Trades have been hitting this week before the trade deadline for the NFL. Eli Apple was shipped to the Saints for a 4th round pick this year and a 7th next year. Amari Cooper was traded for the Dallas Cowboy’s first round pick this year, and Carlos Hyde was shipped for a 5th to the Jags. Now for some. This a playoff push, for others (Raiders) it’s rebuilding time. Let’s take a deeper look at these trades and their impacts to these teams.

Eli Apple to the Saints

Eli Apple has had a hard time getting it going since being drafted by the Giants. This year he is ranked as the 55th corner with a 64.1 rating on defense per pro football focus. Not terrible, but by no means amazing for a first round pick. The Saints have been atrocious on defense this season, we all know it and that slightly above average rating blows most of their corners out the water. Eli Apple gets a fresh start and has the ability to play inside and out, so this will be a boon for a Saints team that has the Super Bowl in their thoughts. While the Giants gets rid of a “troublemaker” and get to restock for a team that needs a talent injection. All in all a win for both teams.

Amari Cooper to the Cowboys

AMARIIIIIIIIIIIIII NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Excuse me as the Raiders trade my favorite player in the last 3–4 years. (Fuck you Jon Gruden…kinda). However the Cowboys are getting an explosive, but EXTREMELY inconsistent WR. The Cowboys haven’t had any type of WR play all season, and with Cooper you get top tier route running, along with speed, and separation ability. However, they have to eat his contract and also have to give him a lucrative contract now that his fifth year option will be up. If he can get Dak right and stop the box from being overloaded, great! However, I don’t see this happening. The Raiders get another first in their attempt to rebuild and break my heart further. Coop I’ll love you till the end of time!!!!! 😦

Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars

Carlos Hyde has been having a pretty decent season, but he is dealt because the Browns want to believe in Nick Chubb. The Jags are still pushing to make noise in the playoffs and with Fournette having real problems recovering from injury they took the insurance route. Hyde has been pretty average, but his ability to hold a workload and be a solid 2 down back is there. Coupled with TJ Yeldon it is a solid 1–2 punch that will hopefully allow the Jags to not put to much on Blake Bortles plate, as being a focal point thrower is not his strong suit. They only threw a 5th for him, but taking on his contract seems unnecessary and based on when Fournette returns it be a cap hit for not a lot of production. For the Browns the trade makes sense, Chubb came in breaking off long runs left and right (against my Raiders) and they get to see if they have a cheaper, younger replacement for Hyde. The trade so far looks pretty even for both sides.

All in all this is a lot of action we are not use to in the NFL. Teams are not trying to stand pat and the bad teams are trying to go for complete rebuilds. We still have some time and we have some players who really hate their teams. Hopefully this storm keeps on rolling and we see shit really hit the fan!!