It was a hard week for your favorite analysts last week. No one hit on higher than 7 games as Anthony went 7–9, Drue went 5–11, and I went 7–9 (sorry Josh Allen won’t shit on your Bills again…I will). We try and bounce back and we finally have a good Thursday matchup for once too! Lets get into it!

Vikings at Rams

All of us are all in on the Rams this year and they take on a tough, yet recently perplexing Vikings team. Anthony writes,“The Vikings got absolutely throttled last week against the Bills at home and will go into Los Angeles looking for a win against the undefeated Rams on Thursday Night Football. The Vikings will be without their star pass-rusher Everson Griffen and the Rams will be without both of their star cornerbacks in Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters so this should be a high-scoring matchup. Todd Gurley and Jared Goff will be too much to handle for a Minnesota defense that gave up 24 points in Josh Allen’s rookie debut last week.” Drue and I double down on these picks and highlight the matchup of Aaron Donald and Ndamunkong Suh being too much to handle.

Drue: 24–10 Rams

Anthony: 31–24 Rams

Tariq: 28–17 Rams

Texans at Colts

The 1–2 Colts host the tumbling 0–3 Texans this week as we have our first disagreement of the week. Anthony and I are in on the upset and believe it is the time for the Texans to right the ship. The high power offense of Deandre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson, and Will Fuller will eventually get it going in what I believe to be a shootout. Look for the Texans to squeak by and make you remember the D-Wat hype of old. Drue on the other hand has lost all faith in his once highly vaunted Texans, “ I’ve given up on the Texans. They’re getting beat in every facet of the game, especially coaching. Give me the Colts who are improving on defense each week.”

Drue: 21–17 Colts

Anthony: 21–17 Texans

Tariq: 31–28 Texans

Bills at Packers

Bills coming off the shocking upset of a good Vikings team, and they are riding high. Our analyst agree its a one time thing, though. Clean sweep is what we have as the Packers knock off the bills. With the shockingly solid Bills defense being 11th in the league, they do have a decent matchup against a bum knee A-Rod. Unfortunately, they do not have the fire power on offense to match up against the Packers and it should show early on. As Drue points out there are only two things for certain with this game, “Aaron Rodgers will decimate their secondary and Clay Matthews gets called for roughing the passer.”

Drue: 31–17 Packers

Anthony: 23–20 Packers

Tariq: 28–17 Packers

Buccaneers at Bears

FitzMagic and the Bucs come up against a high flying Bears defense and the sack master Khalil Mack. Mack has done it all this season almost single-handily ending games for the Bears, winning two and almost getting a third if it was not for some Rodgers showtime. I am in the minority this time as the only one who believes the Bucs offense can win out. With the receivning core of Mike Evans, OJ Howard, and Desean Jackson the Bucs have all they need to win deep down the field. Couple that with Tribusky’s turnovers and his 10–15 minutes of pure no-show he gives us every game i see the Bucs dominating this one early. However, the guys are in on the defense and Anthony specifically on the end of the Fitzmagic era, “The Bears will be competitive in most games this year solely because of their defense, or should I say Khalil Mack? In all seriousness, the Bears have the 5th ranked defense in the NFL paired with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Dirk Koetter has yet to announce to the media whether he will continue to roll with Fitzmagic or hand over the reins to their supposed franchise quarterback in Jameis Winston. While the Bucs do have the number one ranked offense in the NFL, they have yet to face a defense of Chicago’s caliber or a pass rusher as dominant as Khalil Mack. If Trubisky can take care of the ball, the Bears defense should be able to win them another game.”

Drue: 17–10 Bears

Anthony 17–13 Bears

Tariq 21–10 Bucs

Dolphins at Patriots

Uncharacteristically, the Pats are looking at 1–2 and the hot Dolphins are leading the division with a hot 3–0 start. Drue is buying in on them, “The Patriots one win this season seems to be more about how bad the Texans are. I really don’t like picking the Pats to lose three straight, but I’m going to. Dolphins are 10–1 in Ryan Tannehill’s last 11 starts.” Anthony and I are taking the (upset???) Patriots as we see Tom Brady getting back on track. Bill does not lose three games in a row and the Patriots defense is known for getting things going as they progress throughout the season. Dolphins are not as good as advertised here folks and it is about time for them to show their true colors.

Drue: 24–20 Fins

Anthony: 27–14 Pats

Tariq: 31–14 Pats

Lions at Cowboys

The Lions secured there first win of the season going against the Patriots. They go up against the Cowboys team that has been fiending for some offense. Ranked 30th in offense all 3 of us can’t put our faith in Dak scoring enough points to match with the Lions and Matthew Stafford. However, do not sleep on the Cowboys defense as they are currently ranked 3rd and stafford does have the habit of throwing interceptions (week 1: 4 INTs).Turnovers could put the Cowboys in good position to win the game, but even with Dak in the redzone all you are going to get is 2–3 Zeke runs and maybe a mismarked pass sailing over a receivers head. Sidenote: Kerryon Johnson was the first 100 yard rusher for the Lions in years!!!!!

Drue: 24–14 Lions

Anthony: 28–14 Lions

Tariq: 28–14 Lions

Bengals at Falcons

The Falcons and their white hot receiver CALVIN RIDLEY (Julio get in the goddamn Enzdone!!!!!) matchup against a Bengals team that is banged up. Clean sweep again folks and it hurts me to say this, but we are all going Falcons this week. I’m a big believer in the Bengals this season, they have charged to a 2–1 record, but as Drue states they have some problems to think about, “I expect another shootout here. Atlanta’s defense is terrible since losing their two best playmakers and their offense is going to do all it can to out score the Bengals. That shouldn’t be a problem since AJ Green is a bit banged up along with Joe Mixon. But don’t worry they have Andy Dalton who is playing great this season. Wait he threw how many picks last week? Never mind, sorry Bengals fans your screwed.” DAMN!!!

Drue: 31–21 Falcons

Anthony: 31–21 Falcons

Tariq: 28–24 Falcons

Jets at Jaguars

Jets are reeling after giving the Browns their first win in almost 2 years!!!!! (Of course i picked the Jets that week…). They go up against the respected, fantastic, and highly capable Blake Bortles… i can barely get through that sentence without laughing!! But, its true that Bortles has been playing pretty well and they will always have that defense to be his safety net. Anthony digs deeper into this game, “ Last week I picked a blowout between the Vikings and Bills and was terribly wrong. This game is my candidate for blowout of the week in favor of the Jaguars. The Jaguars defense is about as elite as they come and will be facing a rookie quarterback in Sam Darnold, who struggled mightily against the Browns last week. Sam Darnold currently has more interceptions (5) than touchdowns (3) and I expect more of the same this week. The Jaguars should also be getting Leonard Fournette back which helps take the pressure off Blake Bortles on offense and ultimately is when the Jaguars are at their best.” We are all in unison again this game as we have a clean sweep for the jags.

Drue: 21–6 Jags

Anthony: 27–10 Jags

Tariq: 24–9 Jags

Eagles at Titans

Eagles with the return of Wentz were able to secure a victory against the Colts, and the Titans were able win a defensive battle against the Jags. We are high on the return of Wentz and low on everything Titans offense as the only playmaker has been Dion Lewis of late. Drue and Anthony are both big on the the Wentz return,“I expect that Carson Wentz has gotten rid of his rust and will perform well against the Titans. I also expect whoever starts at quarterback against this Eagles defense will look just like they did against the Jaguars. Only problem is 9 points won’t cut it this time.” The third rank Titans defense is vaunting, but Wentz has the tools to succeed in this one.

Drue: 24–10 Eagles

Anthony: 23–14 Eagles

Tariq: 24–13 Eagles

Browns at Raiders

Now if you are vet of Layerz you know Anthony and I are Raider homers, and we are fearful of BAKER MAYFIELD. Anthony details, “ The Bake Show is coming to Oakland. Baker Mayfield will be making his first career NFL start against the Oakland Raiders on the road. This game should actually be a fun one to watch. The Raiders have a very high-powered offense contrary to popular belief, ranked 6th in the NFL in terms of yards per game but are one of the worst red zone offenses in the league. So far the Raiders defense has held up better than most expected without Khalil Mack, and actually improved from last years 23rd ranked defense to being this years 20th ranked defense. Baby steps. If the Raiders are ever going to put all three phases of a game together (offense, defense, special teams) and play hard through all four quarters without committing costly turnovers, this is the one. Cleveland is definitely a much better team then in years past but this is about as winnable of a game you’ll find on the Raiders schedule.” Drue on the other hand…, “Baker Mayfield’s first game will be a fun one. My guess is that he takes some shots deep early on the Raiders and for once they won’t have to blow a lead in the second half because they will never have it.” These comments sting folks but raider nation ITS TIME TO GET THAT FIRST WIN! Sidenote: Drue said the Browns would not get their first win till they fire Hue, sucks to suck.

Drue: 21–17 Browns

Anthony: 27–20 Raiders

Tariq: 28–17 Raiders

Seahawks at Cardinals

The 0–3 Cardinals are going against the 1–2 Seahawks. Josh Rosen is slated for his first start against a sneaky good Seahawks defense. A rookie quarterback’s first start plus good defense is never a key for success. Russell Wilson should get Baldwin back this week too which will only help as this receiving core has left a lot to be desired. Anthony and I see the Seawhaks rolling early, but Drue is with the Rosen bandwagon this week. “The Seahawks offense actually showed some life last week against the Cowboys and I expect the cardinals to have some life this week with Josh Rosen starting at quarterback. The Seattle front remains bad and I expect Chandler Jones to take advantage of that.” He’s wrong folks. Book it.

Drue: 17–14 Cardinals

Anthony: 24–13 Seahawks

Tariq: 27–10 Seahawks

Saints at Giants

The Saints pulled a gorgeous come from behind win against the Falcons with a o-button spin move from Brees to add to the glamor. The Giants offense finally looked right in a win against the Texans. Drue and I are strong on the Giants this week as their versatile offense matches up well with the offense of the Saints. The only difference is that the Giants defense is just a little bit better. Anthony, who is rolling with the Saints, even remarks on this being a shootout as the Saints D has been all sorts of confuddled to start this season. Never sleep on a Brees, Thomas, Kamara, trio though for me this game was more of a toss up than anything.

Drue: 31–28 Giants

Anthony: 34–23 Saints

Tariq: 31–28 Giants

49ers at Chargers

49ers losing Jimmy G hurts in this matchup against a balanced Chargers team. Nobody is with the Niners this week, as Anthony remarks on the game, “The Niners might have kept this one close had their Quarterback not forgotten that he’s not Michael Vick or anything close to an athletic quarterback, thus tearing his ACL and effectively ending his season as well as the Niners. Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen should have big games and maybe the Chargers defense will gain some confidence before next weeks divisional clash against the Raiders.” Never forget your not athletic Jimmy and stop smashing porn stars. Oh and Beathard is garbage.

Drue: 34–10 Chargers

Anthony: 35–17 Chargers

Tariq: 28–7 Chargers

Ravens at Steelers

A matchup of bitter rivals here as the AFC North divisional game between the Ravens and Steelers should be a good one. Steelers have the number two ranked offense going against the number 1 ranked defense by the ravens. Drue and Anthony are high on the defense winning out here as Big Ben has looked like age has been getting to him recently. I however, picked the Steelers because Ben shows up in big games and Antonio Brown should be giving the secondary fits all game. Look for this to be a hard fought battle and should be a tough pick-em game for everyone.

Drue: 20–17 Ravens

Anthony: 34–20 Ravens

Tariq: 28–21 Steelers

Chiefs at Broncos

The white hot Mahomes and the Chiefs take on the 2–1 Broncos for the Monday night game. This is Anthony’s upset game as he foreshadows big things from the Broncos pass rush, “Von Miller will do Von Miller things and will force Mahomes to do commit three turnovers. The Chiefs defense is a joke and Case Keenum should put enough points on the board for the Broncos to pull this one out.” Drue and I however are totally sold and head captains on the Mahomes bandwagon. I expect him to get another 3 TDs and overpower the Broncos with all the weapons he has.

Drue: 34–17 Chiefs

Anthony: 27–23 Broncos

Tariq: 28–21 Chiefs