Well, this week was a fun one. The Chargers won, AGAIN, Tom Brady out dueled Aaron Rodgers, good teams beat up on bad teams, and the Saints solidified themselves as the team to beat. So, lets get into some takeaways from this weeks action.


Remember when this team was a half decent Browns kicker away from starting out the season 0-2? Yeah, I had forgotten too. The Rams defense was no  match for Drew Brees and Michael Thomas. I guess people are also just now realizing how often Marcus Peters gets burned because of those big play gambles. But, this isn’t about the Rams, this is about the Saints. A team that I now consider to be the best in the NFL. This team has an offense full of weapons, Thomas, Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara (still can’t believe I got convinced to trade him in fantasy), and even Ben Watson, all of them can attack you in different ways, and much like last year their defense is beginning to get better, they gave up a solid amount of second half points, but they were also facing a top 5 offense. This team is ready for a super bowl, and they’re making me happy I  picked them to be in the super bowl.

Wide Receivers Streaks

Adam Thielin’s streak of eight consecutive 100 yard receiving games ended today, but another very important streak also ended; that would be Julio Jones streak of games without a touchdown. It had to be one of the most odd streaks I have seen, how does a guy get that many receiving yards and no touchdowns, it’s probably a streak we won’t see again.

Chargers Are Legit

The only thing that kept this week from being a football bust for me was the Chargers continuing to win. Yes, I know we beat a lot of bad teams on this winning streak, but that’s what good teams are supposed to do. We finally played a good team, and it never looked in doubt. Philip Rivers is playing at a borderline MVP level, Keenan Allen finally had a hundred yard receiving game, Melvin Gordon has looked like a top 3 running back in the league, Derwin James is the best defensive rookie in football, the pass rush has looked much better since Corey Liuget came back, and oh did I mention we haven’t even gotten our star defender, Joey Bosa, back yet?  I may have gotten carried away there, but all I’m saying is, don’t be shocked to see the Chargers win the division, or even the conference this year. They’re legit and I’m giving you all a notice right now.

LeVeon Bell

This week when answering a question in regards to Le’veon Bell, Mike Tomlin said, “we need volunteers, not hostages.” What does that even mean. First, you pay every single player, none of them are volunteers. Second, why would there be reports about the Steelers putting the transitional tag on Bell next year, if they don’t want hostages? Third, just move on already, let the guy go, his replacement, James Conner, is playing just as good, if not better than him right now, the running back position is extremely expandable. Move on from the baggage already.

My Fantasy Football Team

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you. I just need somewhere to talk about how awful I really am at fantasy football. Here’s my lineup of dudes I have traded or dropped: Deshaun Watson(the week he through five touchdowns), Alvin Kamara( the trade seemed smart at the time), Stefon Diggs(I’m just stupid at this point), Keenan Allen(of course he had a great game today). This doesn’t even mention the amount of talent I left on the bench this week. Unfortunately today my bench consisted of: Jordan Howard(two touchdowns), Calvin Ridley(touchdown), and Russel  Wilson(not great numbers, but way better than Mitchell Trubisky.) It’s been rough and tough to explain. But, if you guys would read a column where I go into this stuff and breakdown my decisions and share my increasing sorrows of a five game losing streak, I’ll write one, so let me know in the comments, or on twitter or something. If I write it, my only advise would be to do the opposite of what I do, that should allow you to have an undefeated season.

Texans 6 Game Win Streak

I still don’t think this team is that good. How they’ve gotten this far is beyond me. But, whatever, they’re making my Saints vs Texans super bowl pick look a little better. Yes, I am not stupid I know the Texans aren’t making it, but that’s because the Chargers are. I have enjoyed how good Deshaun Watson has played these past few weeks, it reminds me of last year when he took the league by storm. Also, I feel I deserve half credit for his success, I know he’s only doing this to spite me for releasing him from my fantasy team.