Growing up a Chargers fan my team didn’t provide me with much to remember. My greatest memory of the team was Darren Sproles’ overtime touchdown rush against the Colts; it won us the game and put us in the AFC divisional round. It was the biggest win of my lifetime as a Chargers fan. Of course that ended with us losing to the New England Patriots; a team that haunted us during the good ol’ LT days. But, the Patriots haven’t been a problem lately, mostly because we haven’t been good.  In the meantime we’ve had to deal with an even more annoying monster; the Kansas City Chiefs. For five years we haven’t beaten them, and then Thursday night we finally did. It was the biggest win the Chargers have had in over a decade.

What exactly does this win mean?

Well it keeps us in the race for the division crown and the number one seed. And yes, I know it’s a bit of a joke, who cares if we have home field advantage, we don’t have many fans. That may be true but what’s important is that this team gets a bye to prepare an extra week for our opponent in the playoffs. One less game is also a huge help because many of our top talents are banged up, as you would expect this late into the season. The bye is very necessary and that’s why this game was important.

This game also shuts up the “Chargers haven’t beat anybody good argument” (I’m looking at you Tariq.)

I also keep hearing about how we are going to choke in the playoffs. Well let’s ask the Chiefs and Steelers if they think we’re going to choke. This team had every right to lose against Pittsburgh, they were down on the road without their star running back and they dug out a win. This week they had even less business winning, they haven’t beat the Chiefs in five years, they were missing their top two backs, and Keenan Allen got hurt early in the first half. Instead this team dug deep and showed what they’re made of. Shoot, between those games we even won on the leg of our kicker, this Chargers team is different. I understand it’s tough to get rid of that choker stink. Truthfully, not once in the fourth quarter did I think that the Chargers were going to win this game. It seemed like a nightmare where Patrick Mahomes did what he wanted and when he didn’t, a flag got thrown (this game was officiated terribly on both sides.) But somehow, down 14 the Chargers scored twice, forced a three and out on the Chiefs (still shocked), and got a very important two point conversion. It made me feel on top of the football world.

This Chargers team isn’t choking. This team believes and they’re making me believe they have a legit shot at a Super Bowl for probably the first time.