With week 5 officially in the books and week 6 underway tonight your very own fortune tellers consisting of Drue, Tariq and myself bring you another set of predictions for this weeks slate of NFL games. Last week was rough for all three of us as our winner, Drue went 8-6, Tariq went 5-9, and I went 7-7. So, without further ado lets get started. 


Drue: 20-26

Tariq: 21-23

Anthony: 25-19

Eagles at Giants

Drue: Eagles vs Giants- These are two NFC east teams underperforming. The Giants got their offense on track last week, but I don’t think their O-Line can hold up against this Eagles front.

Final Score: 24-17, Eagles.

Tariq: I am not going to be disappointed by the Giants again, so they will win this week because of it. But, I have Wentz rebounding and a swarming Eagles defense has enough to stifle the Giants offense.

Final Score: 24-21, Giants.

Anthony: This should be Wentz’s “I’m back” game but Odell rarely disappoints in primetime. Look for this one to be closer than what others are predicting. 

Final Score: 31-27, Philly.

Bucs at Falcons

Drue: Jameis Winston is starting again and he will have a fun time passing against a defense that has lost key starters everywhere. I think Atlanta has lost hope on this season weather their offense bounces back from last week or not.

Final Score: 31-28, Bucs.

Tariq: Falcons have SUCH A BAD DEFENSE (injuries) but even so Winston is prone to throw interceptions. The Falcons offense stalled last week, but it is time for a bounce back and they handle this lowly Bucs team.

Final Score: 28-17, Falcons.

Anthony: While the Falcons 1-4 record says otherwise, I refuse to believe this team that nearly beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 51 is as garbage as advertised. While the Falcons defense has been horrendous, they still have more playmakers than Tampa on both sides of the ball. Matty Ice will resurrect this ship.

Final Score: 34-20, Atlanta. 

Chargers at Browns

Drue: – Can we just cancel out the special teams this week? They’re both equally bad. I think Philip Rivers finds openings throughout the defense, since everything seems to be clicking for him right now. I like the Browns but they could barely handle the Raiders two weeks ago, and the Chargers are much better.

Final Score: 31-17, Chargers.

Tariq: Mayfield has looked nice, but the Chargers are a different breed. They are getting good productions from all levels of their offense and Derwin James has been fantastic so far this season, This should not be close. 

Final Score: 28-13, Chargers. 

Anthony: While my colleagues seem to believe the Chargers are some breed of a super team, specifically Drue, I see the Chargers for what they really are. An over-performing regular season team that will somehow choke this game away. Maybe it’s their newly signed kicker? The Browns are for real and just beat an elite Baltimore defense. Mayfield should have some fun this week. 

Final Score: 24-20. Cleveland.

Colts at Jets

Drue: I expect a lot of passing yards in this game. The Colts have hung around in most of their games, but I think they jump out to an early lead this week and never look back.

Final Score: 24-21, Colts. 

Tariq: The mystery of Darnold which one will we get. He will still have a bad completion percentage, but he has been hitting on his deep shots. Jets defense is still solid, but I’m saying Luck will still pick them apart with no run game.

Final Score: 24-21, Colts.

Anthony: If Isaiah Crowell somehow manages to run for over 200 yards again then the Jets should win this one. I don’t believe he will however, instead lets say Andrew Luck throws for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

Final Score: 34-21, Indianapolis. 

Seahawks at Raiders

Drue: Without Earl Thomas, I wouldn’t count on the Seahawks secondary to be very good. I’m counting on Derek Carr to light this secondary up. (if I get this wrong who cares? I know Anthony and Tariq are going to pick them too).

 Final Score: 30-24, Raiders. 

Tariq: Another team that I have picked consistently like a dumbass, the Raiders have taken huge steps back this season and the Russell Wilson e ffect is starting again for the Seahawks. The defense has been solid and expect Oakland to give up big play after big play.

Final Score: 27-14, Seahawks.

Anthony: I KnOw AnThOnY aNd TaRiQ aRe gOiNg tO pIcK tHeM tOo. Wrong. As Tariq mentioned, the Raiders defense hasn’t been able to prevent big plays. No doubt the Seahawks are not the team everyone once feared but they still have Russell Wilson. So, will the Raiders choke away another 4th quarter lead or will they simply abandon the run game and force Derek Carr to press because they will be so far behind? It’s anybody’s guess, but the one thing this team has been consistent with in my lifetime is let-downs. I look forward to another one this week. 

Final Score: 27-21, Oakland.(Drue was partially correct)

Panthers at Redskins

Drue: Nothing the Redskins did Monday shows me they can hang with the Panthers, who actually have a good defense. Cam Newton is also having a resurgent year with Norv Turner as offensive coordinator. Look for it to continue.

Final Score: 24-14, Panthers. 

Tariq: The Josh Norman battle again??? Redskins are a more complete team but the weapons of Cam and McCaffrey are too much for the redskins to handle? AP questionable too, time to for Alex Smith to do what he does best pass 5-10 yards max every play.

Final Score: 28-20, Carolina. 

Anthony: The Redskins got absolutely humiliated on Monday Night Football last week. Granted, it was against Drew Brees but still. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey will be their usual selves and it’s always fun when Josh Norman plays Cam. 

Final Score: 37-20, Carolina.  

Bills at Texans

Drue: The Bills defense may be growing, but their offense is extremely limited. I think the Texans can easily beat this team, simply because Deshaun Watson can move the ball down the field consistently, and Josh Allen can’t.

Final Score: 21-10, Texans. 

Tariq: Fuck the bills I refuse to pick your team stop shocking me…

Final Score: 24-10, Texans.

Anthony: I have absolutely no clue where to go with this prediction. The Bills are the weirdest team in the NFL coming off a 13-12 victory against the Titans and a 22-0 loss to the Packers the week before that. Give me Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins. 

Final Score: 28-13, Houston. 

Cardinals at Vikings

Drue: Chandler Jones should have a field day with this Vikings O-Line. That could keep the game close but I don’t think Josh Rosen will be able to string enough drives together, to outperform this Vikings defense. 

Final Score: 24-10, Vikings. 

Tariq: Vikings have the star power to get past this Cardinals defense. The Cardinals offense does not. Josh Rosen should get pressured a lot and this should be a blowout.

Final Score: 28-10, Vikings. 

Anthony: The Cardinals should be able to move the ball downfield with Rosen but the Vikings defense should get a lot of turnovers this week. Kirk Cousins will continue throwing for crazy amounts of yards to his trio of weapons in Thielen, Diggs, and Rudolph. 

Final Score: 34-14, Vikings. 

Steelers at Bengals

Drue: This games a tossup for me. I will say the Bengals win because AJ Green will have multiple touchdowns this week against a secondary that has given up a lot of touchdowns this year. 

Final Score: 27-24, Bengals. 

Tariq: Still cannot predict the Steelers to save my life. They play bad teams bad and then play up to their competition. I am still a big believer in Dalton and Mixon so I take them by a hair over the porous Steelers defense. 

Final Score: 27-24, Bengals. 

Anthony: This is a tough matchup to predict especially after the Steelers throttled the Falcons last week and seem to thrive when they establish a run game. If Conner can have another big game the Steelers should win. Are we sure the Bengals are legit this year? Should be fun to watch. 

Final Score: 31-30, Pittsburgh. 

Bears at Dolphins

Drue: Bears continue winning and the Dolphins continue losing. The Bears defense will disrupt Ryan Tannehill all game, all Trubisky should have to do is manage the game with no turnovers (they’ll probably win even if he has one) and maybe a touchdown pass. Anything else is a bonus.

Final Score: 17-7, Bears.

Tariq: This is a pretty even matchup, with the Bears having an amazing defense, but the offense even after last week onslaught does not pass the eye test to me. Meet the Mitch Trubisky clone Ryan Tannehill. Close battle with the Dolphins winning at home.

Final Score: 27-24, Dolphins.

Anthony: Sorry to disappoint Bears fans, but Mitch is not the quarterback from last week. But, good news you have Khalil Mack so good ole Mitch won’t have to be that guy every week. The Dolphins are who we thought they were. Posers. 

Final Score: 23-10, Chicago. 

Rams at Broncos 

Drue: Broncos are good for at least one or two Case Keenum interceptions. You can’t make those mistakes against the Rams. They will capitalize on them.

Final Score: 37-10, Rams. 

Tariq: Rams still going strong and Keenum can barely be a game manager anymore. The Broncos defense has been less than ideal, but don’t expect the offense to save them this week.

Final Score: 31-14, Rams.

Anthony: Will the Rams finally lose a game? Nope. The Broncos got smashed by the Jets last week. The Jets. That’s all that needs to be said.

Final Score: 41-20, Rams.

Ravens at Titans

Drue: This game has ugly written all over it. The titans won us all over two weeks ago and then made us all remember who they are. I think the Ravens defense contains the Titans offense, and Flacco manages just enough to win.

Final Score: Ravens 20-17

Tariq: BATTLE OF THE DEFENSES. If you like defense this is the game for you. Both teams have middle of the pack offenses and good to great defenses. See it be a struggle for firsts and points this game, but the Ravens new deep attack should be just enough to win.

Final Score: 17-10, Ravens. 

Anthony: This game won’t be very exciting to watch for those fans that enjoy a good offense. If the Ravens play the way they did against Cleveland it’ll be another L. SnoozeFest. 

Final Score: 24-17, Baltimore. 

Jags at Cowboys

Drue: Watching both of these offenses will be tough. One runs the ball way too much and the other probably should run the ball as much as they can, considering the alternative is Bortles throwing 60 plus passes. Regardless, the Jags defense will be too good for the cowboys one dimensional offense.

Final Score: 20-13, Jacksonville. 

Tariq: Cowboys still looking for offense, while the Jags are looking for decent Bortles play after last week. I see The Jags winning because Dak can still only throw 10 yards downfield. YUCK.

Final Score: 17-10 Jags.

Anthony: If the Cowboys could clone 11 Zekes to play offense you think they would? I would, and that’s what they’ll need to beat this Jaguar defense. Yeldon has been a nice surprise for the Jags backfield and maybe we’ll see some Jamal Charles? Probably better than watching Blake Bortles throw the ball. 

Final Score: 20-14, Jacksonville. 

Chiefs at Patriots

Drue: – I don’t like counting out Tom Brady, so I won’t rule out a Patriots win. I just don’t think it will happen. There is no way this Patriots defense can slow down the Chiefs, they’re too slow at secondary and they’re not particularly good at rushing the passer. The Pats offense will hang in the but it won’t be enough.

Final Score: Chiefs 31-27

Tariq: Game of the week. Mahomes has been as good as any QB this year and he plays the god of them all Tom Brady. High leverage games for the battle for AFC home field I can’t not take Brady. 

Final Score: 31-28 Pats

Anthony: Remember what happened last year when the Chiefs played the Patriots at home? Yeah that’s not gonna happen again, sorry Chiefs fans. I’m still not onboard the Mahomes hype train and while he is talented, I don’t believe he’s enough for the Chiefs to beat the Patriots. Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady are too smart and talented to let Patty Mahomes beat them.

Final Score: 35-27, New England.

49ers at Packers 

Drue: Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have trouble against this 49er defense. This is a must win for the Pack to stay in the playoff picture. They can’t lose. I think the only reason this team wins is because Rodgers. They have a good quarterback and the other team doesn’t. 

Final Score: Packers 24-14

Tariq: A-Rod verse a college team LOL. This should be easy pickings. 

Final Score: 28-7 Packers

Anthony: Two words. Aaron Rodgers. One more. YAWN. 

Final Score: 38-14, Green Bay.