It’s that time of the week again, where Anthony, Tariq, and I scramble to get our picks in just before the Thursday game. So, get ready to read some amazing picks (mostly from me), some really bad picks *cough* Tariq, and some actually well thought out picks (Anthony). I won last week at 8-6 by a slim margin while Tariq and Anthony came in a tie for second with 7-7.

Overall Record:

Drue: 72- 68

Anthony: 86-54

Tariq: 83-57

Saints at Cowboys

This will be a true test for this Cowboys team and in my opinion, will determine whether or not they make the playoffs. The Cowboys offense has been slightly overhyped after Amari had an absolutely beautiful performance on Thanksgiving against the Redskins. Raider Nation might sense a bit of a trend here, but when former Raiders are playing on National Television they ball out and this game should be no different, so look away Raider fans! All biases aside this will not be an easy game for the Saints by any means but it won’t be won because of their offensive firepower but rather their defense. My bold prediction is that the Saints will be thanking their defense when it’s all said and done which will in turn drown out some of that obnoxious (and unwarranted) Cowboy noise in the media. -Anthony

Drue: Saints 34-28

Anthony:  Saints 33-21

Tariq: Saints 38-21

Bears at Giants

I swear it’s not getting old talking about how dominant Khalil Mack is on a weekly basis. This could be one of those trap games for the Bears, so Giants fans should prepare themselves for another slide back in terms of draft position. If you believed any of that you should seriously reevaluate your life but I am picking an upset this week simply because I have an annoying lead in our Layerz NFL picks between Drue, Tariq and myself. I know I will regret being this cocky so Lord, forgive me. -Anthony

Drue: Bears 21-17

Anthony: Giants 24-19

Tariq: Giants 24-21

Cardinals at Packers

This is going to be a seriously boring game. A-Rod will be A-Rod and will lead this Packers team to a dub against a weak Cardinal squad but unfortunately it won’t matter because the Packers are not making the playoffs this season, thanks in large part to their Super Bowl-winning coach, Mike McCarthy. -Anthony

Drue: Packers 31-14

Anthony: Packers 27-14

Tariq: Packers 35-17

Colts at Jaguars

The Colts are on an absolute ROLL right now thanks to Captain Andrew Luck. He seems to have finally found that offensive line that most quarterbacks dream of having and it is paying off big time. The Jags might sneak away with a win if Cody Kessler can be the polar opposite of Blake Bortles but don’t count on that. -Anthony

Drue: Colts 34-7

Anthony: Colts 36-19

Tariq: Colts 31-13

Browns at Texans

No surprise that the Browns are a better overall team without Hue Jackson and Todd Haley holding them back, but the Browns simply aren’t talented enough YET, on defense to compete with this lethal Texans offense led by Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins. Give me the Texans. -Anthony

Drue: Browns 34-31

Anthony: Texans 37-20

Tariq: Texans 28-24

Panthers at Bucs

Jameis Winston played well last week but don’t hold your breath while hoping for another great Winston performance. This game will be closer than most would think but make no mistake the Panthers will win this game. Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey and Greg Olsen will light up this Bucs defense like they have never seen before. -Anthony

Drue: Panthers 31-17

Anthony: Panthers 44-21

Tariq: Panthers 31-17

Bills vs Dolphins

Man I need to stop talking about the Bills. They are such a better team than the Raiders right now and the Defense is legit. However, the Dolphins have just enough behind Kenyan Drake and an improved Defense as well. I think they squeak past the Bills in a hard fought game – Tariq

Drue: Dolphins 24-14

Anthony: Bills 17-13

Tariq: Dolphins 21-17

Bengals vs Broncos

Never hire Hue Jackson. The Bengals have struggled since bringing him in and have already started the tumble out of playoff contention. Andy Dalton is hurt and now Jeff Driskel faces the Broncos D that helps down the Steelers last week. As long as Keenum does a decent job game managing the Broncos should be fine. – Tariq

27-17 Broncos

Drue: Broncos 31-21

Anthony: Bengals 24-20

Tariq: Broncos 27-17

Ravens vs Falcons

Lamar can keep his hot streak going against a bad Falcons Defense. If the Ravens can hold the Falcons on defense, Lamar should be able to do enough to win his third straight. I see 120 yards rushing and 200 passing in his future as we are all aboard the Lamar hype train. – Tariq

Drue: Falcons 31-27

Anthony: Ravens 24-21

Tariq: Ravens 28-21

Rams vs Lions

The rams are better on offense, defense, and special teams than the Lions. Im not falling for the trap game thoughts either. The Lions offensive line gets decimated every week so Aaron Donald should have a multiple sack game. The Rams should dominate this game. – Drue

Drue: Rams 38-24

Anthony: Rams 37-17

Tariq: Rams 38-17

Chiefs vs Raiders

Will the Chiefs put up 60? This is a real question this week as the porous Raider defense takes on the behemoth that is the Chiefs. Showtime Mahomes should get 5 TDs in this one and this should just be another seal in the coffin for the Raiders in Oakland. – Tariq

Drue: Chiefs 35-17

Anthony: Chiefs 69-10

Tariq: Chiefs 45-15

Jets vs Titans

WE SUCK JETS JETS JETS!! The Jets have not been playing well for weeks and just got handled easily by the Patriots. They come against a Titans team that needs a win to stay in Wild Card contention. They should come out hungry and rely on the run game to get them going (cause we can’t trust Mariota to do it for them). – Tariq

Drue: Titans 28-13

Anthony: Titans 21-14

Tariq: Titans 21-10

Vikings vs Patriots

Is it an upset if I pick the Vikings? I’m not sure but Im picking the Vikings. The Patriots have one good corner so whoever isn’t being guarded by Stephon Gilmore should go off. I do think that the Vikings offensive line isn’t very good but luckily for them the Patriots only have one good pass rusher, so I don’t think it should be too much of a problem. The Vikings defense has gotten better lately so I expect that trend to continue. – Drue

Drue: Vikings 34-27

Anthony: Patriots 27-21

Tariq: Vikings 28-27

49ers vs Seahawks

As the owner of Russel Wilson in fantasy football, I am excited to see how many touchdowns he scores on this pour Niner secondary. For the last few weeks I have been picking the 49ers purely based on head coach Kyle Shanahan’s scheme, but I now realize they just lack too much talent to even compete with the Seahawks who boast a powerful run game and have Wilson. – Drue

Drue: Seahawks 31-14

Anthony: Seahawks 36-21

Tariq: Seahawks 27-10

Chargers vs Steelers

The Chargers are winning this game. I’m tired of people just thinking the Steelers are better based on the past. Philip Rivers is better than big Ben, the Chargers pass rush is better, and overall the Chargers offense is better. The only advantage the Steelers have is on special teams, and it shouldn’t come down to that this week. – Drue

Drue: Chargers 38-31

Anthony: Steelers 34-24

Tariq: Steelers 38-31

Redskins vs Eagles

I don’t trust Colt McCoy to win this game, but it would also be very much like the Eagles to somehow blow this game. But, Im going with the Eagles because Carson Wentz can keep the Eagles in a game, McCoy can’t. – Drue

Drue: Eagles 24-14

Anthony: 26-14

Tariq: Eagles 31-21