I had some opinions on a few things this week, but I was curious to see how others felt about them. So, I asked Anthony and Tariq some questions on the season. I answered them as well.

What is your stance on Odell Beckham Jr?

Drue: Personally I think Odell’s antics can be a bit much, and his comments about Eli Manning should have been expressed to the team and not the media. However, he is the best player on the team and it’s not like those comments were going to stop Eli Manning from sucking, so I don’t care what he does as long as his production stays up.

Tariq: Loved Odell since he was at LSU. He is a dynamic receiver and can be a bit too emotional at times. However, he gets way too much disrespect for not doing anything terrible. His lack f production is mostly due to bad quarterback and line play.

Anthony: Odell has every right to voice his opinion and concern because his team is playing like shit. He’s way too talented of a player and I feel his talent is going to waste with Eli as his quarterback.

In week 6 of the eight teams to have a hundred yard rusher, only one lost. Are we sure passing the ball is the way to win?

Drue: Passing is the way to go. I do think you need a good balance though. You can win games with only a passing attack, you can’t win games with only a rushing attack. The Jaguars are my best example of this. With a healthy Fournette, they’re still only going to go as far as Blake Bortles takes them (it’s not very far).

Tariq: A quick passing attack allows the O-line to sit back and wait for a quick release, which helps with O-line problems. A running attack needs maulers, a running back with vision, and ability to constantly hit. It takes more to have a good run offense than a good pass offense. Thats, why passing attack is the focal point. (Im gonna assume he is going with passing as the way to win).

Anthony: Can’t have a good passing game without a good run game usually. Yes it is still a passing league.

Gut feeling, who win the AFC North and South?

Drue: Im going with the Texans, of the contending teams in this division, Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback. This offense looks horrendous right now, but so does every other competing team in this division. So the best quarterback wins out for me. As for the AFC North I am going with the Ravens. They have Joe Flacco looking competent after adding John Brown and Michael Crabtree in the offseason, and their defense is the best in the league. This team plays all three phases of the ball well, especially special teams.

Tariq: AFC South is won on defense, so I’m taking the Jags. The other teams do not impress me. Fournette is the stability that is needed for this team. For the AFC North I’m all in on the balanced Bengals. The Steelers are falling off, Ravens can’t score big, and the browns are too young.

Anthony: Jags are struggling right now, but I still think their defense is too talented to not win them the division. When Fournette comes back the offense should be better, but you can’t expect much with Bortles at Quarterback. In the AFC North we have a division that is establishing itself as one of the best divisions in football. I think it will boil down to whether or not LeVeon comes back for the Steelers. If not, then the Ravens. Elite defense and offense is better with receivers they added, their running backs aren’t bad either. I don’t trust Andy Dalton to carry the Bengals.

You can pick one QB drafted in the last three years, who you taking?

Drue: Jared Goff. I didn’t like him in college, but the dude is a baller. You could call him a system QB and argue that he’s only good because of Sean McVay, but I would disagree. The dude has made some throws this year that have blown me away. Scheming will get a guy open but it takes serious talent to make the throws I have seen him make.

Tariq: Deshaun Watson is the most dynamic of all the new QB’s, but his situation isn’t the most ideal. If I’m starting out blank everything and just take a qb, it’s Watson. His deep ball and mobility stand out among the rest.

Anthony: Wentz all day. He makes all the throws and his ability to avoid pressure when the pocket collapses and extends plays when the play is dead is up there with Rodgers and Wilson.

Will the Steelers even be improved when LeVeon Bell comes back?

Drue: Initially I thought, yes much better, but after looking at the stats, I don’t think it makes a difference. James Conner Week 6 stats compared to Bell’s from last season are almost the same, except he has more receiving yards and touchdowns than Bell did. The Steelers offense isn’t the problem. They’re putting up tons of points, the defense is the issue. Fix that and this team will improve. As far as I am concerned his addition doesn’t make a difference.

Tariq: Yeah, Bell is more dynamic, while Conner is solid, his line opens up huge holes. Also, Bell’s ability in the pass game is a top 3 level of any back in this league, which adds a whole new dimension to an offense.

Anthony: Bell’s return improves the Steelers offense immediately. Bell’s contribution in the run and pass game has been their go to. His patience and vision are on another level and Conners a good back, but Bell is an elite one.