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Ladies and Gents, I present to you the Week 10 picks and predictions. Last week I (barely) won again and most importantly Drue lost. The records for last week was Drue and Anthony both finishing 7-6, while I finished 8-5. But Anthony still holds the overall lead by 1. It’s about time I take this over. Let’s get into the picks!

Overall Records (Week 3-9)

Anthony: 63-36

Drue: 50-49

Tariq: 62-37

Panthers at Steelers

Thank god the Raiders don’t have to play again on Thursday. We finally get a good matchup between two teams that have been trending up. Drue and I like the Panthers here because of the defense and Cam Newton recent play. He is a a sleeper MVP candidate and should give this weak Steelers D fits. Anthony however likes the Steelers in this matchup, “This should be a pretty exciting matchup unlike last week’s Thursday night thumping. The Steelers offense has been humming as of late and their defense has been good enough and I expect that to not continue this week even though I like what Cam and CMC are doing ” He is going to be wrong, but i love the effort.

Drue: 31-24 Carolina

Anthony: 24-19 Pittsburgh

Tariq: 28-24 Carolina


Redskins at Bucs

FitzMagic is still going strong against a tough Redskins team. While we all love (to make fun of) the FitzMagic rollercoaster that is the the Bucs, we all believe that the Redskins should take this easily. The Bucs still cannot stop running water and the Redskins are going to come back strong after a tough loss to the Falcons. They will be missing a lot of playmakers and O linemen because of injury, but they should still have enough to beat the Bucs. Jameis not being able to beat out a 35 year old journeyman will be a story for another time.

Drue: 24-21 Washington

Anthony: 26-17 Washington

Tariq: 31-21 Washington


Cardinals at Chiefs

Well this one won’t be pretty. Nobody expects the Cardinals to do ANYTHING well against the Chiefs and we all believe it should be a blowout. Rosen has not looked good and they will not be able to score like the Chiefs. Drue has other trouble this week that is not pick related, Can the Chiefs sit out this week? Seriously I’m playing against like three of their dudes in fantasy. The Chiefs will win realistically by 40 points.” Oh he is going to get dominated.

Drue: 45-10 KC

Anthony: 41-16 KC

Tariq: 35-17 KC

Bills vs Jets

It annoys me to that NATHAN PETERMAN IS STILL A QUARTERBACK IN THIS LEAGUE. MY GOD IS HE AWFUL!!!! That is who the Bills will be starting against Josh McCown and the Jets. He is not the best but he is no Nathan Peterman. Drue sums it up the best, “This quarterback matchup is going to be so bad that it’s a must watch game. I’ve got the Jets because Nathan Peterman. The only athletic thing worse than Charles Barkley’s golf swing is Nathan Peterman playing quarterback.” Yea he is that bad.

Drue: 10-6 Jets

Anthony: 17-9 Jets

Tariq: 17-10 Jets


Jags at Colts

A QB blossoming versus a QB on ice. Give me the QB on ice. The Jags have the Defense (even though they have not played up to standard) to win this game and the Colts have a porous one. However, Luck has been on one, torching Defense after Defense. Drue is the minority here as he likes the Colts in this one… more he DOESN’T like Bortles here, but it time for Bortles to shock the world!!!! Or make me look really stupid

Drue: 28-17 Colts

Anthony: 27-23 Jags

Tariq: 23-17 Jags


Lions at Bears

Still not a Bears believer and it is not because the Raiders own their pick this year (it is), but i swear i will get this Lions pick right one day. This is the team i can never predict what they will do and they looked bad against the the Vikings pass rush last week, but they should have some chances with a not 100% Khalil Mack in this game. The other guys like the Bears because they also get A-Rob back a good argument, but the Bears are going to get upset. Book it.

Drue: 24-14 Chicago

Anthony: 29-24 Chicago

Tariq: 28-27 Detroit


Saints at Bengals

For the life of me I want to pick a Bengals upset, but with no Eifert or AJ Green i just cannot do it. The Saints are a real threat for the Super Bowl and with a new addition they look even stronger, “Dez finally back and he should step in and have an immediate impact for this already lethal Saints offense. The 5-3 Bengals won’t go down without a fight though.” I am not as sold on Dez like everyone else, but I do know this New Orleans team is as dangerous as they come right now.

Drue: 34-27 New Orleans

Anthony: 38-31 New Orleans

Tariq: 35-24 New Orleans


Patriots at Titans

Yawn. The Titans are pretenders and the Pats are operating on all cylinders. Mariota has barely been better than Winston and this team is not that good. We all have the Pats here, moving on. (Sidenote BB will be coming at Malcom Butler all game to send a message.)

Drue: 31-21 New England

Anthony: 33-21 New England

Tariq: 34-21 New England


Falcons at Browns

Falcons get back Deion Jones this week and have been on fire offensively down the stretch. The Browns do not have a real head coach and standout rookie Denzel Ward is hurt.The Falcons should run away with this one. Also, the Falcons have a new addition,”Yet another one of my favorite Raiders has left and joined the Falcons (Bruce Irvin). His effort seemed very lackadaisical this season but I can’t blame him, honestly. He will add some juice to the Falcons pass rush and should help them earn the W this week” He provably won’t but the Falcons will still win this week.

Drue: 35-21 Atlanta

Anthony: 40-24 Atlanta

Tariq: 38-24 Atlanta


Chargers at Raiders

No comment from Anthony and I except Tank for Bosa. Drue take this one, “This Raider defense made Nick Mullens look like he was Joe Montana this week. The only way Phillip Rivers doesn’t throw for at least 300 yards this game is if they pull him early, or Melvin Gordon rushes this game away.” Just Lose Baby!!

Drue: 34-10 Chargers

Anthony: 41-14 Chargers

Tariq: 38-7 Chargers


Seahawks at Rams

So close to that undefeated season Rams, so close. It does not get too much easier here though because they take on a Seahawks team they squeaked by last time. The will not struggle again. Coming off their first loss they should be ready to come out and dominate. We all still love this Rams team and cannot see them being held down in this

Drue: 38-24 Rams

Anthony: 36-23 Rams

Tariq: 34-21 Rams


Dolphins at Packers

Come on now people… we know this is not a good matchup no matter what the records say. Brock still vs A-Rod get real.

Drue: 31-17 Packers

Anthony: 30-14 Packers

Tariq: 31-14 Packers 

Cowboys at Eagles

The Cowboys are trending down just when the Eagles are finding their groove. Golden Tate had another game to get in-tuned with the offense, and the Cowboys still cannot get Dak to throw past 15 yards. I do not even think it is on Dak now. Garett needs to change that gameplan. Shoutout Amari for getting a TD last week though. We love you Baby.

Drue: 24-14 Eagles

Anthony: 24-19 Eagles

Tariq: 28-21 Eagles

Giants at 49ers

Bad Monday game incoming. 2 of the worst teams in the league get to go against each other. Well the Giants have some superstars, but Eli will manage to screw them up like he has all year. But, the Niners are just bad enough to let the Giants squeak by. Praise the Tank Gods if the Giants win the Raiders will be sitting ugly with the  #1 overall pick.

Drue: 17-14 SF

Anthony: 27-21 New York

Tariq: 21-18 New York