Layerz….Is back. That’s right to the six of you that follow this page: thank you for your patience. Anthony, Tariq and I had intentions to do all sorts of pre-season preparation and to put out as much content as we could, but we couldn’t even make it to week 1 on time due to work and school and everything else that gets in the way of scheduling. Well to quote my favorite ogre Shrek, “better late than never I always say.” And just like my guy Dalvin Cook, we’re trying to have one heck of a comeback . So without further adieu I think the best way to get Layerz back into the fold is with some picks and predictions. Here we go.

Buccaneers at Panthers

In the 16 games since Jameis Winston gave us his eat a W speech the team is 4-12. Lets just sharpie that in for 4-13 because they’re not beating the Panthers. Winston threw three interceptions to a secondary that had two picks all of last year, what do you think the Panthers defense will do to them. On the offensive side I haven’t even mentioned Christian McCaffery who can go get 200 all purpose yards at will, it’s going to be a long day for Bruce Arians and company, here’s a thought give Mike Evans the ball and maybe things will go better. -Drue

Jameis Winston looked like a deer caught in the headlights against the Niners…THE GODDAMN NINERS. Now not all of his interceptions were his fault, but he also got lucky and had dropped interceptions as well. The Panthers Defense looks legit again and even with the question marks with Cam’s shoulder, they should be able to do enough to beat the Bucs. Tariq

The bucs defense looked stout against the 9ers so do with that info what you will but the panthers pass rush and Christian McCafrey will prove too much to handle for famous Jameis. -Anthony

Drue: Panthers 27-17

Anthony: Panthers 20-13

Tariq: Panthers 24-10

Cardinals at Ravens

Kyler Murray got it going in the fourth quarter of that Lions game, look for that to continue this week against a Ravens teams that may take a minute to adjust to playing a real NFL team after the game they had last week against the AAF like Dolphins. -Drue

This game could get ugly quickly for Kyler, Kliff and the Cardinals. Lamar Jackson was electric and didn’t even have to use his legs! I bet Kyler wishes he were a few inches taller (or that he stuck with baseball) after Lamar Jackson and Hollywood brown are done with his team -Anthony

Kyler, I love you. The amazing comeback against the Lions was phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what you become. However, you and the Cardinals are going to get destroyed by the Ravens. Lamar Jackson looks like a legit quarterback and the defense was stout against the (weak) Dolphins. With the Cardinals line problems, i hope that Kyler is able to survive this contest and not hurt his confidence. -Tariq

Drue: Cardinals 24-21

Anthony: Ravens 38-17

Tariq: Ravens 35-13

Chargers at Lions

Kyler Murray decimated this Lions defense in the fourth quarter, short pass after short pass after short pass and then he just took the top off the defense. I think I know a quarterback who can do that and has much better weapons in the process. Serious question, the Lions next five games are against the  Chargers, Eagles, Chiefs, Packers, and Vikings, does Matt Patricia even have a job by the time they get to week 7? Will the Lions even have a win? Im almost sure the Chargers will make me regret typing that last part. -Drue

Drue: Chargers 24-17

Anthony: Chargers 28-14

Tariq: Chargers 35-21

Colts at Titans:
The Colts looked alive against the Chargers and I do not take too much stock in the Titans dominance over the Browns. They beat an overrated team and we have yet to see if they can consistently move the ball against a solid Colts defense. Jacoby: make me look like a genius. -Tariq

It would be very Titansy of Tennessee to go ahead and get blown out a week after destroying what everyone believed to be a good team. As we learned from the Browns last week, a teams identity is hard to get rid of, so I am betting the Titans find a way to lose. -Drue

Drue: Colts 31-21

Anthony: Colts 21-17

Tariq: Colts 24-21

49ers at Bengals

The 49ers should have lost against the Bucs. They both played terribly and I just can’t give full credit to the Niners for that game. I however am a huge fan of the Zach Taylor Bengals. I feel like he is a solid coach and his game plan against the Seahawks was solid and should have been enough to win. Look for the rise of John Ross to continue and also look for our friendly Neighborhood Christian Brothers alum Akhello Witherspoon to get torched by Ross.- Tariq

Andy Dalton has always been better than what people give him credit for. I’m willing to bet that the niners secondary isn’t so much good as Jameis Winston is bad. The Bengals had some pretty impressive defensive performances this week and I see that unit giving Jimmy G many problems. -Drue

The Bengals looked surprisingly decent against the Seahawks but if Joe Mixon is out this week, they will struggle offensively against the 49ers. This could end up being a rather low scoring game if these two defenses can continue their performances from a week ago. Give the edge to the team with the better quarterback – Anthony

Drue: Bengals 24-20

Anthony: Bengals 19-14

Tariq: Bengals 28-17

Jaguars at Texans

Texans should have won their first game and I like what i saw from Gardner Minshew, but I don’t think he win a shootout versus Deshaun Watson- Tariq

As much as I’d love to see Gardner Minshew succeed with his wicked stache, it’s not likely he’s going to break many more records, especially against a tough Texans defense. Deshaun Watson should still light up the scoreboard with his playmakers at receiver (Hopkins, Stills, Fuller) even with stud cornerback Jalen Ramsey on the other side. -Anthony

The Texans have a lot of weapons and they should be able to light up the scoreboard against a Jaguars team that will struggle to get points, unfortunately for them, they have a very poor offensive line. Look for the Jaguars defensive line to force Watson into making mistakes. -Drue

Drue: Jaguars 17-14

Anthony: Texans 33-17

Tariq: Texans 26-12

Vikings at Packers

Division Games!!!!! Packers squeaked out against the Bears and if their defense can keep playing like that, they will be dangerous. The Vikings run game is solid and I see this as the ultimate pick em game. I’ll take the Aaron Rodgers effect and home field to give the Packers the win, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings come in and get things done. -Tariq

The Vikings defense looked NASTY last week against the Falcons. We also saw last week that the Packers offense may not be as fresh as some hoped under new head coach Matt Lafleur, so I expect the offensive struggles to continue this week.- Drue

Drue: Vikings 21-17

Anthony: Packers 21-17

Tariq: Packers 27-24

Cowboys at Redskins

I still feel as though the redskins should’ve started Dwayne Haskins at quarterback, hopefully we see him at some point this season but probably not in this game. He cowboys looked poised for another relatively easy road to the NFC East crown (minus the eagles) and Zeke didn’t even get 15 carries last week. Look out redskins.- Anthony

I expect Zeke’s workload to pick up as he continues to get back into the flow of things. Pair that with Dak Prescotts incredible play action numbers and you’re going to see a long game for the Redskins.-Drue

Drue: Cowboys 31-14

Anthony: Cowboys 28-14

Tariq: Cowboys 36-21

Seahawks at Steelers

How terrible did that Steeler offense look without AB and LeVeon? I’ll chalk that game up as being simply out-coached and not having enough weapons for Big Ben to spread the wealth to. On the Seahawks side, If Chris Carson can have another solid outing that should open up things vertically for Russell Wilson to give Lockett and Metcalf some love. Steel city takes another punch to the gut. -Anthony

The Steelers looked terrible, but the Seahawks didn’t exactly impress me either. I expect Big Ben to do some damage with the passing attack especially considering what Andy Dalton did to the Seahawks last week. – Drue

Drue: Steelers 31-28

Anthony: Seahawks 21-19 

Tariq: Seahawks 29-20

Bills at Giants

I suppose this Giants could wisen up and give their all pro running back more than 15 carries when he’s averaging over 10 yards a carry, but why would they do that when they can let Eli drop back and look at the same two targets everyone knows he’s looking for? The bills defense will force the Giants to become one dimensional and will squeak out a W.

I don’t like either of these offenses, but one of them does have an all-world running back, so I will take the Giants by default.

Drue: Giants 21-17

Anthony: Bills 26-20

Tariq: Bills 28-13

Patriots at Dolphins

Dolphins will roll the Patriots at home just like they always do. AB might go for 300 yards receiving or he could find himself on the exempt list, who knows? He’s the Houdini of the 21st century. Who am I kidding, the dolphins are going to put up another dud and lose miserably once again at home. -Anthony

Longtime Layerz readers and listeners will know, I am a huge Josh Rosen fan. Just play the man, please!! Also I expect a very brutal game where the Patriots avenge last years very stupid loss to Miami.-Drue

Drue: Patriots 38-10

Anthony: Patriots 37-7

Tariq: Patriots 49-7

Chiefs at Raiders:

Everything tells me to take the Raiders here. EVERYTHING!!! But, I am a realist. Patrick Mahomes looked just as good as he did last year. He might go for 45-50 TD’s again this season and I still have question marks about the Raiders defense. Their offense is legit though. – Tariq

The raiders played surprisingly decent defense on Monday night against the Broncos. I don’t expect that to continue this week against the reigning MVP in Mahomes. I do however expect the Raider offense led by Derek Carr, to open some eyes and go (almost) toe to toe with Mahomes. In the end Mahomes and Reid are too good of a combo and losing Jonathan Abram is a big blow to our already thin secondary. -Anthony

Drue: Chiefs 42-30

Anthony: Chiefs 34-27

Tariq: Chiefs 38-31

Saints at Rams:

I love a good revenge game. Both defenses looked like Swiss Cheese and I see another high scoring game. I will take the Home team only because Goff plays better there and I still think we will have a SLIGHT Drew Brees drop off this year.- Tariq

WOuldn’t it be funny if the Saints lose on some sort of pass interference challenge? If only. I do expect Drew Brees and the Saints to come out motivated this weekend though, look for the to avenge last seasons loss. -Drue

I predict a huge game from Jared cook this week and a Saints upset on the road. This will be a fun game to watch however and I expect more touches form Gurley in the red zone this week. 

Drue: Saints 27-24

Anthony: Saints 34-30

Tariq: Rams 42-35

Bears at Broncos

Battle of the good defenses. Except the Broncos didn’t look good… Also their offense is worse than the Bears. Don’t let Mitch touch the ball too much and the Bears get a win to get back on course.- Tariq

Maybe the bears will watch some film of Josh Jacobs plugging away at the broncos run defense and they’ll figure out how to use their own talented rookie running back in David Montgomery. If so they can win this game with their defense. -Anthony

Drue: Bears 17-7

Anthony: Bears 20-10

Tariq: Bears 17-10

Eagles at Falcon

I plan on starting DeSean Jackson this week in fantasy so he will probably be a non-factor so there’s a fantasy tip for ya’ll. Give me the Eagles anyway. The Falcons offense didn’t improve and Carson Wentz looks ready to take over the NFC. -Drue

WTF falcons, you got dominated. Let’s see part 2 of that. Eagles come in and do it again to them. WENTZMANIA IS HERE AND IT’S ALIVE!!!!- Tariq

Drue: Eagles: 31-24

Anthony: Eagles 35-24

Tariq: Eagles 32-27

Browns at Jets

Baker don’t let Colin Cowherd get to you man, you got this! I have too much stock in the Browns thanks to my fantasy team , so there will be no Browns slander this week. Look for their offense to explode after a poor performance against the Titans. -Drue

Baker killed my fantasy week, I don’t see it happening again. If he gets on track against the Jets solid defense it will propel him to have a good season again this year. – Tariq

I too was on the Browns bandwagon for the playoffs this year. However, if they put up another dud like last week and Baker continues to make erratic and irrational decisions against a stout jets D, better luck next year. Sam Darnold will also have an extra weapon in Demaryius Thomas to throw to and let’s not forget about Leveon Bell! -Anthony

Drue: Browns 35-17

Anthony: Jets 23-14

Tariq: Browns 28-17