Aaron Rodgers is still amazing

When Aaron Rodgers went down I was upset. We just lost him last season, it wouldn’t be fair to lose him again, and at first I thought the injury was serious enough to keep him off the field for weeks, but nope he came back and dominated. After coming back from injury Rodgers had 286 passing yards and 3 touchdown passes. It’s insane how good he is. The man could barely even put pressure on his leg and he consistently stayed in the pocket and just destroyed the Bears defense. What Rodgers did tonight was special and we will be thinking about it for a long time.

Random Thought: Where did Aaron Rodgers study to become a wizard? Hogwarts? Waverly Place? Maybe he shadowed Merlin. Wherever he studied, it continues to pay off for the Packers.

The Raiders will regret trading Khalil Mack

Mack immediately came out a force. In the first half alone he had a sack, forced fumble, and a pick-six. This guy barely practiced for a week before the regular season. Imagine what he is going to do when he gets fully conditioned. I can’t speak for the Raiders yet because they don’t play until Monday night, but my money says they get eviscerated by the Rams. Hopefully those first round picks bring their A game tomorrow.

Random Thought: Over/Under of 10 on the amount of times Derek Carr throws to his first read on Monday night?

Chargers are still the Chargers

I should’ve known when Hunter Henry tore his ACL. I should’ve known when Joey Bosa hurt his foot. I should’ve known when Joey Bosa recovered from his injury and then hurt his foot again. Instead I told everyone “oh you’ll see just watch. This is our year.” It’s never our year. Nothing can change this teams destiny. For whatever reason the Chargers are destined to start the season poorly and finish just strongly enough for me to believe in them again next season.

Random Thought: Travis Benjamin trying to catch a football looks like this:

The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere

I was really counting on Mahomes not being as good as Alex Smith, but instead the offense got better. Mahomes and Tyreke Hill have a scary connection. Hill is on a mission to prove he’s not just a gadget receiver and as a Chargers fan I am worried about playing those two for years to come. Their secondary still has a lot of problems, but the offense is going to do their best to overcome that. It could come back to hurt them in November and December, but that’s an Andy Reid team for you. For now the team is 17–2 in their last 19 AFC West games, and that’s just ridiculous.

Random Thought: If the Chiefs are gonna destroy my favorite team, could they at least help out my fantasy team and pass Travis Kelce the ball? One catch for 6 yards, come on!

Nathan Peterman is the same

Why the Bills thought he was a better option than Josh Allen I have no clue. I sure hope it isn’t because they think Peterman is better. Good luck Buffalo fans it won’t be a fun season.

Random Thought: The Bills defense looked like Nathan Peterman could score on them. Good luck Buffalo.

My Saints vs. Texans superbowl pick isn’t looking good

Wow! That Saints defense regressed quick, and that Texans offensive line, not great. Deshaun Watson was running from a not exactly scary Patriots front seven and when he had time he threw it into a double covered DeAndre Hopkins. Not a great start for the Texans. Then there’s the Saints who allowed 48 points to Ryan Fitzpatrick. I haven’t decided if Fitzmagic is just that powerful or if the Saints defense is really that bad. I’m hoping it’s somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless I stand by my terrible pick for integrity’s sake, here’s to a Saints-Texans superbowl.

Cleveland off to their best start since 2004

Thats right they didn’t lose on the scoreboard but they definitely did morally. How on earth do you have a plus five turnover differential and not win the game? That is impressively bad. I hope the Browns got better, which I think they did to an extent, but I think this game was more about the Steelers getting worse.

Random Thought: I wonder what Gregg Williams is thinking. Is he furious at the offense for costing them a game? Is he happy that his side got the job done? My guess: he’s somewhere screaming and swearing as loud as he can at an inanimate object.

It’s great to have football back

I pretty much watched football from 10:30am until 8:00pm. It was amazing. I loved every minute of it that didn’t include me watching the Chargers. I highly recommend spending a whole day watching football and eating snacks. I guarantee it will be enjoyable.