I grew up a huge Lakers fan, but I also had no ill will against Lebron James. That is until he went to Miami of course. Then everything changed. I despised what Lebron did, all I could think about was how Kobe would have never left his team for greener pastures or how Jordan would’ve found a way to win with his team. To me what Lebron did was unforgiveable. Even last year Lebron still made me angry. However, it’s different now. I have given up on saying that Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron James, I recognize how great he truly is and I realize the feats he is accompolisihing now are putting him in a territory of his own, but all that still doesn’t mean I have to be a fan of his. However, not being a fan of his got somewhat difficult when he saigned with my team, the Lakers. I now struggle with the thought of being a Lebron fan.

Going back to last year when I first heard of the possibility of Lebron James signing with the Lakers, I wasn’t very interested in it, I didn’t want to think about how it would effect my fanship. Eventually though I had to deal with it. I though I could handle it too. I began to see the bright side, I have been craving a championship ever since we last one. I’m only 20, so this is the longest championship drought I have been through. I figured if Lebron won my team a championship I could deal with him playing for my favorite team, but here we are three games into the season and I am already extremely irritated with him.

It starts with the Rockets fight. I love NBA fights because there are so few and they’re really a pleasure to watch. You know what I don’t love? Lebron James walking away with the opponent who was most involved in the fight. I understand that James and Chris Paul are best friends, but that’s off the court. How do you watch your point guard get hit in the face by Chris Paul and then proceed to walk away with Paul. That’s just rediculous to me. You got to stand with your players no matter who the agressor is. So that really irked me.

The next thing that gets me is Lebron missing those two free throws against the Spurs, forgive me but Jordan would never do that(sorry I just have to get my occasional Skip Bayless rage out). To be fair, yes he hit the three that sent the game to overtime. But, he also tried to call a timeout right before it, when the team had no more timeouts. The dude is just very frustrating.

Lebron has me very angry right now, perhaps he will have me more satisfied when he leads this team on a big winning streak. I know that’s not really fair to hate the guy when he’s losing and love him when he’s winning, but isn’t that sports? You can’t win when you’re a star in the NBA you won’t get credit for winning games because that’s what your supposed to do, but believe me, you will get blamed if you lose. There is no winning when your Lebron James, he will always have haters. I know that because he plays for my favorite team and I am already infuriated with him over the lightest of things(the missed free throws, I am justifiably angry over his actions in the fight). So, I would say yes, you can be a Lebron James hater and a Laker fan, but only for a small period of time, I think it will be impossible to hate the guy if he brings us another championship. I guess only time will tell with this one.

For now I will leave you with Tariq’s take on the situation.

“Happy to have a star, hate that it’s him.”

I am going out on a limb to say he’s not a fan. No doubt you will hear us complain, but we will try to keep it justified, and less like Skip Bayless.