That’s right I have taken back over the picks and predictions. Tariq’s winning was only going to last for so long. Anthony won last week with a record of 9-5, I came in second with a record of 8-6, and Tariq came in last(not surprising) with a record of 7-7

Overall Record (weeks 3-10):

Anthony: 72-41

Tariq: 69-44

Drue: 58-55

Packers at Seahawks

This should be a fun Thursday Night matchup watching Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers go head to head along with their newfound rushing attacks. The Seahawks should win this one since they’ll be at home. – Anthony

Tariq believes that Seattle’s run game will drive them to victory, I on the other hand believe the Aaron’s(Rodgers and Jones) will lead the Packers to victory to keep them alive in the playoff hunt.

Drue: Packers 31-27

Anthony: Seahawks 27-21

Tariq: Seahawks 27-18

Titans at Colts

It would be fitting for this Titans team, who just destroyed the Patriots, to go out and lay an egg against the Colts. Tariq and I agree that the Colts win purely because Andrew Luck is better than Marcus Mariota.

Drue: Colts 24-21

Anthony: Titans 34-23

Tariq: Colts 28-13

Bucs at Giants

Anthony believes that Odell Beckham jr. is going to wreck the Bucs secondary this week, I believe theres no way that Eli Manning can keep up with the Bucs offense. Tariq breaks the tie by simply saying, “Giants are worse though.”

Drue: Bucs 32-27

Anthony: Giants 31-20

Tariq: Bucs 31-21

Steelers at Jags

Last year the Jags had Big Ben’s number, this year the Jags suck. The Steelers defense is playing amazing right now, and their offense is playing even better. The Jags offense could look better with Fournette continuing tow work back into the offense, but I doubt it’s enough to outscore the Steelers.

Drue: Steelers 31-24

Anthony: 28-13

Tariq: Steelers 38-13

Panthers at Lions

I don’t know what happened last week for the Panthers, but they looked awful. Lucky for the the Lions have been equally awful. Their offensive line has been getting shredded lately and I don’t expect that to change against the always talented Panthers defense.

Drue: Panthers 34-20

Anthony: Panthers 30-21

Tariq: Panthers 31-24

Cowboys at Falcons

The Cowboys offense may have been improved slightly with the addition of Amari Cooper, but Dak has to accurately deliver the ball to him for any real impact to occur. The Falcons struggled to move the ball against the Browns but I don’t expect that to continue. The Falcons should bounce back this week in order to stay competitive in the NFC South. – Anthony

True, but I don’t think Dak has to be too accurate to hand the ball off to Zeke 30 times this week. I’d like to see the Cowboys play good defense and control the pace of this game with the run this week. Give me the Cowboys.

Drue: Cowboys 24-21

Anthony: Falcons 34-23

Tariq: Falcons 28-27

Bengals at Ravens

How good does lamar Jackson have to play this week to take Joe Flacco’s job? Anthony believes he will find success this week, I also think he will play well thanks to the Ravens slowly working him into the offense this year. I still don’t think it’ll be enough though. I expect some rookie struggles and that will hold them down.

Drue: Bengals 27-21

Anthony: Ravend 24-17

Tariq: Bengals 21-17

Texans at Redskins

Tariq believes the Texans will keep on surging. Anthony expects to see a good defensive matchup where the Texans offense is just a little bit better than the Redskins offense. I’ll have to agree with both of them.

Drue: Texans 27-18

Tariq: Texans 35-21

Anthony: Texans 28-20

Raiders at Cardinals


I love hearing about how bad the Raiders are.

Drue: Cardinals 17-7

Anthony: Cardinals 24-10

Tariq: Cardinals 21-7

Broncos at Chargers

A salty Raiders fan’s take:

Broncos pull the upset because their defense is still great and the chargers like to play down to competition- Tariq

A solis analyst’s take:

I don’t see any reason why the Chargers can’t win this game and while I’m not riding high on the super bowl hype train like a certain someone (cough, cough, Drue), they should have zero problem making the wildcard.- Anthony

I know your not riding high on the super bowl hype train, but does that mean you’re somewhere in the back riding low? I’ll take it. Anyways, the Chargers will dominate this week, much like they have most of the season.

Drue: Chargers 31-17

Anthony: Chargers 27-17

Tariq: Broncos 21-17

Eagles at Saints:

Saints put up another 50 piece as they should whoop on a reeling Eagles who just don’t look like the Super Bowl champs anymore. – Tariq

It’s almost impossible to repeat in the NFC East let alone the Super Bowl, this team isn’t going to get any help doing that against a tough Saints team. Their offense is just too good.

Drue: Saints 38-24

Anthony: Saints 34-28

Tariq: Saints 51-21

Vikings at Bears

Mitch has been showing out and i have to admit that, but I like the Vikings with a fully healthy Diggs back. – Tariq

I’m gonna side with the Vikings upset for this one simply because the Raiders need as good of a draft pick as possible from the Bears. – Anthony

The only thing more fun than watching the Raiders lose, is watching Khalil Mack help will the Bears to victory, and I think he does exactly that against a less than stellar Vikings offense.

Drue: Bears 31-27

Anthony: Vikings 34-27

Tariq: Vikings 27-17

Chiefs at Rams

Anthony points out that this game moving to LA really hurt the Chiefs. But, I think the Chiefs have more than enough weapons to beat the Rams, theres just too many receivers that can light up that poor secondary.

Drue: Chiefs 37-34

Anthony: Rams 41-34

Tariq: Rams 35-32