What a week last week! Had a few overtimes and a bunch of surprising upsets come into fruition. Unfortunately your favorite analyst (me of course) couldn’t pull off the prediction win this week as that fell to Anthony, going 11–4. Claps for him or whatever, and we had Drue going 7–8. I went a barely solid 9–6. However, I am guaranteeing victory this week and another Raider win cause that is all I am really good for. Let’s hop right in.

OVERALL RECORD (Week 3 Start Date)

Anthony: 18–12

Drue: 12–18

Tariq: 16–14

Colts at Patriots

The Patriots were on a mission last week as they dismantled the Dolphins to show who is still the power of the AFC and the Colts lost a thriller against the Texans and now sit tied at the bottom of the leaderboard in the AFC South. We are all in conclusion that they are going to dig a deeper grave. With the return of Minitron (Julian Edelman) and the still weaker Colts line dealing with Luck’s pass protection, this should be A BREEZE for the Patriots.

Anthony: 30–20 New England

Drue: 23–17 New England

Tariq: 24–21 New England

Broncos at Jets

Broncos come in losing a good game against the Chiefs and the Jets got EMBARASSED by Bortles and the Jaguars last week. Now I am an upset picker, I LIVE for the chance to prove how much smarter I am then everyone but i just can’t do it this week. The Broncos D has not been where it was last year, but it still looks vicious and Drue points out the shakiness of Sam Darnold, “ This Broncos defense gave Pat Mahomes problems for three quarters. What do you think they’re gonna do to Sam Darnold? I feel like I keep picking on Darnold for picks, but he keeps throwing them so it’s a moot point I guess.” None of us have faith in Darnold and with Freeman and Lindsay running well for the Broncos I do not believe this will be close. (Disclaimer: 2 pick game for Darnold at the least…)

Anthony: 27–13 Denver

Drue: 21–17 Denver

Tariq: 28–10 Denver

Packers at Lions

The Packers are coming off a Cakewalk against the trash Bills (Yes its F**k the Bills until the season ends) and the Lions lost a close one against a not so good Cowboys offense that put up 26 on them. I’m riding solo on this one as I have the Lions with the upset this week. We never know which Stafford we are going to get, plus the defense has been uninspiring but this is my upset team due to their dynamic receiving trio. Man, do the Lions know how to groom receivers or what? (Miss u always Megatron). Anthony is not as optimistic as I am, “As per usual for NFC North games, this one should be fun to watch. The Lions pass offense has been consistent with Matthew Stafford but similar to the Packers they have yet to establish a running game with week 3 against the Pats being the exception. While I expected more out of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense last week against the Bills, it’s clearly hard to score touchdowns or any points without some semblance of a running game. The Packers have two capable backs in Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery and if they utilize them as much as they should, then this should be a cake-walk for the Pack.” Whatever, the Kerryon Johnson Hype train keeps on rolling!!!!

Anthony: 28–20 Green Bay

Drue: 27–21 Green Bay

Tariq: 24–23 Detriot

Giants at Panthers

Giants got their backs blown out (again) by the Saints last week, while the Panthers were on a bye. Now I have been TORCHED picking this trash ass Giants team to win, the offense that should be dynamic actually looks good. So why not do it again?? The panthers defense has not been up to par with the Panthers defense of old (3rd ranked but let me explain), but it’s still an imposing unit. They have the linebacker core to deal with Saquon, but the pass rush has not been there and this can finally lead to an Odell breakout game. If anyone and I do mean ANYONE can slowdown McCaffrey this is their game to steal. Yes call me dumb and an idiot, but yet again I am picking the Giants to shock the world. AND AGAIN… no one is on my side here, “The Giants have one of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL even with Odell back and the addition of Saquon Barkley. Eli Manning is simply not getting the job done in the red zone and I don’t see that changing this week against Carolina’s 3rd ranked defense. Cam Newton won’t blow you away by putting up a lot of passing or rushing yards but he does score touchdowns and a lot of them. He alone should score more touchdowns than the Giants whole team.” Please don’t let me down Giants (They most definitely will).

Anthony: 31–13 Carolina

Drue: 24–14 Carolina

Tariq: 27–21 New York

Titans at Bills

YEAH, it is time to roast the Bills Again!!!!!! They take on a sneaky good Titans team coming off an OT win against the Eagles, while the Bills got tossed like salad against the Packers. When you don’t score any points against a solid, but stat padding cause they play the Bills, defense like the Packers you become a laughing stock. Now let me be honest the Bills defense is not to blame, they did a decent job holding A-Rod last week, but with Josh Allen playing too soon and a porous receiving core (F**k Kelvin Benjamin) its low hanging fruit to trash this team. The guys are in unison with me this week as we enjoy Marcus Mariota last few performances and the ability of the Titans Defense to seal the win early.

Anthony: 21–10 Tennesse

Drue: 21–10 Tennesee

Tariq; 24–7 Tennesee

Falcons at Steelers

Who likes to play DEFENSE????? NOBODY!!!!!!! Its time for a shootout this week as the Falcons take on the Steelers this week. Falcons lost a nail biter against the Bengals and the Steelers looked lost against the Ravens last week. Toss Up game this week as Drue and I take the Falcons to outlast the Steelers on this one. Anthony though thinks it is time for the Steelers to right the ship, “Both of these teams have reinvented the term defense by not playing any in these past four weeks which should make for an exciting game. Matt Ryan has yet to find Julio Jones for a touchdown but seems to have found a new friend in rookie wideout, Calvin Ridley. Big Ben and the Steelers offense struggled last week against Baltimore’s number one ranked defense as I predicted but shouldn’t have any struggles scoring against this Falcon’s defense. This game is a toss-up for me but I’ll take the Steelers at home in a shootout.” Personally, this pick is more based on a white hot Matt Ryan being able to throw less picks then Big Ben this week, but it should be a good one nonetheless.

Anthony: 38–34 Pittsburgh

Drue: 38–31 Atlanta

Tariq: 35–30 Atlanta

Ravens at Browns

The Ravens are coming off a solid outing from Joe Flacco against the Steelers, while the Browns lost a game they should of had against the Raiders last week. This is going to be a good game, as Mayfield was overall impressive against the Raiders last week. Again we all agree that The Ravens are nothing to mess with and that it should be an issue for the Money Mayfield (Too Soon?) man to shine against. The Ravens D has been lights out and should cause problems for the rookie. Garrett should still keep impressing, but it will not be enough this week. I am predicting a 3 sack 1 pick game for Mayfield and Joe Flacco to keep that Jackson kid away from his spot.

Anthony: 34–24 Baltimore

Drue: 17–14 Baltimore

Tariq: 24–10 Baltimore

Dolphins at Bengals

The Dophins got stunned at Foxborough last week and the Bengals came away with a win in the final seconds of the game against Atlanta. But, let me tell you we are NOT believers of Miami over here at Layerz. This is the team we had as overachieving the most so far the season (barely beating out the Bucs) we see another whooping at Cincinnati. With a chance of Mixon returning and the solid play from Gio Bernard in his absence my sleeper team has been coming to play. Miami has been getting the most out of Minkah Fitzpatrick and their Defense, but that is not enough to stop the balanced attack of the Bengals. Couple that with the running game struggles, it is looking bleak for Miami and Anthony goes into detail on this, “Miami was exposed as the fraud they are last week against New England and it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t win another game until week 9 against the Jets. The Bengals and their high-powered offense at 3–1 look to be a serious contender for the AFC North crown. The Andy Dalton and A.J. Green connection has been on fire and their running game has been stout as well. Their defense is another story but with Joe Mixon possibly coming back this week for the Bengals, this could get ugly fast for Dolphins fans.” And we get Burfict back this week folks, look for someone to get maimed by a dirty hit.

Anthony 33–20 Cincinnati

Drue: 30–17 Cincinnati

Tariq: 28–14 Cincinnati

Jaguars at Chiefs

Jaguars come into this game riding high after beating down on an inferior Jets team, wile the Chiefs squeaked out a close one against the Broncos. “Showtime” Mahomes has been lights out STILL this season, and the Jaguars are going to be the ones to stop him this week. Surprisingly all of us are in agreement that this Jaguars Defense has all it needs to to slow down this Chiefs attack. With Ramsey coming to play he can stay with Hill most of the game (hopefully), and the Chiefs defense has not been good for most of the the season, relying on their offense to bail them out. Drue notes, “Pat Mahomes has a real test this week. He throws great on the run and that’s good because he’s going to be on the run a lot against this Jags defense. On the other side we have Blake Bortles who believe it or not has shown he can take advantage of weak defenses, I expect he does just that this week.” End of the Showtime starts now. (Just to start back up next week).

Anthony: 27–21 Jacksonville

Drue: 24–17 Jacksonville

Tariq: 24–17 Jacksonville

Raiders At Chargers

Awwww man its a battle of the homer teams as Anthony and I’s Raiders take on Drue’s Chargers. Drue points out, “Anyone wanna bet Tariq and Anthony let their bias get the best of them this game? (F**k you Drue we did) The chargers have the best running back tandem in the league currently on pace to do better than Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara did statistically last year. Not to mention their stout receiving core. They will give up points to the Raiders, but they’ll score more.” As you can see he is correct about the running back core and this should be a shootout, but lets not forget this is a team that let CJ Beathard (lol) put up 300 yards on them. This Chargers D will still be without Joey Bosa and a LA game is really a Raider home game when it is all said and done. The Raiders offense finally looked explosive last week and I see a Raider victory in the distance. Will Drue stop picking the Chargers, will Anthony and I stop picking the Raiders?? Find out next time on Layerz Ball Z!!! (We probably won’t).

Anthony: 35–31 Oakland

Drue: 30–24 Los Angeles

Tariq: 31–28 Oakland

Vikings at Eagles

Looking like another good game this week folks as we have the Vikings coming off a loss against the Rams and the Eagles coming off a loss verse the Titans. A pick em game for me again this week as these are too fairly even team with strong qb play and solid defense. However, the Eagles defense has been better and that is enough for me to pick them this week. Anthony and I are together on this one, “After barely managing to score six points against the Bills in week 3, the Vikings bounced back in a major way and kept pace with the high-powered Rams offense for most of the game. This NFC championship matchup from a year ago will be a fun one but Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, and Zach Ertz are too talented to lose back to back games.” Drue is in on the Vikings defense figuring out RPO and believes in Kirk to keep the offense in it, coming off of a big showing against the Rams last week.

Anthony: 28–24 Philadephia

Drue: 31–24 Vikings

Tariq: 24–18 Philadelphia

Rams at Seahawks

Rams come off a thriller beating the Vikings the Seahawks squeaked by the Cardinals. As you all know, we believe 100% in the Rams. This game should not be close as a porous line goes up against one of the best D-lines in the league. Watch Russell Wilson end up running fort his life. Anthony analyzes the game, “This game could get ugly quick for Seattle, especially if Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense don’t get off to a fast start against a tough Rams defense. The Rams on the other hand, might not lose a game for a couple months and look nearly unstoppable on offense. Seattle’s home field advantaged doesn’t mean as much as it used to without the Legion of Boom, give me the Rams on the road.” 16–0 Anyone??

Anthony: 38–23 Los Angeles

Drue: 31–7 Los Angeles

Tariq: 31–14 Los Angeles

Cardinals at 49ers

Both teams coming off a loss last week, the Cardinals to the Seahawks and the Niners to the Chargers. Battle of the bad teams this week. Not a lot of fan fare in this game as Drue writes, “This game sounds gross. I think the Niners offense will manage to put up enough points to win thanks to Kyle Shanahan’s system.” Anthony is in agreement, but I am looking forward to it as we get a chance to see Rosen show out. I think the Cardinals defense is stout enough to limit the Niners and with enough chunk plays I see Rosen coming out with his first NFL win.

Anthony: 34–24 SF

Drue: 17–14 SF

Tariq: 21–14 Arizona

Cowboys at Texans

Cowboys coming off a win versus the the Lions, playing the Texans coming off an OT win against the Colts. I am the minority here as I think this will be a good statement win for the cowboys this week. The offense finally got something together against the Lions, but have a tougher match up against the Texans. However, Deshaun’s gun slinging ways can get him in trouble especially going up against a sneaky good Bryon Jones. I think it will be a battle, with the Cowboys relying on Zeke to give them just enough to come out on top. Anthony and Drue are not as sold as I am on the Cowboys, “ Both of these offenses should be performing a lot better than they have thus far. I never thought I would say this but the Cowboy’s strength right now is their defense and they should be able to pressure Deshaun Watson enough to force a few turnovers. In the end, however I’m taking the team with the better quarterback and that’s clearly Deshaun Watson.” Dak we need a pass past 15 yards PLEASE!!!!!!

Anthony: 28–17 Houston

Drue: 20–17 Houston

Tariq 24–18 Cowboys

Redskins at Saints

Monday Night game features the return of AP and the Redskins versus the Kamara and the lethal Saints. Saints won against the Giants last week, while the Redskins had a bye. The redskins D has been solid throughout the season and the Offense has been good splitting time between AP and Chris Thompson, the solid 3rd down back of the Redskins. I like the line to win a lot here and provide the time it needs against one of the worst defenses in the league and I see the Redskins shocking a few people this week. Alex Smith has been Alex Smith and that is all they have needed so far. The guys are sold on the Saint though (defense wins championships guys come on), “The Redskins have the number one defense in the NFL and are playing good football thus far. The Saints have the 4th best offense in the NFL and are also playing good football. Give me the Saints with a well-rested Mark Ingram at home.” Should be a thrilling Monday night game and that’s our picks for this week thanks for checking in on the Layerz team. Tell us what you think!!

Anthony: 33–21 New Orleans

Drue: 31–21 New Orleans

Tariq: 28–24 Washington