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We are back under Tariq’s tutelage with the picks and predictions for week 12. We had a two way tie between Anthony and I last week, as we both finished 7-6. While perennial loser Drue finished 6-7. Tragic, like his ability to pick games. On that note lets get into the Picks!!!!

Overall Record (Week 3-Week 11)

Anthony: 79-47

Tariq: 76-50

Drue: 64-62

Bears vs Lions

Who doesn’t like a good  Thanksgiving meal while watching the Lions be the Lions? This week though the white hot Bears will be without average quarterback Mitchell Tribusky and instead will play with “Please Don’t Start Me” Chase Daniels. The Lions have not looked good since they upset the Pats, but this is as good as a time as ever to turn it around. The defense can only do so much for you, when the offense will put up 13 points max.

Drue; 24-20 Lions

Anthony: 19-10 Lions

Tariq: 28-17 Lions

Redskins vs Cowboys

Now “America’s Team” gets to go up against the injured and down Redskins this week for Turkey day. This SHOULD be a game that the Cowboys dominate in, but the Boys will be the Boys. Colt McCoy (to me) is one of the game’s better backup quarterback’s and is really a lite Kirk Cousins in my book. Cowboys have a knack for terrible game planing and running Zeke to death up the middle can only work for so long. I am the minority here, but this is my big upset of the week. Can’t wait to see Colt scream “You (Kinda) Like That.”

Drue: 17-14 Cowboys

Anthony: 26-17 Redskins

Tariq: 21-17 Redskins

Saints vs Falcons

It would be fun to watch these to teams battle it out at full strength, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Falcons have been struggling on offense recently, especially Matt Ryan and if you cannot score with this Saints team it is a recipe for disaster. The Saints have put up 45 the past 3 games and it does not look like it is stopping anytime soon. Saints roll easily in this one.

Drue: 41-20 Saints

Anthony: 44-27 Saints

Tariq: 45-24 Saints

Seahawks vs Panthers

Games with playoff implications just mean a little more. The Panthers have lost two straight and the Seahawks are finally starting to figure it out. You think this would mean Im going to pick the Seahawks right? Wrong. This is the perfect game to get back on track for the Panthers. Both teams match up very well with each other, but I believe spacing will play a key part of the Panthers ability to steal this one. With McCaffrey and Samuel they should be able to open up the underneath routes and get the ball moving on YAC yards. This should be a close one, but I am taking the panthers to sneak away with this one.

Drue: 31-27 Seahawks

Anthony: 34-24 Seahawks

Tariq: 28-24 Panthers

Raiders vs Rams

Drue says it the best, “I am here for the 40 carry 200 yard rushing Lamar Jackson game.” My god this could actually happen. The Ravens have the defense to stifle the Raiders and even with the extreme overuse of the read option in their playbook for Lamar, they should take this one easily. The Raiders Linebackers have been lost most of the season, and with Lamar as an additional runner, they will be dominated again. This is the perfect game for Lamar to build confidence and stat pad too, fyi fantasy players.

Drue: 28-20 Ravens

Anthony: 24-13 Ravens

Tariq: 35-24 Ravens

49ers vs Buccaneers

Welcome to the shit show!! Both teams have been pretty awful most of the season. However, Anthony believes the Niners will be less awful.

“The Niners might actually win this game if they can get to Jameis the way they got after Derek Carr and most Raiders fans would rejoice because the Niners are the only team that stand between us and Nick Bosa. Jameis can’t throw a td without throwing a pick so my money is on the niners for this one.”

Drue: 27-22 49ers

Anthony: 28-21 49ers

Tariq: 24-21 49ers

Pats vs Jets

Pats have been looking human the past few weeks. Perfect time to steamroll the Jets.  The Pats love to get us talking about controversy and that they are finally falling off. It never lasts and they will prove it by curb stomping the Jets. Snooze fest incoming.

Drue: 31-7 Pats

Anthony: 30-17 Pats

Tariq: 35-21 Pats

Giants vs Eagles

Anthony is convinced the Eagles win this week, mostly because of quarterback play on both sides.

“If the Giants want any shot at making the wildcard in a wide open  NFC Least (shoutout Tariq, listen to our podcast) they have to win this game, but they won’t because Eli has lost all the talent he once had. The Eagles aren’t dead yet but they have to finish strong and I’m confident Wentz can turn this team around.”

Drue: 21-20 Giants

Anthony: 31-20 Eagles

Tariq: 27-17 Eagles

Jaguars vs Bills

Is it sad that the Bills best qb this year came to the team less than 4 weeks ago? Matt Barkley got a win last week for the Bills and will be thoroughly shutdown by the Jaguars defense this week. Barkley does not have the skill position talent nor the arm talent to threat a decent Jaguars defense. Also, the Jaguars should be able to create good field position enough to where even Bortles cannot mess it up (hopefully). The Jaguars need a win bad to turn the ships around and here is the perfect game for it.

Drue: 24-17 Jaguars

Anthony: 20-13 Jaguars

Tariq: 28-13 Jaguars

Browns vs Bengals

Everyone loves a good toss up game and that is the perfect description of this game. The Browns defense has been locking up and the Bengals have been struggling ever since the loss of AJ Green. Andy has been reverting to his 2017 self and has not looked as confident as he has all year. However, I think this is the perfect time to put it together. With a solid run game from Mixon and the ability to work play action should be enough for the Bengals to catch a W.

Drue: 25-17 Browns

Anthony: 24-14 Bengals

Tariq: 31-24 Bengals

Chargers vs Cardinals

No so surprisingly we all have the Chargers winning, but I’ll let Chagers fan Drue take it away from here.

“No way on earth do the Cardinals win this game. They couldn’t even beat the Raiders. Losing this game would be so 2014-2017 Chargers, but not this 2018 team. I believe the Chargers bounce back and shows that last week was a fluke loss.”

Drue: 27-0 Chargers

Anthony: 30-14 Chargers

Tariq: 35- 16 Chargers

Broncos vs Steelers

Is it possible for the Broncos to beat the Chargers and Steelers in back to back weeks? I don’t think so and neither does anyone else here at Layerz. The Steelers offense is too powerful to hold down for a full four quarters and nobody believes Case Keenum is going to be able to keep up with it.

Drue: Steelers 30-14

Anthony: Steelers 27-13

Tariq:  Steelers 42-21

Packers at Vikings

Kirk Cousins prime time record, I don’t like that (you’ll have to forgive me the puns are just too easy.) All jokes aside Kirk Cousins’ just doesn’t play well in prime time games and I’ll allow Anthony to dive into the importance of this game.

“This is another game that has huge playoff implications. Despite my better judgement I am riding with the Pack on this one even though Minnesota has the better overall team. Aaron Rodgers is special in crucial games and he should have another one of his vintage performances this week.”

Drue: Packers 27-20

Anthony: Packers 31-30

Tariq: Vikings 32-25

Titans at Texans

Remember when the Titans were the next great team and the Texans were a game away from starting their coaching search? Well things have flipped. The Texans are red hot and the Titans like to fluctuate between Patriots level good and Raiders level bad. Nobody at Layerz knows quite what to expect so, for Drue it comes down to the quarterback.

“I like Deshaun Watson way more than I like Mariota. Outside of play-action passes, Mariota has been a subpar quarterback some weeks. So,  I will take  Watson and his stud wide receiver Deandre Hopkins.”

Drue: Texans 31-20

Anthony: Texans 27-20

Tariq: Texans 31-17