. For once it isn’t Wentz missing the game it is his receiving staff. Lions have actually been competent and have fielded a good defense. If not for some crazy choke art skills, they would be 2-0 right now. Kerryon Johnson has been running hard and Golladay has the making of a true #1 receiver. AND IM STILL NOT PICKING THEM TO WIN THIS GAME. The Lions saw the Chargers get multiple touchdowns called back against them and Darius Slay was getting his booty touched by Keenan Allen all game. With a slightly incompetent coach, I just don’t see them pulling out a tough one away from home.

Drue: Lions 31-21
Tariq: Eagles 31-28
Anthony: 21-20 Eagles

Jets at Patriots

Rookie 3rd string quaterback going against the Patriots???? AT HOME????? Yeah this is not going to be good. PAtriots by a lot. AND I MEAN A LOT. Not much analyist needed here. OH, is AB a rapist??? Or just suffering from some early form of CTE? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.
Drue: Patriots 38-9
Tariq: Patriots 42-7
Anthony: Patriots 30-7

Falcons at Colts

The Falcons really are a confusing team. They have all the talent in the world, then they are just blindsided weak 1. They struggle all game 2, and then win on a miraculous Julio Jones screen play. But, throughout it all their defense has actually been pretty solid. With Desmond Trufant on a renaissance of his former glory, I think they have enough to take down Jacoby Brissett. Now will Devonta Freeman ever return to form? I already did the Dragon Ball Z reference, so I will just go with a no for now.
Drue: Falcons 28-27
Tariq: Falcons 28-27
Anthony: Colts 19-14
Raiders at Vikings

Am I biased? Yes I am… I cannot help it and I feel like people enjoy watching me take the Raiders and have them lose in impressive fashion. So, with out further ado let me make my pitch for the Raiders. Kirk Cousins has looked awfully average, and the run game has dominated their entire offense. The Raiders have one of the best run defenses in the league currently. Did I mention the Vikings are starting Kirk Cousins? In the battle of the slightly above average quarterback, if the Raiders can keep it close in the 4th this could be a shock game. Please football gods let me be right.

Drue: Vikings 35-17
Tariq: Raiders 32-28
Anthony: Vikings 20-14
Ravens at Chiefs

Lightskin vs Darkskin who ya got??? Alright Drue told me not to race bait, but honestly this is one of the best matchups we can get all year. The Ravens have looked strong and Lamar is in his Louisville Heisman mode. He is picking apart defenses like its nothing (albeit against 2 bad defenses, but still). Patrick Mahomes is the scariest quarterback I have ever seen since prime A-Rod and I think they can pull this game out only because of home field advantage. It should be good and high scoring, but if Lamar is able to take down the Chiefs, I will be 100% aboard the hype train.

Drue:  Ravens 35-31
Tariq: Chiefs 38-29
Anthony: Ravens 27-23

Broncos at Packers

My god the Broncos have been ugly. Music to my MOTHERFUCKING EARS!!!!!! Joe Flacco looks old, Lindsay has looked pretty pedestrian (Royce Freeman I see you), and the Packers defense is forreal. Also, the Packers are getting more balanced, and they also have one of the greatest quarterback to ever grace this Earth at home. This should gt ugly quick.

Drue: Packers 28-7
Tariq: Packers 35-10
Anthony: Packers 31-14
Panthers at Cardinals

Cam is on the mend so enter Kyle Allen!!! If Allen is given a basic gameplan and effiecntly uses CMC I believe he will all the tools needed to win this week. I am a huge beiever in Kyler Murray, but his team as a whole is not that talented. His heroic can only do so much, when they have consistently struggled to stop the wind from blowing on defense. However, if the stage seems to great for Kyle Allen, this will at least be a close game. The Panther defense is still strong, and they should at least be able to take some pressure off of him. I Still love you though Kyler, never forget that. 🙂
Drue: Cardinals 24-17
Tariq: Panthers 17-14
Anthony: Cardinals 27-13
Giants at Buccaneers

DANNY DIMES HYPE TRAIN!!!!! WE LIT!!!!!!!!!! Did I roast the Giants for his selection? YES! Did i think the Giants were dumb enough to try and start the ghost of Eli the whole season? ALSO YES. The Danny Dimes era is here folks and we cannot look back. I expect an uoset not because of just him, but also cause I hope for a change in the game plan. The curious case of not getting Saquon 25+ touches a game, should end just because of the Giants willingnss to ease Daniel Jones in. Both defenses are garbage, but we all know Winston has a pick or 2 in him. If, Danny Dimes is able to stay turnover free I believe he will lead the Giants to their first victory of the year.

Drue: Buccaneers 27-21
Tariq: Giants 31-23
Anthony: Buccaneers 23-17
Saints at Seahawks

I cannot trust the Saints, until I see enough competency out of Teddy B. I think he still has what it takes to be a solid quarterback, however his matchup does not get easier this week. Also, the Saints weapons look to have lost some their flair with Breesus out. Also, look for Marshon Lattimore to get destroyed by DK Metcalf on Sunday. Everyone has been making him their bitch to start the season.

Drue: Seahawks 24-21
Tariq: Seahawks 21-12
Anthony: Seahawks 26-20
Texans at Chargers

How many times have, Deshain Watson been sacked this year? We watching the Andrew Luck story all over again. As I like to do I will let Drue give you his analysis on his Chargers, cause it is so funny to reread when he is wrong.

I feel for Deshaun Watson, the guy has been sacked ten times already this season and it’s only going to get worse(i hope) this week against Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. I expect the Chargers to do too much on offense for the Texans too match especially considering Watson should be on the run all game, but because it is the Chargers I am sure D-Hop will get loose a couple of times, nonetheless give me the Chargers.

Drue: Chargers 27-21
Tariq: Chargers 35-31
Anthony: Texans 34-28

Steelers at 49ers

I refuse to give the 49ers credit. CAUSE FUCK EM THATS WHY!!!!! So we will give you Drue’s analysis for this one

Jimmy G, 3-0. Once again if you listened to the podcast, you would know that this is a pivotal game for my 49ers playoff prediction. (check out the pod!!!)Anyways, I think Kyle Shanahan is going to have a field day with this Steelers defense, and Mason Rudolph won’t be able to match what JImmy G puts up in his first start.

Drue: 49ers 34-28
Tariq: 49ers 31-21
Anthony: Steelers 27-24
Rams at Browns

Are the Browns real?? This will be a great test to see. I love Odell as everyone probably know, and I can see him getting open often and early against the Rams. However, I do not think the line can sustain against the Rams and Donald. I hope with everything in my soul that Baker is not a fluke, and I still believe he is not. But, with all the hype this team has gotten, they need to win early and often. I just don’t see it happening this week.

Drue: Rams 34-21
Tariq: Rams 34-21
Anthony: Rams 29-21

Bears at Redskins

Ahh who doesn’t love the great Defense, shitty quarterback combos. Mitch TribASSky, has been bad and he looks to have regressed from last year. Even with all that, the Redskins looked overmatched. If the Bears can have a solid run game ( RUN MONTGOMERY NAGY!!!!!), they should have no trouble in this one. However, the Redskins are pesky and AP is still trying to prove to us he is not done yet. Low scoring, not fun offensive games. Smells like 1970s offense all over again minus the hard hits. Gotta love it!

Drue: Bears 17-7
Tariq: Bears 21-7
Anthony: Redskins 21-17