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Upsets were a theme last week, huh? Man I took a hit this week, finishing only 5-11. We had a 2-way tie for first with both Drue and Anthony finishing 7-9. But, it is a new week and upset week is behind us. Lets get into the picks.

Overall Record (Week 3-14)

Drue: 87-85

Anthony: 102-70

Tariq: 98-74

Chargers vs Chiefs

Battle for the AFC West is in KC this week as two of the hottest teams in the league face off. The Chargers may be without Melvin Gordon and Austin Eckler, which will be big blows for the offense. Mahomes is still looking like an MVP and Spencer Ware was able to do work in place of Kareem Hunt last week. But he is hurt and now they will need their third string to step up. I am taking home field advantage here and Mahomes gun slinging ability here (make sure to check out his no look pass if you have not already seen it). The Chiefs are going to try and work back Eric Berry into the game as well, which should help bolster the defense. The Chargers barely were able to edge out the Bengals to so I cannot. Phillip (I pop kids out like nobodies business) Rivers will have his hands to full in this one to beat the Chiefs. Now a message from our friendly Chargers fan:

For those wondering if I am going to be a biased fan and pick the Chargers, I ask you this: Would Kelvin Benjamin say yes to a fifth extra cheeseburger? The answer to both of those things is yes. So what the Chargers don’t have their first two running back on the depth chart, that just means more passing attempts for Phillip Rivers against that weak secondary. Yes, Eric Berry is coming back but he hasn’t played since week 1 of last year, so I don’t expect him to be playing very great. The Chargers secondary is as good as any and our offense is top flight. *In my most convincing Skip Bayless voice* The Chiefs have peaked and the loss of Kareem Hunt hurts them too much. Chargers all the way.

Way to be a homer Drue.

Drue: 34-24 Chargers

Anthony: 37-31 Chiefs

Tariq: 35-27 Chiefs

Texans vs Jets

The Jets haven’t won a game in what has seen liked ages, well that just means they get a hungry and angry Texans team as their prize. The Texans lost to the Colts last week, mainly because of their offensive line problems. Deshaun Watson does not have time to throw and it causes problems for the whole offense. However, the Colts also won because they were able to dice up a good defense. The Jets do not have the same weapons to do that. Sam Darnold is still negative for his TD to INT ratio and he should have a tough time dealing with the Texans pass rush. It should get as ugly as Sam Darnold’s throwing mechanics here. -Anthony

Drue: 31-7 Texans

Anthony: 37-13 Texans

Tariq: 37-21 Texans

Browns vs Broncos

Well the Broncos really shit the bed last week, huh? They got destroyed by the Niners, even if the score does not make it look that way. They let George Kittle get almost 200 yards in JUST THE FIRST HALF. Now as much as we look to the defense as being near the top tier in the NFL, the offense is terrible. If Phillip Lindsay isn’t making an amazing play, the offense is stagnant. Case Keenum is struggling to even game manage now and looks just as bad as the last few Broncos QBs that they have had. The Browns on the other hand have a star qb in the making. Baker Mayfield has been playing well since losing Hue Jackson, and should keep it up here. The Browns defense should feast on this mediocre Broncos offense, and keep Baker in good enough field position to do what he has to do to win. Money Maker Baker should keep it going this week. -Anthony

Drue: 24-17 Browns

Antony: 24-17 Browns

Tariq: 28-13 Browns

Raiders vs Bengals

I do not want the Raiders to win, so obviously they will. The Bengals have been a mess since losing AJ Green and Andy Dalton. Jeff Driskel cannot move the ball as efficiently, and Tyler Boyd is a far better #2 than a #1. Also, their defense has been atrocious (Hue Jackson affect?) and this team just looks lost. The Raiders on the other hand have been riding Derek Carr, who has been pretty good for the past few games. They were able to upset a good Steelers team. The defense even played near average, which is a miracle in itself. The Raiders should be tanking for Bosa, so of course they are about to win another to shoot their draft stock even more then before. -Anthony

Drue: 30-21 Raiders

Anthony: 30-23 Raiders

Tariq: 38-27 Raiders

Packers vs Bears

I get it dammit!!! Stop. Picking. Against. The Bears. They have burned me time and time again, and actually looked to good to ignore. They just beat my pick for best team in the league (partly because Sean McVay likes to forget he has a top tier running back), and even Tribusky’s inaccuracies are not slowing them down. So no matter how much I want to call an A-Rod upsetz I just cannot. I will believe in the defense and the run game that has been pretty stellar. Defense wins championships and the Bears have a championship caliber defense for sure.

Drue: 21-17 Bears

Anthony: 26-23 Packers

Tariq: 23-13 Bears


Lions vs Bills

The most unpredictable teams in the league (minus the Titans) play in each and that means we have no idea what to expect. Will Stafford go for 300 and 3 TDs, will Josh Allen keep running like a running back and get 100 and 2 Rushing TDs? Nobody knows, so I will take the constant, the Bills play good defense. If their is one thing that annoys the Lions is a pesky defense. Josh Allen is still playing pretty well with no real weapons, and they should be able to do enough with home field advantage to edge out this game. Maybe? Probably? I will give Maybe as my best guess.

Drue: 24-17 Lions

Anthony: 21-14 Lions

Tariq: 24-21 Bills

Buccaneers vs Ravens

The streak had to end sometime. Lamar Jackson lost (cue the dramatic music). However, he did perform well enough to push Flacco the back. He was named starter over him this week. His running ability is still dominate and his passing ability is starting to take form. He dueled well against Patrick Mahomes and narrowly lost. They should have no problems against the Bucs this week. The Bucs have to like what they have been seeing out of Jameais Winston in recent week, and they had a chance to beat the Saints, but the Bucs will be the Bucs. They choked it away against a team that was not taking them seriously, and i do not believe the Ravens will do that as well. The Ravens defense should keep Jameais on his toes and Lamar jukes and runs his way to another victory.

Drue: 30-21 Ravens

Anthony: 30-24 Ravens

Tariq: 31-17 Ravens

Cardinals vs Falcons

Josh Rosen gets to matchup up against his future in Matt Ryan. The falcons have by far the better offense and the Falcons sucking has kept away from seeing Julio Jones amazing year. However, there defense as we have said for week after week has been bad. Also, Mat Ryan has looked average as hell the past few weeks. If the Cardinals defense does enough to slow the offense, Josh Rosen should be able to find success against this defense. However, I do not think they will be able to last that long. Julio should be covered by Pat Pete, freeing up Calvin Ridley to do work. Its not a game we want to watch, but the Falcons should steal this one. -Anthony

Drue: 27-21 Cardinals

Anthony: 27-14 Falcons

Tariq: 31-17 Falcons

Titans vs Giants

Giants HYPE!!!!!!!! SAQUON BARKLEY BEST BACK IN THE LEAGUE!!!!!! Now that I stopped sucking off the Giants, they should come in this game do work. They have looked like a brand new team and Barkley has looked like a shifty AP. I am all for them to make the wildcard if the impossible happens. That being said Eli still looks like a stay at home Dad with sight problems. The defense has been stepping up and the last of my trio of unpredictable teams, the Titans, will do everything to make sure they stay unpredictable. Look for Derrick Henry to have 10 or less rushing attempts this week.

Drue: 24-21 Titans

Anthony: 24-19 Giants

Tariq: 38-21 Giants

Dolphins vs Vikings

Thank you Miami for doing god’s work. Anytime we can make fun of the Patriots is a good day. Gronk falling on his ass and being in at safety instead of 4.3 runner Devin McCourty is always going to have a fond place in my heart. However, the Dolphins should not win this game. The Vikings have been getting their shit pushed in for awhile, and Kirk does not care because he secured his bag already. However, this is a superior team in terms of talent, and the dolphins might play down just because of the big win last week. If Dalvin Cook can do anything the Vikings should win this game. But, that would be too easy. Look for Dalvin to struggle and the Vikings win by a field goal. – Anthony

Drue: 28-17 Vikings

Anthony: 35-23 Vikings

Tariq: 32-29 Vikings

Redskins vs Jaguars

This is a disgusting game. The Sanchize did not preform, just like we expected, and Josh Johnson takes over for the Redskins. The sad thing is he is probably the best quaterback between both teams options. Bortles still cannot get back on the field, Cody Kessler stinks worse than the players compressions shorts after the game,  and Sanchize is the Sanchize. The Jaguars at least (kinda?) have a defense. They have not looked good, and Derrick Henry made them all look like his bitch on a 97 yard TD run. How you let a man who looks like he has diabetes run that long on you when he was clearly tired by the 30 yard line? What was my point again? Oh yea the Jags win a low scoring game.

Drue: 17-14 Jaguars

Anthony: 14-10 Jaguars

Tariq: 12-3 Jaguars

Cowboys vs Colts

Amari Cooper is a top 10 WR in this league, he has better routes then AB, better burst then Odell, and a better catch radius then Julio. Do not question me I said what I said. Getting back to reality he has been playing like a top 10 receiver and he has single handedly revived this offense. He has been everything for Dak and has been doing what it takes for defenses to not just play Zeke. Man I wish the Cowboys sucked, the pick could be better for the Raiders. Oh yea their defense has been great too. The Colts are no easy out though, one of the most underrated receivers in the league, TY Hilton has continued to dominate. The O-line play has been good and we can never stop giving props to Andrew Luck. The defense has even been solid. This should be a good matchup, and even though I just said all that great stuff about the Cowboys, but i am (barely) giving it to the Colts this week. Do not let me down please. -Anthony

Drue: 30-21 Cowboys

Anthony: 31-24 Cowboys

Tariq: 33-27 Colts

Seahawks vs 49ers

Do I really have to do this game? The 49ers did well agaisnt the Broncos and George Kittle looked like a top tier TE. So what? The Seahawks defense has been smothering and nobody has stopped the run game for most of the season. The 49ers won’t be able to do it either. Thank you, next.

Drue: 34-20 Seahawks

Anthony: 30-20 Seahawks

Tariq: 27-13 Seahawks

Pats vs Steelers

This game looked a lot better a few weeks ago as both teams have slipped recently. The Pats should have won last week, and the Steelers should have at least gone to OT. But, that is does not matter and the rulers of the AFC do not look as strong as they normally do. Now I cannot pick against Tom Excellence, as the Steelers have been looking more and more pedestrian as weeks have gone by. Big Ben needs to play amazing and i just do not see that happening. Big bro versus little bro here and the Steelers haven’t had success against them in forever. It should keep the same this week.

Drue: 30-27 Pats

Anthony: 31-27 Pats

Tariq: 31-27 Pats

Eagles vs Rams

IF SEAN MCVAY DOES NOT GIVE THE BALL TO GURLEY MORE I WILL SCREAM!!!!!! The Rams coach loves to outsmart himself with his “amazing” play calling sometimes, when he should just go to the basics. RUN THE BALL. However, with Wentz looking like he will miss this game it should not matter too much. The Eagles cannot match up well without Wentz in this one. Also, Cooks and the receiving core should have a field day against this Eagles secondary. Unless Nick Foles gets back into his 2017-2018 playoff bag, the Eagles should not even be close in this one.

Drue: 34-20 Rams

Anthony: 34-21 Rams

Tariq: 38-24 Rams

Saints vs Panthers

What has happened to the Panthers, they cannot beat anyone. Superman Cam has looked liked Lois Lane and the defense cannot stop a cold. The Saints too the game off against the Bucs and still won. I do not see them coming out as soft as last week and that could spell disaster for the Panthers playoff hopes. Unless CMC really comes and show out I cannot image this game being close. Saints look like real Superbowl contenders, while the Panthers look like they got that couch on the mind.

Drue: 28-24 Panthers

Anthony: 37-24 Saints

Tariq: 41-25 Saints