Last week was bad. We’re just going to forget about them, but for those keeping count Tariq won with a 9-7 record, I came in second with a respectable Jeff Fisher season (7-9), and Anthony, in an effort to do everything he can to blow his lead in the standings, went 6-10. Here’s hoping this weeks picks go a lot better.

Overall Record (Weeks 3-15):

Anthony:  108-80

Tariq: 107-81

Drue: 94-94

Redskins vs Titans

I refuse to believe that Josh Johnson will win another game this year. For a more detailed description on that here’s Anthony,

“This game has huge playoff implications for both sides as do many other teams this week. The Redskins are still relevant somehow with Josh Johnson as their starting QB (shoutout Oakland, California), but they likely won’t make enough noise to sneak into the playoffs. The Titans however, have a decent shot at taking the final wildcard spot if they win out. I don’t believe they win out but they will win this week as Marcus Mariota seems to perform well in the clutch and their defense is solid enough to keep Josh Johnson at bay.”

Drue: Titans 24-10

Anthony: Titans 26-14

Tariq: Titans 24-21

Ravens vs Chargers

The Ravens may throw the ball less than ten times this game. The Chargers rushing defense is not great. They will give up a lot of yards. Luckily they have a quarterback (Phillip Rivers) who is going to match those rushing yards with passing yards and he will do it very quickly. It’s possible that the Chargers have a hangover from their great win last week, but I see the Chargers winning this pretty easy. Side Note: I’m meeting more and more Chargers fans, I know you guys weren’t our fans when we were struggling through the end of the Norv Turner days, so please, take your bandwagon fanship to the other LA team.

Drue: Chargers 31-17

Anthony: Chargers 34-23

Tariq: 31-28 Ravens

Buccaneers vs Cowboys

I absolutely hate the Cowboys and the fact that Coop has been thriving with them makes me despise them even more, so I am hoping/praying with all my might that the Cowboys will lose this week. However, the Cowboys have a Division  championship on the line and the Cowboys always perform when it matters most. Who am I kidding? The Cowboys will lose this game in embarrassing but typical Cowboy fashion. It doesn’t matter who the opposing team is. -Anthony

The Cowboys winning games that matter? Seems a bit farfetched to me. However, I’m going the opposite way. I just love watching these Raiders pick get later and later in the draft.

Drue: Cowboys 27-21

Anthony: Bucs 28-23

Tariq: Cowboys 35-13

Vikings vs Lions

Who knew that adding a run game to a solid pass attack would help your offense out? Everybody but John Defelippo apparently. The Vikings finally figured out their offensive problems and the Lions, well they kind of suck.

Drue: Vikings 34-21

Anthony: Vikings 27-21

Tariq: Vikings 27-10

Falcons at Panthers

Lost in this nightmarish Falcons season that was riddled by injuries is that Matt Ryan has had a great season under offensive coordinator Steve Sarkasian. I fully expect Matt Ryan to throw all over this Panthers team that has pretty much thrown their season away. However, I seem to be alone in that opinion as Anthony believes,

“Neither one of these teams are going to the playoffs this year so I am choosing the team with the better quarterback. It just so happens that the team with the better quarterback has decided to rest said quarterback, so by default I am picking the Falcons to win this one. In all honesty the Panther’s offense has the potential to still be explosive without Cam, I mean Christian McCaffrey was throwing tuddys last week against the Saints.”

Drue: Falcons 31-20

Anthony: Falcons 29-21

Tariq: Falcons 28-17

Texans vs Eagles

The Eagles are very much in the hunt in the NFC East after the Cowboys choked (again) in an embarrassing 23-0 blowout by the Colts. The Texans really have nothing left to prove as they have already clinched  their division but the Eagles are in a completely different situation. With Carson Wentz dealing with another injury, can Big Dick Nick lead this Eagles team into another playoff run? My gut says yes, they will shock the Texans to move their playoff aspirations a bit closer into reality. – Anthony

Both teams have a lot to play for, and going against the Texans hasn’t given me much luck this year, but there is no way I’m going against December Nick Foles.

Drue: Eagles 31-28

Anthony: Eagles 21-20

Tariq: Texans 31-24

Giants vs Colts

I’ve come to the conclusion that if Tariq is a fan of your football team you’re going to lose. But this is less about Tariq and more about how shockingly good the Colts defense has been over the last month. I just don’t think Eli Manning will play well against it. Anthony shares my opinion but for a different reason,

“I don’t see the Colts losing this one despite the Giants somewhat better play thanks in large part to Saquon. Andrew Luck should be in the MVP conversation but per usual the smaller markets don’t receive a lot of love on national awards. With that being said, Luck should have a field day with this Giants defense and will keep the Colts hat in the AFC wildcard race for at least one more week.”

Drue: Colts 24-17

Anthony: Colts 30-20

Tariq: Colts 35-27

Browns vs Bengals

If you listen to our podcast  from earlier in the week you would know I am here for Money Maker Baker to lead the Browns to an insane playoff birth. So I am going with the team who has a legit quarterback. Here’s Anthony’s take,

“The Browns will win this one. Although they aren’t quite ready to make a jump to the playoffs this year, they are very close. Like next year close. The Bengals are the Bengals which basically means they are who we thought they were. Which means they are not good enough to beat this version of the Browns.”

Drue: Browns 31-17

Anthony: Browns 25-19

Tariq: Browns 28-17

Bills vs Patriots

All I’ve been seeing this week is stuff about how the Patriots aren’t the same old Patriots, well, if they lose to the Bills I will believe it. Until then I am going to panic over this teams potential clash with the Chargers in the wild-card game. Come on guys, do we really think Brady and Bilichick aren’t going to figure it out. Despite all that, I wouldn’t be shocked to see elite runn— I mean quarterback Josh Allen find a way to beat this Pats team.

Drue: Patriots 27-20

Anthony: Patriots 37-17

Tariq: Patriots 24-23

Packers vs Jets

Well the Packers are god awful and the Jets are bad yet sometimes good. This is a weird week too with the Jets, but I will solely because A-Rod does not believe in this untalented team, so neither will I. Also, because I picked the Jets they will lose by at least 21. -Tariq

The Jets have a coach’s job to play for. I don’t think Rodgers will be playing for Joe Philbin.

Drue: Jets 24-17

Anthony: Packers 35-21

Tariq: Jets 21-17

Jaguars vs Dolphins 

The Jags have the worst quarterback room in the league and the Dolphins have a slightly above average defense. Meaning the Jags have no chance. Kessler is giving you maybe 150 yards a game and a ton of missed throws. And their still rolling with him??? The defense cannot do it all alone. – Tariq

How is this Dolphins team still in the playoff hunt? Unbelievable.

Drue: Dolphins 17-6

Anthony: Jaguars 17-14

Tariq: Dolphins 28-10

Bears vs 49ers

The Bears defense is going to eat the niners offense apart. The Niners only have one real weapon, George Kittle, and I’m sure defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will have no problem shutting down his former team.

Drue: Bears 30-14

Anthony: 49ers 23-20

Tariq: Bears 35-9

Rams vs Cardinals

The Rams luck out here and get a team they can beat up on to get back into form. Who knew Cooper Kupp was so important? Tariq is also a believer in the Rams this week,

“The slumping Rams finally get an easy week to fix themselves when the Cardinals come in. Luckily Rosen should not be able to burn the secondary like so many before him. He might die though… His line is arguably worst in the league and Donald and friends are about to have a field day.”

Drue: Rams 31-7

Anthony: Rams 40-20

Tariq: Rams 35-12

Steelers vs Saints

The Steelers always play up to competition and the Saints offense has been bad for a few weeks now. However, the defense has stepped up and that should give big ben fits. The Steelers secondary is not that good too, so Mike Thomas should finally get loose. Big “Not top 5” Ben will also get sacked by Cam Jordan at least once.

I am a fan of anyone who thinks Phillip Rivers is better than Big Ben. We here at  Layerz are two things: Anti Kelvin Benjamin and Pro Cam Jordan.

Drue: Saints 27-17

Anthony: Steelers 28-24

Tariq: Saints 38-28

Broncos vs Raiders

I swear, if the Broncos can’t beat the Raiders then they are trying to ruin the Raiders tank chances. The Raiders O-line has been a turnstile and it should not stop with Von Miller and Bradley Chubb coming to town. Both should dominate this game, and the defense is still poor enough for Case Keenum to even beat it. Also, Lindsay should have a cut backing field day.

This would be a great game to play Nathan Peterman. WHat’s the point in throwing an  often banged up Derek Carr at Chubb and Miller?

Drue: Broncos 21-7

Anthony: Broncos 28-23

Tariq: Broncos 28-17

Seahawks vs Chiefs

Call it more of a hope than an analytical thought but I am counting on Russel Wilson to light this secondary up to help Seattle make the playoffs. Who wants to see the AFC run through the Stub Hub Center? That’s the Chargers small soccer stadium for those wondering.

Drue: Seahawks 37-34

Anthony: Seahawks 30-26

Tariq: Seahawks 24-21