Readers, readers, readers. We have returned for our Week 7 picks and predictions this week with your favorite analyst back on top. I came out with a resounding (but still weak) score of 9–5, with Anthony coming in second with 8–6, and Drue finishing up last with a score of 6–8. It feels good to be the king. Anyways, lets get into this week as i finally pick a perfect week.

Overall Record (Week 3– Week 6)

Drue: 26–34

Tariq: 30–28

Anthony: 33–25

Broncos at Cardinals

The Broncos face off against the Cardinals as it is the battle of the crappy teams. Case Keenum is back to his “I can’t even be a game manager” ways, and the Cardinals have a rookie qb combined with a bad overall team. Anthony and I are taking the Broncos here as we ride a strong pass rush to take down Josh Rosen and that shaky line. As Anthony says, “We’ll take Von Miller over a rookie qb everytime”. Drue is taking the Cards because of the qb matchup, “Broncos are trending down with Keenum and Rosen is trending up every week.” We will see about that with Von Miller breathing down his neck.

Anthony: 23–13 Denver

Drue: 21–20 Cardinals

Tariq: 24–17 Denver

Titans at Chargers

Titans come to battle a hot Charger team this week. We all agree that the Chargers are riding high with Derwin James leading the defense and the backs of Gordon and Eckler have been receiving nightmares for other teams. I don’t see the Titans coming with enough firepower and the curious case of Mariota is to much to bet on. We all take the Chargers with ease this week.

Antony: 27- 17 Chargers

Drue: 28–17 Chargers

Tariq: 28–17 Chargers

Panthers at Eagles

The Panthers come into Philly to fight the Eagles. Drue and Anthony are believing in Carson to keep it going after his last game. He put up solid numbers and is looking to improve. Myself however, is going with the Panthers. If the likes of McCaffrey is able to pick apart the Eagles defense and Cam is given enough time he should be able to defeat that formidable front 7, I still believe Wentz does not have it all together just yet and I see this to be a game the Panthers can steal.

Anthony: 24–21 Philly

Drue: 31–27 Philly

Tariq: 28–24 Carolina

Vikings at Jets

Minnesota Vikings face off against the surprising Jets this week. The Jets have been a team to monitor this season as they have been on high to low so often you cannot tell if this is a decent team or not. This is not a game they will be able to handle. The Vikings are coming into their own with Thielen and Diggs combining to be arguably the best WR duo in the league. Jets passing D is only ranked 23rd and be ready to see 100 Yard Thielen strike again this week. Darnold more like DarDont (…I am sorry for that).

Anthony: 37–21 Minnesota

Drue: 27–17 Minnesota

Tariq: 31–14 Minnesota

Bills at Colts

The Bills meet the Colts this week as the Bills have a new qb for the week. Derek Anderson gets the start as we finally don’t have to watch Nathan Peterman play anymore!!!!! (Hooray!!!!). Either way the Bills are still a bad team and none of us want to be caught dead picking this team. Or it is just me. Anyways new qb, plus Luck equals disaster.

Anthony: 27–10 Colts

Drue: 28–13 Colts

Tariq: 27–10 Colts

Patriots at Bears

Pats come against the Iron Defense of the Pats. The pats took down the NFL’s 2nd most dangerous team, the Chiefs, last week and look to keep it moving Again I cannot pick against Brady, nor can Anthony as we see the frat bro connection of Brady and Gronk getting it going again. Drue with the big balls take is going with the Bears,

“Patriots vs Bears: The NFL is weird, so I totally expect the Bears to stump Brady and the Pats after getting destroyed by the Dolphins offense. But, only if Khalil Mack’s ankle is okay, otherwise no pass rush equals Brady touchdowns for days. I’m counting on Trubisky to light up this defense.”

I just want Mack to stop doing so well…it hurts. MISS U MACK.

Anthony: 38–21 New England

Drue: 31–24 Chicago

Tariq: 34–21 New England

Browns at Bucs

Browns have been a fun story all year. Mayfield, they had the Hard Knocks, all the WR drama, but they have been much improved. However, the falling Bucs team will use them as a platform to come back from. The Bucs still have one of the best receiving cores in the league and only Denzel Ward has made any noise in the secondary. I see Mike Evans taking over this game if the defense can limit Mayfield. The guys are taking the Browns because of that terrible Bucs D, but the Browns will be Browns until further notice.

Anthony: 37–30 Cleveland

Drue: 35–24 Cleveland

Tariq: 28–14 Tamba Bay

Texans at Jags

Texans are starting to get it going, while the Jags need to straighten up after the ass kicking they received from the Cowboys.

“The Jags offense is really starting to show their ugly side, coming off two straight ugly losses. Whoever wins this game will begin to separate themselves from the three way tie for first place in the AFC South. Jalen Ramsey was left speechless by Dak and I expect the same result this week against Deshaun Watson.” — Anthony

Big words, but I agree the Jags have looked lost and until they step it up they will keep getting put in their place. Drew sees the Oline of the Texans as easy money for the Jags, if D Wat hopes to live he better get the ball out fast.

Anthony: 31–21 Houston

Drue: 17–7 Jacksonville

Tariq: 17–10 Houston

Lions at Dolphins

“The Brocketship is red hot and thriving, coming off a thrilling overtime victory against the Bears last week. The Lions should be feeling fresh off a bye and had two weeks to prepare for Brocktober. The Dolphins won’t go down without a fight but they still aren’t contenders. I’ll take the Lions.” “No way does Brock Osweiler win two games for the Dolphins. None” I just needed you guys to see that the Brocketship will take it this week off this nickname alone. Oh, and that piss pour Lions D

Anthony: 41–28 Detroit

Drue: 24–21 Detroit

Tariq: 24–14 Miami

Saints at Ravens

Top offense meets top Defense this week. Look guys, it is not 1960s. Great Defense does not guarantee being great offense anymore. The Saints have too many weapons to stop at all skill positions. The Ravens should put up points, but not at the rate of the Saints. Isn’t Michael Thomas on pace for almost 2k yards? Everyone is agreement for this one Ravens just do not have enough.

Anthony: 28–23 New Orleans

Drue: 31–21 New Orleans

Tariq: 35–24 New Orleans

Cowboys at Redskins

Cowboys and Redskins won last week and go into the game riding high. I will keep sticking the balance Offense of the Redskins and the O-line that the Cowboys wish they had again is now full go. Anthony however believes in the Cowboys this week and likes what he has seen from Dak. The run game has been getting established and Dak kinda broke outta his check down self. It will be close at least as all these NFC East games always are.

Anthony: 23–14 Dallas

Drue: 24–21 Washington

Tariq 27–13 Washington

Rams at 49ers

Really??? 49ers are about to get bopped by the best team in the league this year. BLOW OUT TIME!!!!!

Anthony: 49–23 Los Angeles

Drue: 34–10 Los Angeles

Tariq: 42–17 Los Angeles

Bengals at Chiefs

Best game of the week to me, we get a battle of my 2 favorite teams to watch in the AFC Both teams dropped close ones last week and it should be another battle. Drue and I are rolling with the Chiefs as their offense has been too explosive this season to pick against, and they barely lost last week. Anthony however is taking the upset,

“This game will be a high-scoring shootout as both teams have terrible defenses and dynamic offensive weapons. Andy Dalton, Joe Mixon and A.J. Green should have some fun and will put their name in the playoff conversation with a win.”

I am not to sure that they can put up enough points, but it is going to be fun to see, alright.

Anthony: 34–30 Cincy

Drew: 27–17 KC

Tariq: 28–24 KC

Giants at Falcons

I can’t do it guys, I have tried and failed to many times. I am finally picking against the Giants. I have been burned for too many weeks. Eli is a shell of his former glory and even Saquon at his best can’t keep this offense afloat. Matt Ryan has been quietly amazing and if not for all the injuries to the defense, he would be a MVP candidate. Anthony is rolling with the Falcons too, but it is Drue’ turn to pick the Giants.

“Saquon Barkley in the pass game is going to be such a mismatch, so long as Eli has anything left. I think the Giants can keep up scoring with the injury riddled Falcons.” — Drue

He will be wrong just like I have been… for weeks…

Anthony: 37–20 Atlanta

Drue: 27–24 New York

Tariq: 28–17 Atlanta