The NBA has been action packed to start off this season. There has been surprise teams, struggling teams, and hay makers thrown. We have seen a new young face drop a 35 10 and 10 triple double and we have finally gotten a taste of LABron. Let’s take a quick look back into some of these surprising stories.

LABron and His Band of Mighty Fighters

Lebron James move to LA has been a rocky one as the team has started a rocky 3-5, but he is preforming at an outrageous level at the tender age of 33. Averaging almost 28 points , 8 assists, and 9 rebounds he has been in regular season form. However, the biggest narrative is the Lakers Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo got into a fist fight with Rockets Chris Paul. Personally, i love calling it the Rage in LA both players got blows in on CP3 and CP3 got his in. We can only hope for continued entertainment in the staples center as lovely as this.

MVP Giannis

Giannis Antetokounmpo (first and last time I will be spelling out his whole name) has been on an absolute tear averaging 26 points, almost 14 rebounds, and 6 assists. This has been on a solid 52% field goal percentage and he has led the Bucks to a blazing 7-1 record and a team that we did not expect to preform this strong to open the season. He is playing with a new focus and has been all around  better than his season. The lengthy monster has also been a force on offense and defense and has the league on notice as his immense potential keeps getting tapped into.

Kings Reaching Their Dream

As a huge Laker fan, I have to be the first to admit i was the most shocked the Kings have come out with a 6-3 record led by De’Aaron Fox who recently dropped a 35-10-10 game. That has not been done since Lebron James and the young guns have let it all come together for them. Buddy Hield has been stroking it, Willie Cauley-Stein ( a person who i have shitted on since the beginning) has been consistent, and the team in all has ran out to the 4th highest PPG and even a net rating of 3.7. Joeger has got this team ready to compete, what i believe has been a year early, and ready to make some noise early in this season.

Vintage D Rose

We all know Derrick Rose has been battling injuries, and a time almost had to leave the game. It was spectacular to see him drop 50 and make the game clinching block to win the game against the Utah Jazz. The Timberwolves have been linked to discontent and negative all pre-season, so tho see this from Rose was special. The youngest MVP ever rewound the clock and we got to see vintage D Rose, the one who stole our hearts with beautiful crossovers and shimmys do it one more time. We love you D Rose!!!!!!

Return of the Claw

Kawhi bullied his way out of San Antonio and was sent to Toronto. He was hurt (we honestly do not know for how long) last season and we were all wondering if he would be the same player. Safe to say that he is still himself. The Raptors are leading the East with an 8-1 record and Kawhi massive hands have been all over that start. He is averaging 26 points, 3.5 assists, and almost 8 rebounds on a crazy 44% 3 point shooting percentage. He is also back with his crazy defensive plays as he already has a no look steal and averages 2 rips a game. He has been insane and his no reactions to everything has been a delight to watch this season.

Klay Breaks Curry’s Record

God the Warriors team is deadly. They have 3 players who can give you buckets at will and against the Bulls it was all Klay. Klay went 14 for 24 from beyond the arc to break a familiar face’s record of 13 threes in a game. Well Klay did it in 3 quarters. He went for 52 in total and this is just what we come to expect from this team. Klay was lights out and the Bulls were on a multitude of occasions, turned back soon as Klay let it go, because they know what he was on that night. Oh and they will have Boogie Cousins soon, god help us all.

Playoff Teams have Struggles

Multiple of last year playoff teams have struggled out of the gate. The Rockets, Wizards, Heat, Timberwolves, Jazz, Thunder, and Pelicans have all played .500 or worse basketball to start the season. Now it has been some injuries (Harden and Anthony Davis), inconsistent play (looking at you Washington), and lack of defense (a good mix of everyone) that has all of these teams trying to back to basics. It is still early, but these teams need to turn it around before they get too deep in the hole to recover.