That’s right, I’m taking back over the picks article a week after guaranteeing a first place finish. I came in tied at second, otherwise known as tied for last place. Still,  it was a solid week from everyone picking, here’s the breakdown from last week: Anthony:  13-1 Drue: 11-3 Tariq: 11-3. We got some must watch games this week, so hopefully they’ll be a little tougher to pick.

Overall Records (Weeks 3-7)

Tariq: 54-32

Anthony: 56-30

Drue: 43-43

Raiders at 49ers

We have the Bosa Bowl here, this game should be so bad, that it ends up a little good. As much as Anthony wants to embrace the tank, he just can’t this week,

“this is a game the Raiders should have no excuses to lose except for the fact that we are, Just Tanking Baby! The Raiders have the better offense and if Derek Carr plays as well as he did last week then the Raiders should win this one easily.”

Against the Niner secondary, that’s not much of an if. I am done picking this joke of a team to win.

Drue: Raiders: 35-14

Anthony: Raiders 34-23

Tariq: Raiders 31-28

Falcons at Redskins

People keep disregarding the Redskins and writing them off for playing in the NFC Least and I for one am sick of it, they’re 5-2 play great defense, and they have a formidable offense as long as Adrian Peterson remains resurgent. Despite that, Tariq, sees an upset, “the Redskins have been playing well and the Falcons still cannot stop anyone to save their lives, however, they score with the best of them. They steal one in Washington.” He also leaves us with the boldest prediciton of the year, “JULIO WILL GET HIS FIRST TOUCHDOWN THIS SEASON.”  Julios scoring? That’s too hot of a take for me.

Drue: Washington 24-21

Anthony: Atlanta 24-21

Tariq: Atlanta 35-31

Lions at Vikings

Both Anthony and Tariq point to the Golden Tate trade really effecting the team, and they believe it could hinder the offense. Take a weak Lions offense and pit it up against a Vikings defense that kept Drew Brees at bay last week, I think you all know who were picking.

Drue: Vikings 29-20

Anthony: Vikings 34-28

Tariq: Vikings 35-17

Steelers at Ravens

Who doesn’t love a good rivalry game with divisional implications? Anthony points to James Conner as the key for this game, “James Conner has been on an absolute tear recently and if he can continue his dominance against a stout Ravens run defense the Steelers should walk away with a win in this one.” I think he is the difference in this game, however, I think he gets shut down against a stout run defense. Steelers will have to win with their passing game, which is totally plausible, but they didn’t do it in their first matchup and I don’t think they do it this week.

Drue: Ravens 27-24

Anthony: Steelers 31-23

Tariq: Steelers 27-21

Chiefs at Browns

All I’ve seen all week is how this is the big rematch between Baker and Mahomes from college, but there’s just too big a difference in talent and coaching in this game. Tariq sums it up best, “Browns finally got rid of their coach, but nobody can stop this elite Chiefs Offense Mahomes wants this MVP and the Browns won’t know what hit them.” I  was all in on the Browns getting better when they lost Hugh, that was before I knew Gregg Williams would end up the interim head coach.

Drue: Chiefs 42-17

Anthony: Chiefs 41-24

Tariq: Chiefs 41-21

Jets at Dolphins

We’re all aware the Dolphins aren’t good now right? But, are the Jets any good? Anthony thinks they’re at least decent,

“the Jets haven’t been as bad as advertised at 3-5, their defense plays well albeit inconsistently, and their offense has understandably struggled with a rookie QB under center.”

They may not be as good as advertised, but we all agree they’re better than the Dolphins.

Drue: Jets 24-21

Anthony: Jets 23-16

Tariq: Jets 24-18

Bears at Bills 

To channel my inner Tariq: Man, the Bills are straight up disgusting. Derek Anderson: trash, Nathan Peterman: trash. Put it simply the Buffalo Bills: trash. I should also mention I love Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears, especially with that defense allowing them to play in front.

Drue: Bears 24-3

Anthony: Bears 31-10

Tariq: Bears 21-6

Bucs at Panthers

The Panthers are looking for real and Tariq credits Cam Newton,

“This is a trap game. But, the Panthers have been riding high and Cam has gone back to his MVP ways. The Defense has rounded out and all his toys have finally started to piece it together. Superman Cam is here.”

I would also like to credit Norv Turner for scheming up a great offense around Cam and his weapons. The should handle the Bucs easily.

Drue: Panthers 31-24

Anthony: Panthers 34-24

Tariq: Panthers 35-31

Chargers at Seahawks

If you guys want to hear a jealous raiders fan take here’s Anthony’s,

“This game should be rather interesting as the Seahawks seem to have found their stride, winning their past 2 games and currently sit at 4-3. The Chargers on the other hand remain hot, having won their last 4 outings and currently sit at 5-3. The Seahawks are historically good at home so they should win this one.”

If you guys want to here a good and slightly biased take, heres mine: The Chargers are going to run all over that terrible run defense, especially if Melvin Gordon comes back this week. I will say Russell Wilson looks great and will probably score a few touchdowns on the Chargers defense, but Phillip Rivers will score more touchdowns.

Drue: Chargers 34-24

Anthony: Seahwaks 21-17

Tariq: Seahawks 21-14

Texans at Broncos

The Texans have somehow won five in a row and they’ll probably make it six this week. Tariq likes their recent acquisition at wide receiver, “DT going for 150 in a revenge game, the Broncos have not looked good and still struggle with QB play. They will get their sacks, but the bombs will be there for Deshaun Watson. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Drue: Texans 24-21

Anthony: Texans 30-23

Tariq: Texans 28-17

Rams at Saints

This game is going to be close. Anthony believes he knows the key for either team to win in our game of the week, “Whoever wins the turnover battle will win this one and my pick is the red hot Rams.” Both these teams are so offensively sound that I wouldn’t be shocked to see zero turnovers on either side. This is a can’t miss game for those who love football. I think the Rams pass defense has been shaky without Aqib Talib and it will hurt them.

Drue: Saints 38-31

Anthony: Rams 37-31

Tariq: Rams 38-35

Packers at Patriots

This game is a battle of marquee quarterbacks who are great at making any weapon formidable. As great as Rodgers is  Tariq believes that Brady’s squad is just better,  “The Patriots Offense has been getting better and better and the rest of the Packers team does not have the talent to match up.” I can’t say I agree with him, as Anthony and I both think the Rodgers and Adams could be lethal this week.

Drue: Packers 34-31

Anthony: Packers 38-34

Tariq: Patriots 32-28

Titans at Cowboys

This is a game of two teams who show up some weeks and don’t the other, so we’re not really sure who we will get this week. Anthony believes this game is about how well Dak plays,

“Amari Cooper’s Cowboy debut should be a memorable one as he has had a great career against Tennessee when he was with the Raiders. This should be fun to watch and see if Dak is a capable NFL quarterback now that he has a legit number one receiver according to the National Media.”

Does anything ever go right for the Raiders? Cooper will probably have an amazing game just to spite Jon Gruden.

Drue: Cowboys 20-17

Anthony: Cowboys 27-14

Tariq: Cowboys 27-14