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The winner is back and he is better than ever as we get into the post season push part of the NFL season. The picks were close last week which lead to Drue going 8-8, Anthony 9-7, and yours truly going 10-6. Another week another win, but lets get into this weeks picks.

Overall Record (Week 3-13)

Drue: 80-76

Anthony: 95-61

Tariq: 93-63

Jaguars vs Titans

The Jaguars have been terrible recently on offense and that is not going to change anytime soon. Personally, the Titans are not an extremely talented team and this is a team that could lose to a bad offense. I say this every week, but the good from them always seems to come at random times. Titans having home field advantage does help, but I am hoping the Jaguars finally pull out all the stops to do something on offense. Anthony, a Jaguars hater, sees this as too much of a task and the inability to produce offense will cost the Jaguars. I cannot argue with that, they put up only 6 points last week, but if the defense keeps doing what it is doing that is all they will need.

Drue: 20-17 Titans

Anthony: 21-13 Titans

Tariq: 12-6 Jaguars

Panthers vs Browns

Oh how the mighty have fallen, the Panthers were in the driver seat for a wildcard spot a few weeks ago, but a 4 game losing streak is killing their chances to make it. Also, bad time to be struggling against a pesky (Yay Browns have upgraded to pesky) Browns team with the tools and the Defense to pressure Cam and get stops. However, I am backing Carolina only because the players know that the more they lose the higher likelihood that Ron Rivera gets fired. I think they come out and play with a passion unlike the last few games during this losing streak. Anthony sees the staleness of the Browns O creeping in and with CMC there is always a chance. (White Running Backs Lives Matter Too!!!!!).

Drue: 31-27 Panthers

Anthony: 26-19 Panthers

Tariq: 27-13 Panthers

Steelers vs Raiders

Well at least the Raiders do not have to deal with James Connor this week. They still have to deal with JuJu and AB though… This should be a game to see if AB wants 300 yards  as they should be able to air it out to a premium. Also, the Raiders offense has been looking better in the past few weeks and Derek Carr revival of himself should not be overlooked. He still wants to be a Raider and he is kinda playing to not be traded away (why he would not want to be traded must be CTE reasons). Look for TJ Watt to have a big game and help the Raider tank for Bosa BABY!!!!

Drue: 31-14 Steelers

Anthony: 41-27 Steelers

Tariq: 33-21 Steelers

Jets vs Bills

Let me be the first to apologize to Josh Allen, he has looked pretty good the past few weeks. He has been playing well and he has even has the offense looking like they can eventually be something next year, with a few more pieces. The Bills sent out dead weight (I mean overweight) Kelvin Benjamin away and finally opening up Zay Jones a little more to shake that early bust label. The Jets on the other hand have been looking pretty mediocre for awhile and the defenses inconsistencies have been hurting what I thought would only be a slightly below average team. Darnold will be back, but that is not necessarily a good thing. The Bills defense is something fierce and should lead to a multitude of sacks and takeaways if Darnold keeps preforming how he has before. I cannot believe I am saying it, but give me the Bills this week.

Drue: 17-14 Bills

Anthony: 17-10 Bills

Tariq: 23-7 Bills

Giants vs Redskins

I will let Anthony get his 5 seconds of fame here first before I go into the game,”The Giants upset the Bears last week as I predicted and I am going to go ahead and say if OBJ throws another TD this week they will win this one too. Mark Sanchez is the starting qb for the Redskins now and I just cannot trust him” (I also called the Giants winning btw). The SANCHIZE is BACK FOLKS!!!!!! The king of Buttfumbles is here and actually starting an NFL game after 2 years of not throwing in a NFL game. This is not a want, it is a need. Mark Sanchez brings the fun out as well as all the laughs, because of his antics and hope that he will give us a gem as good as the butt fumble again. But, focusing back on the game the Giants are hot and the Redskins are not (A joke could have been made here but that is beneath me… like Sanchez under his own lineman). Easy Giants win.

Drue: 17-14 Giants

Anthony: 27-14 Giants

Tariq: 31-14 Giants

Saints vs Buccaneers

We did not expect to see the Saints lose to the Cowboys last week, but thankfully the Saints get to deal with the Bucs this week. The Bucs cannot stop a plush toy right now and they have been relying on an offense that is finally looking high powered once again. Once, Jameis is out of the media headline he always preforms well. He has 6 TDs to 1 INT in his last 3 games and has been turning it on. However, this is not a team you want to go point for point against. The Saints offense ran into a tough defense with good matchup problems for them (Byron Jones) and the Bucs…don’t have that. This still should be a shoot out, but the Saints should win this by at least 2 TDs.

Drue: 34-24 Saints

Anthony 41-24 Saints

Tariq: 41-24 Saints

Patriots vs Dolphins

The Dolphins love to play spoiler to the Pats (meaning they win 1 game against them and think they are hot shit) and they have a chance to do it again this week. They won’t but they will try. The Pats have been cooking and the defense, especially the secondary has been on fire, J.C. Jackson has been on one as undrafted rookie. He along with Stephone Gilmore and Devin McCourty have been locking up and I see it happening again this week. Oh, and we cannot forget about the man, the myth, the dude who kisses kids on the mouth, Tom Excellence. Tom Brady has it going and his weapons are starting to find their grove. I like the back end of the Dolphins especially, Minkah Fitzpatrick but they are no match for this Patriots team.

Drue: 31-17 Patriots

Anthony: 31-20 Patriots

Tariq: 35-14 Patriots

Ravens vs Chiefs

The Ravens team has found new life under Lamar Jackson. He struggled in his game against the Falcons last week, but we cannot deny his explosive ability and his knack for delivering wins. The Ravens have been riding high and have won 3 straight, but they have their toughest matchup yet. The Chiefs still look as good as they have at the start of this season, but now after the Kareem Hunt release, they will have question marks in the run game. Can the backups step up and come out setting a tone, that they can run the ball? I do not think so, this Ravens team is still doing a fantastic job on defense and they have the tools to slow down Mahomes. If Lamar can cut down on the fumbles and score 2 TDs I think they have enough to win this game. Anthony thinks the playoff chances stay strong with the Ravens just because of the poor defense that is the Chiefs. They can get to a quarterback, but they sure do have trouble stopping the run game. That is where Gus Edwards and Lamar are at their best.

Drue: 24-20 Ravens

Anthony: 27-24 Ravens

Tariq: 25-21 Ravens

Colts vs Texans

This Texans team has been doing damage throughout the year as they come in still white hot against the Colts, who could not put up a single point last week. Anthony delves into the matchup stating, “The Texans defense has been stifling all season, but were on their worst behavior against the Browns last week. If they keep up the intensity it will be a tough match for the Colts”. I have to agree, because Luck laid an egg last week, but still has the tools to do damage against this Texans team. I am also picking the Texan, but I still believe in the Colts having one of the better chances against them. Also, Deshaun has that deep ball going, and it is a beauty to watch. 2 huge receivers and a well placed ball is just music to my ears.

Drue: 34-24 Texans

Anthony: 36-24 Texans

Tariq: 38-31 Texans

Falcons vs Green Bay

Hip hip Hooray McCarthy is not here to stay!!! Hopefully the Packers bland offense finally has some mix up as they go up against an equally as underwhelming Falcons team. The Falcons again have an excuse for all the injuries, but once dark horse MVP candidate, Matt Ryan has been playing bad the last few weeks. The offense has looked stalled and the defense is not up to par enough to hold teams to let the offense get a chance to bounce back. I am taking the Packers here just because they have a run game. Aaron Jones have been a solid back for the Packers (minus last week) and he should shred this weak interior. The Falcons have not had a solid run game for a while, and this will lead to stagnant play like it has for the past few weeks. Hopefully, they get something going this week because they need it.

Drue: 24-21 Packers

Anthony: 30-28 Packers

Tariq: 32-20 Packers

Broncos vs 49ers

Are the Broncos going to sneak into the playoffs? They can if they keep riding Phillip Lindsay the way that they have. He has been dynamic and I do not think the Niners have enough to slow him down. The Broncos passing defense is still swarming and the Niners have been blown out quite a lot the past few weeks. They also lost Matt Breida and have even more uncertainty to deal with. The Niners are not playing to win, but to see improvement out of their players now. Also, to see who will be around next year and continue the (illogical) hype that was building before the injuries started hitting. All in all, as long as Keenum does not turn the ball over frequently they should win this fairly easily.

Drue: 31-17 Broncos

Anthony: 23-21 Niners

Tariq: 31-17 Broncos

Bengals vs Chargers

Oh how the mighty have fallen, my sleeper team the Bengals have lost Andy Dalton and now AJ Green. Their offense looks out of sorts, the defense has lost its shine, and they still have Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson on their coaching sideline. Oh yea and they go up against one of the best teams in the league, the Chargers. The Chargers actually, won on a field goal (albeit 2 attempts needed) so the world must finally be on their side. No Melvin Gordon is still a problem, but they have what it takes to move past this. This is a lion stalking a baby deer moment as Driskel will have no chance.

Drue: 28-7 Chargers

Anthony: 35-24 Chargers

Tariq: 38-17 Chargers

Eagles vs Cowboys

Big Bad Battle for the NFC Least here. However, both teams are finally trending up. The Cowboys defense just locked up the Saints and Leighton Vander Esch is getting ROY votes. The Eagles are finally coming to form however, and that defense finally remembers how to play. This slug fest will come down to the turnover contest and big play ability. Is this going to be another Cooper explosion, or he going to shy away as he does from time to time. Big game with major playoff implications always means it is a much watch. I see Carson Wentz doing just enough to scrape away with a win here.

Drue: 24-20 Cowboys

Anthony: 29-23 Eagles

Tariq: 25-22 Eagles

Lions vs Cardinals

Kerryon Johnson, Kenny Goliday, and Matt Stafford are hurt right now and that limits expectations on this game. Stafford may play which would give them a fighting chance, but this team has not looked good all season. They do have a lowly matchup and Rosen has had real struggles behind that turnstile offensive line, but the defense at least has been coming to play. The Lions have looked awful  and it looks like it will keep happening as we finish out this season and Matt Patricia looks to fix things for next year. I see the Cardinals edging this out and David Johnson putting his skills on display, the ones that made him a top back only a few years ago.

Drue: 20-16 Cardinals

Anthony: 22-17 Cardinals

Tariq: 22-18 Cardinals

Rams vs Bears

Dear Jesus, please bless me with another Bears loss. Sorry, the Raider fan in me cannot stand how well the Bears are doing as they have been dominant on the defense end. Tribusky is supposed to finally return, which should give a lift to the offense, but the Rams are coming to town. The Rams have looked more dominant, and they have sustained the success year round. If its not Gurley running all over you, its Goff dotting up your secondary. If its not Aaron Donald creating havoc, its the thought of a fully healthy Aqib Talib. This team has it all and god pray for your football team if they have to come up against them. It shouldn’t be close even in the Bears hometown.

Drue: 28-21 Rams

Anthony: 30-20 Rams

Tariq: 35-21 Rams

Vikings vs Seahawks

Monday night and a good game??? The playoffs are in reach for both teams, and it would be a huge advantage to knock the other off. The Vikings were destroyed by the Pats, but you could chalk that up to the Patriot effect. They still have top tier receiving talent and Dalvin Cook has finally looked back to his old self. The Seahawks though just keep on going. Russell Wilson has quietly been rolling and the rushing attack is just as good as anybody in the league. Bobby Wagner and the defense are just as legit and they look to matchup well against everybody except maybe the WR matchup. If Wilson keeps going as he has it should be light work, but do not expect the Vikings to roll over. This matchup should be a power struggle, but I like the disciplined Pete Carroll lead Seahawks in this one. Should be a good one though no matter what (absolutely jinxing this) and come down to the wire.

Drue: 34-30 Seahawks

Anthony: 28-24 Seahawks

Tariq: 32-25 Seahawks