The top five teams in the AFC playoff seem like they’re going to stay there barring something catastrophic(Yes, I am referring to the Chargers,) what’s not a sure thing is the last wild card spot. Currently there are five teams with a 5-5 record, one 4-6 team and a few three win teams. Let’s go over each teams chances of getting into the playoffs. I’ll do it on a scale of 1-4.


1: Lock it in. I’m all the way in like I was with the Chargers Super Bowl hype last week.

2. It’s conceivable but they’re lacking a few key components.

3. More likely to miss playoffs than make.

4. It is more likely I make the playoffs in my fantasy football league(I won’t).


Lamar Jackson started today. He also ran the ball 27 times and only threw it 19 times. I know they won today but he has to be able to throw the ball downfield if they want to win more games. As soon as these other teams get their hands on the film today, they’ll figure out how to contain him. I’m not sure how long Joe Flacco is going to be out, but believe it or not I think they need him if they want to make the playoffs. They have tough matchup’s against the Chargers, Falcons, Chiefs, and Browns, and some cup cake games against the Raiders and Bucs. They’d have to go 4-2 to make playoffs. I bet they don’t.

Chance: 3


They added Hugh Jackson to there coaching staff so that probably doesn’t help. This teams defense is a mess right now, they couldn’t even beat a rookie quarterback who ran the ball 27 times. Today’s game was as one dimensional as they get and they couldn’t stop the Ravens. Im out on this team’s defense. The teams offense is good and they have a light schedule this last five games, but this team wasn’t built to get by on offense alone.

Chance: 2


Is Brock Osweiller still the teams quarterback? If so this team will not make the playoffs. Is Ryan Tannehill going to take back over the offense at some point? If so this team will not make the playoffs. Of this teams final five games I think they only win against the Bills twice and 7-9 isn’t going to make the playoffs. They lost their best weapon in Albert Wilson and I don’t think your offense is very good in the first place if Albert Wilson is your most explosive player. Count me out.

Chance: 4


It’s amazing how good Andrew Luck looks when he has a good offensive line and a solid run game. I love what Frank Reich has done with this team and I’m beginning to think he had more to do with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl than we thought. Aside from Reich the actual team has played great since they got off to a slow start. Ty Hilton looked like the old Ty Hilton today and Luck has more weapons than ever before. The Colts have a favorable schedule to end the year and they’re playing the best offense of anyone in this group. Im all in.

Chance: 1


I’m not sure the severity of Marcus Mariota’s injury and that could change my opinion. Assuming he’s healthy I will say the Titans have a chance. This teams is extremely difficult to judge. They have a hot start, and then they fizzle, they dismantle the Patriots, and then they get dismantled by the Colts. I’m not even going to pretend I know what’s going on with this team. But, what I do know is that Mariota plays very good on play-action plays and this team has a solid run game if they rely on that I think they have a shot to make the playoffs. Only time will tell with this team.

Chance: 2


They have a good defense but at times  Case Keenum holds them back, I don’t see them making any noise especially with a tough schedule to end the season.

Chance: 4


I like their defense, I thought it played excellent for three and a half quarters today. I like Leanord Fournette, he’s played very well since coming back. Truthfully, I could like ten more things about this team and I still wouldn’t like their playoff chances. It come down to Blake Bortles. He doesn’t even look like an NFL quarterback right now and the Jags know it, they played for field goals all day and they’re completely scared to utilize him in anyway besides running the ball and you can’t be successful that way. Much like I’ve been since the beginning of the year, I’m all the way out on this team.

Chance: 4


I like the roster, but they need a new coach.

Chance: 4